Article on Manipulation and the Snyderverse Movement

Here’s Rolling Stone’s story from earlier this week, implying that Zack Snyder shook down Warner Brothers in finishing the Snyder cut.
How the ‘Justice League’ Snyder Cut Was Driven by Bots & an Ad Agency - Rolling Stone

My thoughts:
If Warner Bros. didn’t want to be hounded for the Snyder Cut, then why the hell didn’t they include a ton of deleted footage on the Blu Ray release of the Justice League? Seems like the only reason to conceal all that footage would be to save for release in some other form. The article claims Snyder walked off with footage that wasn’t his, but gives no indication that prevented Warner Bros from having any access to different copies of the same content.

I never gave the death threats to WB executives much concern, since seems like it would be limited to two nerds in their basement, and not a realistic threat. If the death threats were being encouraged by Snyder, that would be criminal behavior, but the article doesn’t suggest that was the case.

Including Martian Manhunter. That was ultimately kind of silly. It takes Martha Kent’s big dramatic scene and instead makes it Martian Manhunter (who must be acting his heart out). But Warner Bros. ultimately said yes to including MM and agreed to pay for reshoots. There’s no suggestion the fans were forcing them to pay for reshoots or forcing them to include certain characters (plus, WB did deny Snyder the use of Green Lantern). Would it have made more business sense for Warners to dissaprove any additional filming? At that price, probably so, but it was useful publicity at the time

Ray Fisher’s allegations just being part of the effort to put pressure on Warner Brothers: Fisher is still hung up on the allegations well after the release of the Snyder Cut, so his complaints were sincere. Like some allegations from Rolling Stone, Fisher’s complaints seem pretty over-blown.

The biggest stink coming from the Snyderverse fans to me is the rigging of the Academy Awards fan voting outcomes. That nonsense really reflects poorly on all of fandom.

Review-bombing Kong vs. Godzilla and The Suicide Squad: I suspect that kind of crap happens all the time, with movies far removed from Marvel and DC, and will be forever a challenge to identify and stop. At the time of its debut, I declared I didn’t think Suicide Squad lived up to it’s billing. SS got a poor Cinemascore, but I don’t see how that could be connected to Snyderverse fans. Seems like older fans legitimately took isssue with the film, and thus the Cinemascore rating.

Anyway, despite a lack of bombshell allegations in this article, I wouldn’t say Zack Snyder comes off well. Grace Randolph proved to be correct that Ezra Miller was a risk for WB, but she reported it immediately after an interview with Snyder, so it seemed like she clearly got it from him. And very soon after that, Miller is suddenly willing to be in the Snyder cut reshoots.

Anyway, so much skullduggery. Hopefully, we get a comprehensive book on this at some point…


There are always deleted scenes not used. They have many reasons like wanting to use similar scenes in the future, not liking them, not thinking they are that important

You work for your boss and are supposed to respect their property. Companies pay for the footage, and they keep the footage.

Many executives get scared easy, especially when they are not from two nerds in the basement.

I remember him encouraging threats, but I do not remember them being death threats.

He never gave any evidence.

It will just make everything worse with the my side is right and yours is wrong and immoral no matter what it says.


This is not the case when there’s two hours of deleted scenes. It is possible there was some agreement w/Snyder that prevented WB from using the scenes. It isn’t possible that they thought there was no interest in two hours of deleted scenes or that they somehow didn’t view them as something people would be willing to pay for.

Your other points I pretty much agree with, though


Honestly, I thought the article was stupid as hell and considering it came out the same day that ZSJL released on major digital platforms, a hit piece.

I mean, all that pomp and circumstance…for 13 percent?


I’ve been feeling this for a while but it seems like it’s just profitable to write up negative hit pieces about DC. The publisher get views, MCU tribalists get their sense of superiority, and MCU never fails because “well look at DC”.


I thought those representing DC came off pretty well in the article…portrayed as just trying to keep the fans happy. It isn’t even harsh about how the original Justice League film turned out


Agree, that sounds like no coincidence. DC noted Snyder’s new opportunity to make additional income off of the project, and decided Zack could use a dose of the negative publicity that he was all too happy to bring to DC’s doorstep

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Then again, states it is being released because the new Discovery ownership thinks there’s no point in keeping content exclusive to HBOMax forever, when there’s digital release revenue to be made off of it. So if all the $$ to be made would go to WB, I’m not sure why WB would release their investigation to Rolling Stone right now

I just saw this today. The tribalism is so dumb. If you confront people about it they pretend like it doesn’t exist. Especially the MCU crowd. But screenrant felt it was worth publishing this. Clearly they know it exists and know there’s money in perpetuating it.