Ask DC Daily's Clarke Wolfe (Almost) Anything!

An actress, a host, and a lifelong nerd, Clarke Wolfe has become one of the most prominent female voices in the geek culture space. A popular correspondent seen on Syfy, Nerdist, Collider, Skybound, and more, she is also the creator and host of the movie-themed interview podcast SENDING THE WOLFE.

Between all that and producing her own horror-comedy musicals, Clarke’s a VERY busy woman! What questions do you have for a woman of such geeky renaissance? Let us know in the comments below!


Your hair looks good :slight_smile:

What TV Show/Movie/Episode/Comic Book that DC Daily has not yet done a panel on would you personally like to see DC Daily do?

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It seems pretty clear from today’s DC Daily Father’s Day episode where your first name likely came from. Was there ever an “argument” between your parents of possibly calling you Martha or Lois?

Now, for a more serious question: If you could play any character from any existing Superman film or series, live or animated, who would it be?

What is your favorite DC Comic, Movie and series?

Can you be on Doug loves movies more? :slight_smile: you were great there!

Is your trademark BYEEEEeeee a Babs Bunny homage?


If the Acting Bug should bite, who would you like to play in a live action DC movie? Who would you like to voice in an animated project?

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