Ask DC’s Jim Krueger (Award-Winning Comic Writer) on DC Daily!

DC Daily will be celebrating our Year One Anniversary with an amazing slate of DC talent, including Jim Krueger, writer of JUSTICE alongside Alex Ross. The DC Daily staff has invited everyone from the community to submit questions for him to answer on the episode!

Jim Krueger was named on of the top ten writers in comics as well as being awarded the Diamond Comic Distributors award for Best Comic Book of the Year. His work in the field of comics has changed the way people view the medium for years to come. What insights and wisdom do you want to learn from Mr. Krueger? Ask away in the comments below!:point_down:


How is writing a script for the unique style of Alex Ross different from writing for other artists?

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How do you see the comic book industry changing in the coming years?

Will DC ever get a story like Marvel’s Earth X?

Mr. Krueger, thank you for your work on Justice and other titles in the comic book medium.

Would you consider coming back to DC anytime soon? What DC property/character would you love to work on and really dive into?

Hey Jim!!

At what point did you know Justice would be a hit?

How do you go about starting your writing process? How do you lay out your ideas and put them into motion? I’m curious about your general process.

Jim I’ve been following you since the Foot Soldiers, I really enjoy your contribution to comics. I notice of course that you lean heavily into the CS Lewis - Narnia type religious allegory… anything you wanted to share about what you find powerful prospective using that technique?


It’s not different at all. Alex and I talk the plot out and then I write a script, just like I would for anyone else. The difference is that before I send the script in to editorial, I send it to Alex first.