Astro City Inquiry

Will Astro City ever be available on DC Universe? I have fallen in love with the panel to panel mode on my big screen, and this is a series I would love to revisit.


Thank you! It is one of my absolute favorites of all time. I hope it shows up soon.


Almost all of it is on Comixology Unlimited and if you haven’t already you can get a month for free.


Thanks I will check that out!

I hope it makes its way here someday. Truly one of the all time great comics.

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With Vertigo being shut down, it could become an actual DC published comic. Or it might move to another publisher. But if it is DC then that would mean a chance it could be on DC Universe.

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It would be up to Kurt Busiek, I would imagine, since it’s his property.

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I believe he owns Arrowsmith, which is available here. He also has made most of his comics available on comixology, so I think he is for making his work available to subscribers.

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