Arrowverse - “Elseworlds” thoughts

I suppose I should breifly go over my thoughts of the previous two crossover events first. I thought “Invasion” was fine. Decent way to introduce Supergirl to Arrow and the Legends, but I felt it was too long and very underwhelming. Now, “Crisis on Earth X” was pretty awesome! Great action, fun story, a lot of great moments both comedic and dramatic.

So, “Elseworlds” doesn’t include the Legends. On the one hand, it is hard for me to find a role that they could fill during this event. But on the other hand, they could have rewrote it in a way to include them. But honest, the fact it was a 3-parter actually helped keep the story consistently engaging and intense, so I’ll take it.

It was great to see the Amazo fight in Hour One. It reminded me of the animated Justice League show and appealed to the little kid in me. Gotham is appropriately dark and intimidating. I am so VERY interested in what the Hell happened to Bruce Wayne/Batman. It doesn’t seem like it will be answered in season 1 of “Batwoman” because I heard that the first season will take place before this crossover. Speaking of Batwoman…I REALLY liked her in this event. She was cool and pretty badass. It does have me worried that the show will somehow mess this up, based on the trailer we have already seen. I’m worried that it will contradict what we have seen in this crossover. But I’m still optimistic. Cautious but optimistic.

I also loved all the Gotham easter eggs and references. But the main references I loved where to Black Suit Superman. I’m not sure they were intending to reference how the “Justice League” film was supposed to include that Superman look, but I felt that Hour 3 helped bring some sort of closure to those seeking a Zack Snyder cut.

Now, The Monitor. He did an amazing job. Whenever he is on screen, he commanded my attention. I am absolutely ready for the ultimate crossover event.

The stage is set. Worlds will live. Worlds will die. And the universe will never be the same.


I think the fact that Legends wasn’t included this year was really a shooting schedule issue. When you look at the number of people in that cast and the various scene settings they use, that has got to be a rough schedule to shoot.

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