Ask me anything on the flash/speedster family. It's my specialty😉

The flash is my all time favorite superhero. I try to know everything could on his whole life and story.


Please ask!!

If DC were to make an Into the Spider-Verse style movie featuring the Flash and the multiverse, which members of the Flash family do you think would be in it?

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Very good question! I would think they would put…

The flash(Barry allen)
The flash (Jay garrick)
Wally west
Max mercury
Wallis west

Those are more of the main speedsters. That’s why I would think they would put them in


How can I make my own cosmic treadmill?

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Can you explain all these new “Forces” to me? I haven’t gotten a chance to catch up on the new Flash run and keep seeing “Strength Force” this and junk. Does this mean Flash can tap into multiple “Forces” at once? It seems kind of dumb to me, to boost such an immensely powerful character. That’s like giving Superman the ability to turn invisible; he just doesn’t need it.


I wish I knew!!!

So the flashes can only tap into the speed force. But there are other forces out there. It’s like the elements in avatar the last airbender… you are born only able to learn one elemental ability (unless you’re the avatar of course).

So ya, it’s just other types of forces which other heroes or villains could potentially tap into.

Wally West’s son jai could actually add mass to himself. But I dont think that’s actually part of the strength force. It has to do with the physics equation of Mass= force× acceleration.

Let me know if you need more explaining.

Does Wally West always have to die? It seems like he is always disappearing into the Speed Force or something.

Who’s the most underrated Flash Rogue?


True, but whatever kills you makes you stronger. And Wally west is one of the strongest and fastest speedsters.



If it’s supposed to be my opinion… than I say the trickster.


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Okay… Bart. Better as Kid Flash or Impulse?

Which Trickster?

Impulse definitely!!


Yea, me too.

You know… the role of kid flash is supposed to be the funny and caring person of the group, but bart takes the role of kf too seriously. Like they said in titans, Wally is the heart of the team.


Any questions or discussions?

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