Ask DC Daily's Samm Levine (Almost) Anything!

Samm has been an avid DC Comics fan and all around nerd way longer than it’s been cool… You may remember him from his breakout role came as a member of the “geek” half of the cult hit, Freaks and Geeks.

Since then, Samm has appeared in over 100 films and television series including Modern Family, How I Met Your Mother, Drunk History, Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer, and the Academy Award-winning Quentin Tarantino epic, Inglourious Basterds.

We’re gearing up to interview the man himself, and we want to ask him YOUR questions! Want to ask him what it’s like working with Tarantino? What his dream DC role would be? Let us know in the comments below!


Is it my imagination or is April Bowlby the prettiest woman in the DC Universe (I have a crush on her too)?


Why does your name have two m’s


Dude your Awesome!
Freaks and Geeks was the first show I loved that got only one season. Oh the pain!
Love your input during Book Club and your take on Titans show. Pin Grigio Sally!!:joy::joy::joy:
yeah ah no question really, just keep being awesome man!

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You forgot Samm’s best movie: Not Another Teen Movie.

It also starred Chris Evans (The Losers), Chyler Leigh (CW Supergirl), Sam Huntington (Superman Returns), Lacey Chabert (Zatanna from Young Justice), Ed Lauter, Jaime Pressly and drumroll Mr. T!


Mr. Levine, what do enjoy most about your DC Daily gig? Who is your favorite DC character and what is your favorite DC storyline?

Until next time Samm, you and Jimmy Olsen stay out of those ceiling ducts good sir :wink:


Oh I know @Vroom
the prom tonight song is the best. the french toast lyric LMAO
Gosh every part of that movie was amazing!

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Why do they make you sit on the end of the couch? Do you have aspirations to sit in the middle?

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@Aquamon “Prom to-night! Doo doo doo doo duh doo! Oh, ohhhhh! It’s gonna happen… at the prom… TONIGHT!” thrusts arms in the air

“I know you would Reggie Ray!”


Oh Reggie :joy:
Ok I forgot about him.

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Has any suggestion in these threads ever influenced what made it into print or streaming??

You always manage to meet the most cool actors and celebrities, who’s your “wow” favorite that you’ve met?

Read that WB will be shutting DC streaming service down in near future any thoughts

Great thank you

Ok Sam, gotta make the choice because vacillating will only lose both of them. Lynda Carter or your Elsti-girlfriend?

(To quote the beloved Clancy Brown, even if it wasn’t in a DC property, “There can be only one.”)

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What do you think the future of print comics will be like?

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Watched Not Another Teen Movie the other night and had totally forgot Sam was in it hahahaha, was loving his Chinese voice in that :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Hey @Desadeacolyte, I’d be willing to take Rita off his hands.