Art style changes mid-issue

I’ve noticed this more and more as I make my way through the New 52, but and at this moment, just noticed it while reading Superboy Vol. 3, Issue #14. The art style changes midway through the issue, and it’s quite noticeable. I’m just wondering why this is? Is it common practice for two artists to work on one issue- one does the first half and the other finishes it?


That’s generally done to keep a book on schedule.

For example, one artist may be behind on their art, so someone else will be brought in to contribute artwork and to get the book finished and out on time.


Brutal schedule, drastic measures! But it is a great way to encounter an artist’s work if one hasn’t come across them before.


It’s usually a last-minute thing when the scheduled artist realizes he/she won’t be able to finish in time. It happened a lot in the New 52. I hate it.