Arrowverse “Crisis on Infinite Earths” Wish List

Here is a list of things that I would like to happen in the upcoming Arrowverse crossover “Crisis on Infinite Earths”

-CLOSURE FOR THESE CHARACTERS: Last time we saw Slade he was looking for his son, Thea hasn’t been seen since she left to find Lazrus Pits, Diggle was mentioned in 2040 but we don’t know his status, and we have no idea where Felicity went to with The Monitor in 2040

-REVERSE FLASH SACRIFICES HIMSELF INSTEAD OF BARRY: In the original comic, Barry Allen is one of the 2 most iconic deaths. But since season 6 is a full 22 episode count, chances are he is going to survive. But the seeds have been planted for the Reverse Flash of all people to take his place instead. Maybe he actually did come to care for Nora and wanted Barry to survive because that means she will come back into the timeline

-SUPERMAN DIES: In the original comic, Supergirl is the other iconic death along with Barry. Again, since we know she is going to survive, it should be her cousin. Not only would it have dramatic weight, but it would lead to a neat recreation of the iconic scene from the comic where Superman holds Supergirl’s body, but this time it will be reversed.

-CONFIRMING/DENYING OTHER PROPERTIES EXISTENCE: The multiverse these shows have created is pretty massive. It would be nice to see if certain other DC shows exist somewhere in this multiverse. We could finally get confirmation if “Black Lightning” is actually connected or not. Maybe we can see glimpses of the 1960s Batman show, the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman series, Smallville, the cancelled Constantine show, the cancelled Birds of Prey, etc.

-OLIVER DIES: I know it seems like I’m stating the obvious, especially with season 8 only being 10 episodes. But I don’t want them to pull a quick one and they just think Oliver is dead but he is in another reality, which I fear is where Felicity was going in 2040. The only way I could be OK with that is if that other reality is actually the afterlife. They confirmed that Hell actually exists! It wouldn’t be much of a stretch to confirm there is also a Heaven.

-SUPERGIRL’S EARTH MERGES: In the comic, Earth 1 and 2 merge into one Earth. Maybe they can do the same thing. It has been kind of annoying that Supergirl is on a different Earth from the other shows, even though it did help transition the show from a different network. It would make future crossovers a little easier to happen.

-AFTERMATH EXPLORED: I actually want to see everyday citizens and the heroes themselves struggle with the aftermath of such a colossal event. Granted “Batwoman” season 1 is set before the Elseworlds crossover, but “Supergirl”, “The Flash”, and “Legends of Tomorrow” absolutely need to address this as fully as possible.

-NEW DC CHARACTERS: It will be amazing to have so many characters back again on the same screen. But since this affects the entire multiverse, I want to see them show off other famous DC characters. It could just be glimpses from other Earths, they can join for the crossover and that’s it, or they can be introduced here and have a role in one of the other shows in the future. Speaking of new characters…

-THE SPECTRE PLAYS A ROLE: It’s a long shot, I know. But he played such an important role in the original event. To have him be in the crossover alone would make it more epic, but giving him an equally important role would be even better!

-INTRODUCE THE NEW GODS: This is arguably an even bigger long shot. But the fact they are doing this crossover at all shows that nothing is ever really off limits for what they can do. They managed to bring back Task Force X in season 7 of “Arrow” for a couple of episodes, “The Flash” exists besides Ezra Miller filling the role for the “Justice League” film, they even manage to have their own Superman. Don’t have them actually be in the crossover, but rather set them up for a future storyline.

So all the shows going to be in earth one or everyone gonna die ?

So all the shows going to be in earth one or everyone gonna die ?

On the plus side one of these things is going on now…Constantine is in the Arrowverse and they imported the Astra story from the NBC series over here. She’s the villain of the next season of Legends of Tomorrow. I was a little skeptical about that, but how they handled her being in Hell…I liked it! Not what I was expecting.

I really like your idea about Reverse Flash being the speedster to die in this version of the Crisis!

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I mean, it seemed liked they planted the seeds for that based on how season 5 ended

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@EDT good call!