Arrowverse Pride Character Spotlights: Ava Sharpe

She may technically be a clone, but don’t be fooled, Ava Sharpe is truly one of a kind. Though she once clashed with Sara and the Legends as part of the Time Bureau, it didn’t take her too long to see the value the team provided to history and to fall in love with the Waverider’s captain. Several years and dozens of time-traveling adventures later, Ava is a fully ingrained Legend, completely dedicated to protecting the timeline from threats like demons, history’s worst criminals and aliens, just to name a few. She’s even taken over sole command of the Waverider during times when Sara is otherwise indisposed, the most significant instance of which is happening currently. Driven and determined as ever, Ava will now stop at nothing to rescue her fiancé from aliens and make this ship whole again.

Actor: Jes Macallan

First appearance: Legends of Tomorrow – “Aruba-Con”

Latest appearance: Legends of Tomorrow – “Bay of Squids”


Hands down, best clone around.


Also, let’s give more than a little credit to Jes. She starts off playing the straight laced harried agent then boss, shows range with an emotional storyline about her origins, then more than holds her own in on-screen romance with Lotz, and finally shows comedic chops by playing a little goofier role as she joins the team and learns to work in its no rules environment. Cheers to Jes.


Couldn’t agree more. She’s done such a great job portraying Ava’s transformation over the years, especially right out of the gate when she and Sara went from enemies to friends to lovers all over the course of a single season. And the way she’s gradually injected more and more levity into Ava’s character the further she gets away from the Time Bureau just works so well


These Legends characters really should make it onto the page and interact with the wide DC Universe! They should do a LOT ongoing, that would be super fun! :laughing:


A Legends book w/ Sara and Ava leading a team of misfits from the comics would absolutely kill!


And what’s great about that is it can then become its own thing, you can bring Booster, or whoever. Plus, more Jonah Hex

Secretly wishes Hex would join the show full time

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