Ask Brian Tong (Almost) Anything!

As the resident tech expert of DC Daily (and the world, really), Brian Tong provides viewers at home a unique perspective on how DC Universe fits into our every day lives. And now, you have a chance to ask him your questions about the intersection of the geek & tech lifestyle!

What are your questions for Brian Tong? Let us know in the comments below!


Love the accessibility and seamless navigation of DCUs services. What can we expect “down the road” from this amazing platform?

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How did you get into comics and who is your favorite character and villain?

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Hey Brian love your style! Which Batman wore the Cape and Cowl best?

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Hey Brian, any info you can give us on Titans season 2?

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Have you ever heard of, or played heroclix? If so, how do you feel about it?

Hey Brian, do you know what is holding DCU back from being a global service as of now?

What’s the best thing on the menu at the WB commissary?

Brian, what character got you hooked on DC Comics?

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What tech in the dc U do you think will be available in the real world in the near future

Really people? Stop spamming Brian with the same question.

not intentional, seeing it everywhere; either the forum software is having a fit or the Source Wall is collapsing … my money is on Lex

Brian, do you have a favorite DC female character and why is it Jessica Cruz … :green_heart:


Who is your favorite person to hang out with on the couch?

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What gadget DOESN’T Batman use that he really should?


when will we be getting more Shazam comics, such as Geoff Johns version?

At the risk of seeming ignorant, because I am, Iam wondering which actor plays which role in this series. Is there any way to obtain a cast list? Lucy

One suggestion in the comic book area any way you can make it scroll panel to panel instead of the page it would be easier to read on my phone instead of zooming in every two seconds and trying to move it in the right position not to see things I don’t want to yet other than that I’m liking this and so are my children I’m glad you didn’t have to sell out to Disney

Hey Brian.
With the new Swamp Thing series coming this month Shouldn’t both (even the ridiculous sequel) movies be on DC U?

Hey all, thank you for the questions! Just noting I removed all the duplicate posts; as was mentioned, they’re indeed unintentional, no worries!

I think I misread this thread.
It’s Ask Brian (Almost) Anything.
Says nothing about getting answers. lol.

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