As Long as We Get to Keep the Community

Whatever happens with the exclusive content on DCUniverse… I like the community here. I can’t speak for everyone, but I otherwise don’t have an outlet to really talk about my love of DC comics. My fiance tries, bless her heart, but she just never got into comics. My family and friends only share a passing interest, mostly spurred on by movies and television. So I really appreciate it here.

If we lose this, I’ll do what everyone else here will do as well and move on to another message board where I can discuss all the things that make Superman the best character in comics, or who would win in a fight between Flash and Green Lantern. But I’d really rather not- I have a lot of fun here, and during all of this I need that escape.


So who’s the grumpy dude in the middle?

In all seriousness @TheTerribleToyman, I wholeheartedly agree. I treasure the connections we all have made here together on DCU, and hope that whatever changes are coming don’t affect the community in any negative fashion.


Yes, thank you so much for this community. It seems like almost everyone I speak to in real life is a Marvel fan. It’s great to have a way to connect with y’all DC lovers.


This community is what i look forward to most days. Losing it would really be a bummer.


Same. Nobody in my everyday life knows about or appreciates characters like Starro or Zatanna.


I just started to get involved in the community don’t take it away… :broken_heart:


Boo marvel suck it pretty boys that dont like to get dirty


@LEXC0RP Agreed :+1:


This place is where we come talk about and give opinions on the important things :smile::smile:


I agree. It took a while for me to use this platform because I’m not great at any kind of social media but this has become quite the community. This community has been the most respectful, friendly and knowledgeable group I have interacted with. My hope is that DC Universe will not shut down but even if it does, it’s been great sharing in discussions with everyone here. Y’all are a cut above.


Absolutely, You guys have been great to hang with. It’s nice to have some people who enjoy comics


Oh, I agree with you entirely. One of the tings I enjoy so much about DCU is being able to discuss comic books with fellow fans. What is more, I have to say that everyone here seems so nice. The DCU community is one of the few places online where people can disagree and not get into it or think less of each other. That is wonderful, and I would really hate to lose it.


I agree 100% I try not to ever be the fan who lashes out with anger when someone disagrees with me about something comics related. I thinks its helpful to remember that there’s no right answers, and that nothing lasts forever. Except for Superman :superman_hv_4:

But everyone here is really cool about letting people enjoy the things that they enjoy.


Yes I love this community, I love my DC Family.


I first got DC Universe because of Doom Patrol, but to me, one of the best things about this site is indeed this community. This really has meant so much to me. You folks have been so good and understanding, and this has in many ways been even more important than the TV shows and movies. Of course, we can still discuss those here in the boards. I also hope we’ll still have the news section, comics and Q&As.


Community is one of the best things!!


Very well said @KandorianBullWorm It took me a while to get involved in the community as well. I didn’t even check it out at first cause past experience dictated that I have never been very good at socializing (even online) but I’m so glad to be proven wrong here. This is the best Community! Being a part of it and sharing our likes and dislikes, our joys and sorrows… it’s a unique place and while I very much hope it doesn’t go away, I can appreciate the time I had to spend with all you amazing people. :heart: :heart: :heart:


I’m not crying your crying :cry:


Although I’ve enjoyed DCU for quite a while, I am very new to the community side. I love the community so far & really hope I get the opportunity to continue to share & learn from everyone for many years to come! :notes::microphone:Ooooh, no! Baby, please don’t go!:notes:


Same here.