Ask Sam Humphries (Almost) Anything!

We’re kicking off a series of hard-hitting interviews with our DC Daily hosts, and we want to ask them YOUR questions! This week, we’ll be chatting with Sam Humphries.

“Sam Humphries? Who dat?”

Well you, my friend, have been living under a rock. Sam “The Hammer” Humphries is the writer of HARLEY QUINN, NIGHTWING and GREEN LANTERNS for DC Comics’ blockbuster REBIRTH initiative. He is also co-creator of BLACKBIRD with Jen Bartel, and GOLIATH GIRLS with Alti Firmansyah, the first English-language comic to be published simultaneously in Japan.

He’s also a very cool guy, and would be happy to answer anything you’d like to know about him. Feel free to provide your questions below, and they just might be published in our upcoming spotlight articles!


Your most recent edition to DC is with Wonder Comics (Dial H for Hero) How did Bendis approach you about the project and how much influence does Bendis have on the actual project?


Mr. Humphries, if I wanted to see the best representation of your work as a comic book writer, what title or issues would you suggest to someone that has not interacted with your work previously? (Also it was great meeting you recently! You are a rock star!)


What is the most disturbing aspect of Harley’s personality?
And if you wrote Doom Patrol or Titans, how would you incorporate the donkey and Pinot Grigio Sally hanging out?

Hi Sam,
First I want to let you know I really enjoy your segments on the show the way you into’d yourself yourself for the Bendis spot was priceless
Now the q’s how long have you been writing professionally? I saw in your bio you also write video games can you say which one(s)?

Which DC character(s) do you want to write that you haven’t yet?

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Sam, I’m a huge fan of your work!! I was sad to see you part ways with J-Bird. In my opinion, all other writers will have to sync up with the foundation you forged (wasn’t gonna use the other word) as it concerns Jessica. LOVE Blackbird!!! My question is simple: whatever happened to #humphrieshottake initiative? I even used it in the official DC Daily thread once!! We must push forward. One flame can light a million!!!:four_leaf_clover:

What’s your favorite DIAL H FOR HERO transformation from a previous run?

Who do you think is Jessica Cruz’s favorite superhero? Who’s Harley’s?

How do Jessica and Harley’s respective cultural backgrounds inform the characters?

Who’s the scariest Batman villain? Who’s the most pathetic?


In Bendis’s Action Comics #1005, we see the H-Dial getting picked up by The Question… can we expect him to show up in DIAL H?

What was the most stuck you’ve ever been writing an issue, and how did you break through it?

Can you recite Rot Lop Fan’s Lantern Oath from memory?

Who would win in a fight between you and Chip Zdarsky?


QUICK: Rank all the human GLs from best to worst!

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Would they only let someone with a last name that starts with H write DIAL H FOR HERO? Who was your competition?

There are a lot of fresh writers in these parts, and what would you say is the proper, professional attitude they should cultivate in their quest to become pros? Comics in particular, but really? The arts in general.

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How important are tools like a thesaurus in your work?

What is your personal favorite project that you’ve been involved in as a writer?

Who was your favorite artist to work with

How do you keep your skin looking so youthful and glowing?