Arrowverse - Questions that “Crisis on Infinite Earths” Needs to Answer

The biggest crossover in the Arrowverse is almost upon us. Big changes are coming for all of these shows, some good, some bad. But there are a lot of questions that need to be answered that have stuck with fans for a while now. Let’s go over them.

-How will “The Flash” unfold afterwards? This event has been teased since the very beginning of the series. Chances are, Barry isn’t going to die. But if he truly survives, how will that affect the timeline? Will Nora come back?
-Will the Reverse Flash have a role? While Barry famously died in the OG comic event, he still has a full 6th season to fulfill. But it does seem like the Reverse Flash could take his place and sacrifice himself if he believes that it will mean Nora will come back. But does he truly care about her enough to go through on such an unselfish act?
-What did The Monitor and Oliver do in preparation for the Crisis? From what it sounds like, the two of them are going to be focused on getting ready for what will happen. Exactly how they are going about it remains unclear.
-Will Oliver actually die? It does seem like it. But something else could happen to him, where it is better for other to believe he has died.
-Where did The Monitor take Felicity in 2040? It appears it is to go to Oliver and reunite with him. But is it on another Earth or in the afterlife?
-Will we see other versions of popular supporting characters? It is confirmed that the actors that played Tommy and Prometheus from “Arrow” will return. Chances are, they could be playing either alternate Earth versions or pulled from the timeline to serve a role. But we need to know for sure.
-Will OG versions of popular character return? It has been a minute since we have seen Thea, Malcolm, Deathstroke…and that’s just from “Arrow”. They could have characters from any of the 4 shows make a surprise return.
-What role will Batwoman play? Her upcoming series is confirmed to take place before her debut in “Elseworlds”, which means we don’t really know what she is up to in the present. It will be nice to gain some insight into her importance.
-Why didn’t The Monitor contact the Legends during their 4th season? It’s clear he is interested in recruiting them, but he never actually spoke to any of them. It’s very strange.
-How will this Crisis affect “Legends of Tomorrow”? There are rumors that their 5th season could be their last, but nothing has been confirmed. Either way, this show needs to address the consequences of such an event afterwards.
-Is “Constantine” part of the Arrowverse? No one is happier than I am when The CW had Matt Ryan return to breathe magic into John Constantine. But I have always wondered what happened to his allies that were from his short lived solo series. Is the show technically canon, but just on a different Earth?
-What role does Lex Luthor have in this Crisis? The Monitor seemingly revived him at the end of “Supergirl” season 4. What could this mad genius fulfill for The Monitor and the greater good.
-Why did The Monitor bring J’onn J’onzz’s brother to Earth? While I wouldn’t call him a hero, The Monitor always believes that whatever he does serves a greater importance. Bringing this green martian to Kara’s Earth seems very odd and out of place. Is there at play here?
-Is “Black Lightning” a part of the Arrowverse? Technically, “Black Lightning” doesn’t have any official connection to the other 4 CW shows. But something small could still happen that either confirms or denies the show’s connection to the multiverse.
-Will Superman die? Many people believe that The CW’s version of the Man of Steel could end up dying during this event. I mean, we know Kara is going to live, despite her famously dying in the OG comic. But her cousin could take her place.
-Will this event show that other DC properties are a part of the Arrowverse? We could get easter eggs that confirm the existence of other properties in the multiverse. “Elseworlds” may have confirmed that the old Flash TV show is apart of the Arrowverse. Maybe we can get confirmation that “Smallville” or even the DCEU is a part of this multiverse.
-Will the multiverse becoming just a universe? The OG comic ended with the multiverse being wiped out of existence (for the time) and only one Earth was left. Will all of the 4 shows finally merge onto one Earth? It would make it easier for Kara to get in touch with Barry.
-Will the event introduce new characters/set-up other future potential TV shows? People have been clamoring for Green Lantern to make an appearance somewhere. This only intensified when “Elseworlds” seemed to confirm that John Diggle is a Green Lantern in at least one universe. Maybe we can see that fulfilled. Maybe we can see The Spectre show up and help out.

I might be missing a few questions, but I think you get the idea.

You’re forgetting the most important question of all:

Will the almighty Beebo return for crisis?

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Your god damn right!

If the multiverse is destroyed or merged, what will happen to all of the incarnations of Harrison Wells? Could this be related to the rumors that the upcoming season of The Flash will be Tom Cavanagh’s final season on the show?

One thing for certain is that if the multiverse is destroyed, Barry and friends will have to come up with a better strategy for eliminating bad things other than sending it to the dead Earth-15.