Astrocity Fans Unite!

Astrocity fans! Reply on this thread and let’s discuss one of the greatest superhero anthologies ever. Favorite moments? Personally, the arc with the superhero puppy hits me right in the feels. Standout covers by the immaculate Alex Ross too. What do you guys think? Love it? Hate it? Want to see DC add it to the app?

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Would live to see it, but I doubt we we will :tired_face:

I’ve read two or three issues of Astro City along with some of the specials and I enjoyed them quite a bit. The concept is quite interesting and Samaritan is an interesting analogue of Superman.

Which is appropriate, given that Busiek went onto write Superman for a good while.

Astro City has had some of the best single issues i’ve ever read. And not in the epic sense, mostly the quieter ones that would focus on ordinary people living in this world. Busiek really found a poetry in the pulp that is rarely rivaled. Should be more recognized than it is.

What are you gonna do after you unite. Is there a plan?

Have you guys united, yet?