Arrowverse on DCU

With it being confirmed that DCU is going to be sharing Doom Patrol with HBO Max could this mean other DCU shows will do the same? Could this also make it possible for the Arrowverse to be shared as well? Any answers, @Applejack?

If you want an answer from AJ, I’d pose the question in the Watchtower “office hours” thread.

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It’s been confirmed that Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, and the non-Arrowverse Black Lightning will remain part of Netflix’s streaming catalog for as long as they are on the air.


That is

That is incorrect, @DigificWriter

They did not renew their special deal with Netflix.

@ANerdWonder No, Netflix gets to keep the shows it already has and any new seasons for as long as those shows are on air. They just won’t get any new shows, like Batwoman. And presumably they will lose the shows they do have some time after they start airing.

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“That is incorrect, @DigificWriter

It’s not.

Warner Bros. Media confirmed my statement directly shortly after HBO Max was announced a couple of weeks ago.

That same day, they also clarified that HBO Max’s launch does not affect DC Universe in any way.

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So will we get arrow after it’s off the air next season?

“So will we get arrow after it’s off the air next season?”


If it does come here, though, it more than likely won’t happen for a while.

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