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Can somebody who suffers from muteness (or something that prevents him or her from talking) be chosen as the champion?


I don’t see why not, especially with the original version of Captain Marvel.

The criteria for being Billy Batson being chosen was being pure of heart (though in Earth-0’s Billy’s case, it was for winning the lottery of being in the right place at the right time), not for whether he could say Shazam’s name.

Being mute is something that would easily be worked around for Shazam - he’d simply need to use magic to cure the muteness. For example, though we’ve never seen Shazam unmute Billy whenever he’s been muted, such as when Dr. Sivana used his mute rays on Billy, Oggar, who learned magic from Shazam, is able to simply mute and unmute people, so it’s an easy inference to expect that Shazam would be able to do the same for whoever his champion was.


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A question I got recently, something that I’ve seen as a point of debate here and there…

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What did you think of Shazam #1?


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Is Teth-Adam and his kin the earliest mention of a champion aside from Shazam himself?

  1. What are the top/best/most well-regarded Captain Marvel/Marvel Family stories from the original Fawcett 1940-1953 Golden Age run?

  2. Do you know of any good Captain Marvel/Fawcett Comics fansites?
    Edit: I found one here: Are there any others?

  3. Are there any good books about Captain Marvel, specifically during the Fawcett years (so excluding the DC Shazam!: A Celebration of 75 Years book)? So far, I’ve come up with Fawcett Companion: The Best of FCA and Shazam!: The Golden Age of the World’s Mightiest Mortal, but are there any others? It’s surprisingly hard to search for, since I just get all of the hundreds of issues popping up.

  1. I’m not sure if there is a consensus on what is the best Golden Age Captain Marvel stories. However, I do have some recommendations:
  • WHIZ Comics #2
  • WHIZ Comics #25
  • CMA #79
  • CMA #88
  • CMA #100
  • CMA #144
  • Marvel Family #10

However, there are many, many great stories from that era and I recommend reading as many as you can.

  1. I’m afraid there aren’t many. There is a great Discord group that I hang out at, and I can ask to see if I can share the group chat. That said, some sites that are run by fans are:

Both of them still post on their website, though the frequency in which they do so is varied. However, both of them have a body of work worth reading!

  1. Both of those are gold standard books and that is an excellent place to start. However, if you haven’t already, I strongly recommend buying Alter Ego magazines (where Fawcett Collectors of America is published). That magazine is a wealth of information about Captain Marvel’s Golden Age era.

Has Dr. Sivana ever done anything nice?


Only accidentally! Ha.


What are some good sources for research on Golden Age Captain Marvel?


Do Sivanas kids have specific deals about them? I know one daughter was the queen of venus, but i dont know much else


There are many, but the one that I recommend above all are Fawcett Collectors of America, which is published exclusively inside of the Alter Ego magazine and it specifically covers the Golden Age era of Captain Marvel. Start with the Fawcett Companion and pick the issues that pique your taste/curiosity.




Hey Cap, I was recently asked for a list of Fawcett characters who have managed to migrate over to the DC universe (in whatever form) to date, even as brief cameos – and I figured you’d have a more complete account of that than I might muster. Anything you can rustle up from your index for me?


Not really.

The one you’re referring to is Beautia. However, while she was introduced as the queen of Venus, that really isn’t what she is about. Her character premise was as the woman who pines for Captain Marvel (not knowing he’s really Billy Batson) and believing her father can be a good man (and standing up to him when she knows he does something wrong).

Magnificus is the ideal man and son we all want. He, too, is like Beautia in that he is basically a good person.

Thad Sivana Jr. and Georgia, meanwhile, are basically copies of their dad and downright evil. They are the nemesis of Captain Marvel Jr. and Mary Marvel, respectively, the same way that Dr. Sivana is Captain Marvel’s.

I’m afraid that I haven’t tracked that. That would be a major undertaking that would take a lot of time and I just haven’t devoted any to that specific criteria.

However, DC Comics owns the entire catalogue of Fawcett characters.

I can only offer the obvious: Many of them have made appearances,

Spy Smasher, Ibis the Invincible, Mr. Scarlet and Pinky, Bulletman, as well as some of their supporting characters have made appearances since Captain Marvel.