ASK... THE QUESTION: How Many Superheroes Has the H-Dial Produced?

Wishing a warm welcome back to none other than Alex Jaffe and the “ASK… THE QUESTION” feature on the DC Comics website! This is a monthly feature where Alex answers every question thrown his way about DC Comics lore and history. You can ask your questions on our dedicated submission thread. Your question may just end up on next month’s edition!

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Cosmic Home Gym Essentials

“Recently, I’ve been thinking, has Superman ever used the ‘Cosmic Treadmill?’ Because, I have to imagine, that if Flash can traverse time with it, then Superman could too, right? He’s fast.” - Discordia57

In Silver Age comics, Superman didn’t need a Cosmic Treadmill—he could just fly so fast that
he’d go back in time on his own whenever he wanted. The most famous example of this, of
course, being Superman’s trip through time to save Lois in 1978’s Superman: The Movie. And yet, to answer your question, yes. Superman’s trips through time by his own power have become less frequent over time, due to the question they beg about why he doesn’t simply solve all of his problems that way. But in 2017’s Action Comics #992, Superman borrows Flash’s Cosmic Treadmill in order to address some unanswered questions of his own regarding the destruction of Krypton and if his father Jor-El could have possibly survived it.

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