Ask DC Daily's Whitney Moore (Almost) Anything!

Whitney I like your dc daily show in the rest of the dc daily news, just remember this is Z.M. The young man who got the justice league animated series cartoon figures

Whitney I beg of you so much with kindness, Please convince DC and IDW to finally make an Official crossover between the justice league and The Transformers. I want this to come true so much with great faith on hoping you could make this happened for real. It’s always been my dream to see the DC super heroes cross paths with the Autobots and Decepticons. Today is 2019 and I believed in you that this idea can finally come true. Please I’m begging you so much with all my heart. My birthday will fall on July and I wish for this crossover to be immediately revived at last. Please understand if you can make this become reality. I just hope that you can agree with me if you see this message commented, Please don’t let this effort be in vain. Keep the Dream alive by making this crossover finally happened truly official for real. Thank you and to all DC universe fans who they care and love with so much to gain for. Bye :blush::crossed_fingers:

Whitney, can you make this Idea finally happened for real by convincing both DC and IDW to crossover with The Transformers, Please?

Who in the DC Universe do you think would be the biggest metalhead.