Arrowverse OTP

What’s your favorite Arrowverse relationship pairing? With Arrow ending :cry:, and with Crisis coming, who’s your favorite pairing that’s currently in the Arrowverse that must survive Crisis?

Is it:
Oliver and Felicity (Olicity)
Barry and Iris (Westallen)
Kara and Lena (Supercorp) - noncanon, for now…

and so on…

I know I loved Green Arrow and Black Canary and was so against Olicity but the story became theirs and now they’re my fave.

Joe West and Cecile Horton is my own honorable mention because they cute.

Share your favorite below!

Supercorp is endgame. The show has laid the foundation for what could be a truly amazing love story, and it’s my biggest hope that it’ll finally be fully realized by the end of this season

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How about Lois and Clark? So long as those two stay together post-Crisis, I couldn’t care less about Olicity, and that goes double for Westallen and Supercorp.

I mean, it’s Lois and Clark. Nothing is gonna break those two apart


They’re supposed to have a spin-off tv show with them raising their baby and I’m hyped. It’s the story we would’ve gotten if Lois & Clark: the Adventures of Superman hadn’t ended. Or if Smallville had continued, and Iove both those shows since Lois and Clark are iconic. I definitely want to see more of them in the arrowverse and want their show, but haven’t fallen in love with this version yet.

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