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Why did he accept a job as the wizard.


Sounds like you’re talking about Trials of Shazam!

If so, Captain Marvel didn’t so much as accept the job as the job was thrust on him. The wizard died and there was really no one else to take the job except Billy, so the responsibility of the Rock of Eternity fell on him.


In Virtue and Vice is there a reason greed specifically was the sin to posses him?


It was never explicitly stated, so we can only guess.

However, I would say that it likely had to do with the idea that if Greed possessed a superhero, then he would naturally desire more power. In a JSA/JLA story involving the rosters at the time, Captain Marvel seemed the most likely option of being able to steal the power of others, specifically that of the Marvel Family and Black Adam (despite the fact that he has never been shown being capable of being able to do so).

Also, a fully powered Captain Marvel with the additional powers of Mary Marvel, Captain Marvel Jr., and Black Adam would make him seem a more formidable antagonist. Even a squad that had Wonder Woman on it struggled to face him in direct hand-to-hand combat (she was stunned, if not knocked out by him).


Hello Captain Marvelology! When was the first time that Captain Marvel met another superhero outside of the Marvel Family?


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That would be WHIZ Comics #16, published February 21st, 1941, where Captain Marvel met Spy Smasher.

In that issue, it was not a friendly meeting as Spy Smasher had been hypnotized into being an agent against the United States and Captain Marvel had to confront him.

Incidentally, Captain Marvel’s encounter with Spy Smasher happened before he ever met any of the characters who would become part of the Marvel Family such as the Lieutenant Marvels, Captain Marvel Jr., Mary Marvel, etc.




Has Billy Batson ever met Captain Thunder?


Hello @CaptainMarvelology,
Has Captain Marvel ever killed Mr. Mind by stepping on him since he is a worm?

Also when I was really little, the 1980 cartoon of Captain Marvel was one of my first exposure to super hero. :grinning:



2 questions about the supporting cast:

Why was Tawky Tawny able to tawk- er, talk?
Why did Uncle Marvel think he had superpowers in the first place?

Oh, and I know that Captain Marvel’s “SHAZAM!” stands for Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury, but IIRC that’s not the case for other Marvels. What are some other interpretations of the acronym?


No, he hasn’t. Or rather, I should say, no main version of Billy Batson has ever met any version of Captain Thunder.


Re: Tawky Tawny:

It really depends on the version. The original version of Tawky Tawny was given a scientific serum (Captain Marvel Adventures #82).

It changed his brain and his vocal chords.

Years, later during E. Nelson Bridwell’s and Don Newton’s World’s Finest run on Captain Marvel, we learn that the serum that was given to Tawky Tawny had basically evolved Tawky Tawny to the point that he is no longer a true tiger, but something new, the way that humans might have evolved if they had evolved from cats instead of primates, further explaining other things besides his ability to talk, like his ability to grip things like humans and stand upright on hind legs (World’s Finest #259).

The post-Crisis version of Tawky Tawny was a doll that was turned into a real talking tiger (Power of Shazam! #4).

The New 52 Earth-0 version of Tawky Tawny was just a zoo tiger until his origing was retconned into someone who lives in a magic Zootopia-like world where all animals are talking animals (Shazam! #4).

As for the acronyms, you are correct that other members of the Marvel Family have their own, but it’s limited to Mary Marvel and Black Adam, who have a pantheon of Greco-Roman goddesses and Egyptian gods, respectively (Captain Marvel Adventures #18 and Shazam! #28).


No, he’s never killed Mr. Mind by stepping on him, but he did kill a worm he had thought was Mr. Mind (Captain Marvel Adventures #40).


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Thank you!

Follow-up question: Did Mary Marvel deriving her strength from Hippolyta ever lead to an issue with Wonder Woman or the Amazons?




I’d really love to see more crossover between Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman someday. They both deal with a lot of similar mythological figures!

A connection is touched upon in the Injustice: Year Four comics, but that’s all that explicitly comes to mind. Where else has Captain Marvel (or Shazam) interacted with Wonder Woman through the context of their patrons?


In DC Universe Infinite Library, which Captain Marvel comic book would you highly recommended? :slightly_smiling_face: