Ask DC’s Dan Jurgens (Animated Film & TV Writer Extraordinaire) on DC Daily!

DC Daily will be celebrating our Year One Anniversary with an amazing slate of DC talent, including Dan Jurgens, writer on Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Death of Superman, Reign of the Supermen, & more, and the DC Daily staff has invited everyone from the community to submit questions for him to answer on the episode!

Dan Jurgens has had the rare experience of bringing multiple moments in the comic book zeitgeist to life on the big screen, as well as contributing to a fresh, ironic tone for the Dark Knight in Batman: The Brave and the Bold. What insider scoops do you want to know about from Mr. Jurgens? Ask away in the comments below!:point_down:


Mr. Jurgens, first thanks for the great work over the years. Still a touch point for so many comics, animated shows, and movie, did you have any idea at the time how iconic The Death of Superman would become?

A lot of comic book writers have taken a crack at your creation Booster Gold over the years. Do you have any favorite takes on Booster from other writers? What would be your advice to keep in mind when writing him?


The Brave and The Bold was awesome, refreshing and seemed an homage to the Silver Age. I loved bringing back the “not all comic stories have to be dark and gritty. It is certainly a reminder that comics can be fun. I thank you.

Were there any particular Silver Age stories you looked to for inspiration?

During your time writing Superman you had to tie it in to many other Superman books. How difficult was it to do such a huge collaborative project?

What Superman movie do you think best captures who the character of Superman is, Dan?


What is your favorite DC comic that you have worked on that you feel deserves more recognition than it has gotten by comic book fans?

Do you miss our heroes being portrayed as human. Balancing a normal life with the secret identity. A time when not all heroes were super geniuses. When the majority of people in our heroes lives were normal or average people, not every other heroe in the land?

P.S. When do we get more Booster?

do you plan on writing for booster again?

What was going through your mind when Action Comics made it to #1000?

To a Mod: The thread topic descriptions for Dan Jurgens and Jim Krueger are inaccurate and may need to be fixed.

Krueger is much more well known for his movie and TV work, while Jurgens is the one who’s known for being a Big Deal in comic book writing.

Per IMDB, Jurgens has 0 movie/TV writing credits beyond getting credit for comic characters he created via productions they were featured in.


Mr. Jurgens: How does it feel to be amongst the few Superman writers whose work has endured for decades and is quite possibly more popular than ever, thanks to the assorted media that it’s continually adapted for as well as the continued popularity of the comic book medium?

Also for Mr. Jurgens: Just how hard would you thumb your nose at Lex Luthor after you say “I and a few others truly did kill Superman, and you still haven’t after 79 years! So, nyah!” ?

Finally: You’re a fantastic writer. Thank you for your contributions to Superman and the comic book medium as a whole.

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Scratch that last bit in my previous post about Jim Kreuger. I had him confused with DC movie/TV producer James Krieg. My mistake.

However, Dan Jurgens does not have any movie/TV credits on his resume.

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Hey Dan,

Love what you’re doing with Nightwing. Is this a book you are staying on past the new year? If so what are your plans for Ric and the 'Wings? Also don’t kill Bea.

Hey Dan, I’m a big fan of your work and want to let you know that your Action Comics is one of the few series I have on trade.

My questions are 1. Why was Jor-el named Mr. Oz? 2. How much did you contribute to Jon as a character vs. Tomasi? 3. Jon or Damian?

Dan, you were the Superman creator who most defined my youth and, indeed, fostered my love for comics.

How, if at all, did the approach to the Superman line change after Death of Superman/Reign of the Supermen? By that, I mean was there added pressure based on the enormous success of those stories, and did you find any increased editorial or corporate influence moving forward?

Thank you for your decades of wonderful stories!

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What made you come up with Booster Gold?

Will we ever find out who Rip’s mother is , or the I’D of the Black Beetle?

I don’t have any questions for Dan. I just want to thank him for hundreds of great memories, for all of the good times and the sad times. Dan, you really know how to turn on the waterworks!

Primary question/request: I have very fond feelings and memories when it comes to Superman’s Triangle Era. Would you please regale us with a story or two about the writers’ summits and the inner workings between writers and editors of that time?

Backup question: Early in your career, you got to work with all-time great Superman writer, Elliot S! Maggin on a book called DC Challenge. Any anecdotes from that pairing or wisdom you might share?

Not at all a question: I really enjoyed Sun Devils.

Hi Dan! When will Dick Grayson return? I miss him :cry: