Is anyone else bothered by the way Artemis draws her bow? If you know anything about compound bows, you pull back on only one string. It’s like when people use guns on TV shows and there’s absolutely no muzzle flash or recoil.

She pulls back multiple strings???

Oh yeah dude. Makes me cringe. every. Single. Time.

How does her bow even have multiple strings? I use to hunt and my bow only had one string :stuck_out_tongue:

I sincerely hope you’re joking. Google “compound bow.” It is technically all one string I suppose.

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My friend had a similar gripe with the walking dead. He said a samurai sword is never held one handed. It’s always two hands when you’re using it, lol.

I know nothing of that, I just know Artemis is a badass

It’s not Artemis’ fault; it’s how she’s drawn. The only other person that i have heard express the same thing is the primary voice on the Whelmed podcast.