Artemis the Mean and Green

Abfgmsw… that correct? She has dealt with some bad stuff. I wouldn’t be surprised if she went rogue, but I hope not. Cool character.

I am not sure, but the show is known to go in different directions- beginning of season 2 Tim Drake is Robin and Dick Grayson is Nightwing; and in a clip for Season 3, Nightwing needs some time away from the group- so it could be possible.

Although, based on those two points, Dick Grayson is the focus of the show and provides the most change.

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I hope he’s the focus. My favorite. Um. My profile bubble…lol

I like Jason Todd more from Titans. Tim Drake more in the Arkham Series. Damian Wayne in the Animated Movies. But, Dick Grayson may win in comics. So far, I am only familiar with him- from the Golden/Silver Age.

Understood. Tim Drake is the smartest. Computer geek. Maybe the best Titan. Damian is a ninja on steroids,. Jason Todd, hmm?.. That’s the Red Hood, so idk. He’s dope
Richard Grayson is Nightwing. He was Batman with Damien as Robin. Dude is SICK!!


Lol. I know

Did you watch Titans? If so, your perception of Jason Todd may change. While I am also familiar with the character through Under the Red Hood and some clips from Arkham Knight, the version in Titans has me sold that Jason Todd is awesome.

#abfgmsw, hell yes!! I loved it. Donna Trog and the Doom Patrol episodes were amazing

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Donna Troy. Lol

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Its a totally new Jason…

He’s great though. Cullen has been great.

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Titans Execs!!! Great job casting these characters!

Conor Leslie is awesome as Donna Troy.

But, that Jason Todd scene is the most memorable scene to me.


The cop fight scene… I rewatched that and yes… that was #1

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A lot of character depth in those two minutes.

I kinda feel like Artemis is underrated

She is.

Artemis is pretty awesome. Is she still Tigris? She doesnt want to go back after the Wally thing, huh?

She is still Tigress at the beginning of season 3. Wally’s death took its toll on them all.

Forgot about the Walls