Artemis X Dick Grayson as a couple

Tarught, Robart Dick Grayson X Artemis crock… Should be a ship. Since season 1 they have been a good ship. Here’s why:

  1. Dick has always treated her nicely.
  2. In season 1 he knew and didnt care.
  3. He’s always there for her.
  4. They get more screen time together
  5. They relate to each other in more than one way.
  6. Wally didn’t treat her the greatest and he can’t be with Linda if he’s with Artemis.
  7. They make a cute couple.
  8. They both went to the same school meaning they could have gotten closer.
  9. Artemis went to Dicks 14th birthday party… Even if she didnt know it at the time it happened.
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I haven’t watched season 3 yet but I can’t see Artemis with anyone but Wally lol The fact that they hated each other in Season 1 is what made their love in season 2 so great. Opposites seem to make the best matches usually


She sticks with Wally, it isn’t like he has anymore options.

I mean after watching the first half of S3 I kinda do ship i don’t like Wally bc that’s all I hear about. Everyone keeps saying bring Wally back like damn y’all said it a thousand times


I don’t really ship her with anyone right now, I feel like she’s good on her own relationship wise. Plus, she’s got quite a lot on her plate, I don’t feel like she needs to worry about a new relationship on top of everything else

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Dick is with Babs in Season 3 (yay!). I also agree with @Star0fLyra about Artemis.

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Eh, not everything has to go full romance.

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Wally was Dick’s best friend so I can’t see Dick dating Artemis for that reason alone. Plus j feel like season 3 is going to out her with one of the Harper’s