ASK... THE QUESTION! Column Submission Thread

Will DCEU movie be featured on DCU?

Is the world of batman beyond a hypothetical future or is it the defacto future?

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Anybody got an idea about the three jokers?


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What’s with that Dinosaur in the bat cave? Is it real, or a robot?


It’s a robot it was in the 50s comics so was that giant penny


How long does kirk langstroms man bat formula work?
How does he use it, is it like a pill, or a syringe, or what?
Does he even need the formula at all, or can he do it at will?
And does he have control over himself as man bat or is he just a crazy animal
(Idk I’m getting into man bat)


Oh, and last one actually, is man bat actually a villain, or is he like an anti hero kinda guy?


What do you think of pineapple as a pizza toppings? Snack or wack?


Also, what race is killer croc? I have been searching for weeks on an answer to finish a drawing for my friend, of like a before/after thing, beginning with him as a small child with few scales, then him being the big killer croc

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How is your Jeffrey Coombs impersonation?

What’s the deal with Etrigan and rhyming? Is there a backstory there? Thanks!

I read that Gotham knight #47 and 49, they were good, but my man bane was looking like a white boi there haha

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I’m excited for tuesday tho

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Sometimes I’m not gonna lie, I feel like it takes a lot longer than a week to get to tuesday honestly. Idk why but this app makes me feel like time goes in slow motion. I check a post that I made in what feels like 5 days ago and it says it was made 1 days ago😂


Welcome back for our next weekly installment of ASK… THE QUESTION! Got some good cases in this week, and I’ve done my best to address each of them. I hope my results are to your satisfaction!

Jbyrd821 asks:

“What are the thoughts on the release of the Snyder cut of Justice League at DC Comics?”

Based only on what I’ve observed, the thoughts of those at DC Comics seem to be that they wish people would stop asking about it.


mysweetroxie asks:

“Whatever happened to the Earth-1 Wildcat that appeared in the Brave and the Bold issues during the 70’s?”

The Wildcat of Earth-One only made six appearances between 1970 and 1976, and was never heard from again. Five of these six appearances were written by Bob Haney, one of the main writers of The Brave and the Bold.

Haney’s tenure on The Brave and the Bold had a very “throw it against the wall and see what sticks” approach to the team-ups which formed the core of the book. In 1970, he got the idea that he might be able to get some interesting adventures out of Wildcat and Batman. But in order to ground the stories of these two street level crime fighters without dealing with the contrivance of the multiverse, he’d have to invent a new counterpart of the character who wasn’t hanging out with the JSA. After all, there were Earth-2 versions of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Why not an Earth-1 Wildcat?

When asked about the process of how he chose team-ups in a 1997 interview, Haney said: “Every month, we’d look at the sales figures and if he was teaming with Wildcat, how did it do? Well, if it did all right, we’d throw in Wildcat again. So it was a very cold, calculating thing.”

With that in mind, it seems like the Batman/Wildcat team-up was popular enough to bring back about once a year, but after a certain point interest dropped off. So quite unceremoniously, the Earth-One Ted Grant was dropped after ane last Batman team-up in The Brave and the Bold #127, with no real sense of finality. It can only be assumed he continued to operate in Gotham City up until Crisis on Infinite Earths, at which point all Earth-1 and 2 counterparts were melded together.


RainmanMP117 asks:

“What comic book issues have Clark Kent playing baseball with Bruce Wayne?”

The earliest depictions of Batman and Superman playing baseball together was on the covers of World’s Finest Comics (1941-) #3 and #15. But in those early days, the action on the cover of these anthology comics rarely depicted anything that occurred within the comic itself. Go through each issue and a baseball is not to be seen within.

In DC Super-Stars (1976-) #10, the Justice League is baited into a game against their greatest villains when Tigress and Sportsmaster hold a stadium of fans hostage with an ultimatum: win and they go free; lose and they die. In that game, Superman pitched for the League, and Batman was his catcher. This game was recreated for the cold open of the Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode “Triumverate of Terror!”

For a short story in Superman/Batman Secret Files 2003, Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale ground the characters’ first-ever meeting in baseball. When Bruce and Alfred’s Rolls breaks down while traveling through Smallville, Jonathan Kent comes out to help Alfred with the car while young Clark invites Bruce to come play a game with him.

This encounter proves charming enough to stick around in canon when it’s revisited 10 years later, in Batman/Superman (2013-) #3.

And most recently, in Batman (2016-) #37, “Double Date,” while out for a night on the town with Selina and Lois, Batman stood over home plate to prove once and for all that he could hit a pitch thrown by Superman.


Mr.Mcninjaguy asks:

“Will DCEU movie be featured on DCU?”

I can’t predict the future. HBO has the streaming rights to the DCEU films right now, but should DCU continue to build as a service as it’s been doing, I can only imagine they’ll find their way here eventually.


mootelp asks:

“Is the world of Batman Beyond a possible future or is it the defacto future?”

The idea of a fixed versus a mutable future for Batman Beyond is part of the central conflict of The New 52: Futures End, where Terry travels back in time to stop a chain of events that result in cataclysm. By the end of the series, it’s proven that the future CAN be changed… but as the series relaunched under the canonical Rebirth banner in 2016, the ongoing Batman Beyond comics can be safely placed in what is currently the future of the DC Universe. Whether that future changes in a month or a year or a decade, who can say?