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Over the decades (before the first Crisis, continuous reboots and whatnot), meetings and events from the original time-line, have often shifted. Depending on whatever new direction the company chooses for a character to take. As I remember things, Batman learned the art of escapism from an apprenticeship under master stage magician, Zatara. It was during this time, that Bruce became 'involved" with his daughter, Zatanna. A long term relationship wasn’t in the tarot cards (pun intended), Bruce’s destiny as the Caped Crusader always beckoning, and Zatanna would begin a multi-year search for her missing father.

That search would (in a rather 'forced" early Gardner Fox retcon, to a mystery series of his own creation), bring her into Batman’s orbit, in his battles with the Outsider. Her search would finally culminate in Justice League of America #51 (vol-1), 1967. It would be their first “reunion” since parting ways, some years earlier. In later years, “Z” would go on to become a JLA member herself. My query sir, is this When did she discover Batman’s true identity? Was that ever shown to occur “on camera” or did it happen off panel. Somehow, I think there’s a story there that I’m just not remembering. Thanks, and have a great day! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I don’t believe we’ve ever explicitly seen the moment of revelation, but plenty of stories have shown Batman’s early training taking him under Zatara’s wing, leaving Zatanna to connect the dots herself. That started with Batman: The Animated Series, and became part of ongoing continuity within Paul Dini’s Detective Comics run.


Re: H-Dial return engagements
Although it’s not exactly because of a measure of popularity, one character from the Chris King/Vicki Grant era returned because the creator returned.
In Adventure Comics #483 (1981), a young fan named Stephen DeStefano sent in the character Zeep the Living Sponge.

Stephen DeStefano would go on to be published multiple times in his teen years including co-creating 'Mazing Man with Bob Rozakis.
In 1989 DeStefano and Rozakis created Hero Hotline (#1-#6) for DC comics which included the background character, Zeep the Living Sponge.
Good for you, Zeep!


Awesome find, mojaka. I read that Adventure #483 when it arrived in the mail (I was an 11-year-old subscriber) and still have my copy of it. I love that one of the kids who took the time to send in a submission became a part of the DC writing community.


Jitsu provided us with some bad news regarding Community Office Hours a few days ago. Apparently “insufficient Bandwidth” has put that thread in great jeopardy. within that other dimension known as the Discord. Something told me my " Spidy-sense " was right about that place! That just leaves me with one question, sir. How do things look for Ask … The Question! over there? .


Our intrepid leader Jitsu is going to have his hands very full as the Discord opens up. But I’m happy to say the future of ATQ is bright! I’m going to be there manning my station every day, just as I have been here. There will be a dedicated section just for my particular brand of… dare I call it wisdom? Insight, at least. It all begins in just 3 hours!


Insight is the better word.

How about expertise?


I’ll take expertise.

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