Arrowverse Couch Club, Week 6: April 26-28 episodes

We are kind of assuming this. The way she described having to get out of the mirror-verse, that passing through the Bloodwork treated mirror would get her out without getting burned, because she was certainly an expert with these abilities that seem like shouldn’t be there. I’m still on board, but it feels like the comic book logic is getting pushed to its limit(s) when it don’t have to be.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about Robles being the killer of Lucius Fox as I was not aware of who the character was, beyond a background character. It reminded me of how when we found out the Wayne murderer on Gotham was Matches Malone that this did not matter as much as the people behind him. I did like the mostly conclusion of the storyline, as I was not sure they would have let us know who the killer was so soon. On the other hand, they seemed to be getting rid of all loose ends quickly. I am intrigued about the notebook that Lucius had and why Tommy Elliott was so intent on getting it from him. I like for them to go back to a character, that beyond his appearance in the asylum this time, was only in one episode as a link to Bruce Wayne.
I am interested in what happened to Batman to make him disappear but I think they are doing it right in piece by piece, letting Batwoman be the star still. I would not want this to turn into the Batman show as the show has developed its cast better without him. It reminds me of this past week’s episode of Harley Quinn that focused on Batman. IMHO it was one of the worse episodes because I had grown to like the cast so much that when they are taken away, the show just does not gel for me. It is like when they took the show Unforgettable, throw out the entire cast but two people and I just did not like it after that,
THis being said, I would like a flashback to show what happened. It is heavily implied he killed the Joker. NOw we think he left out of guilt of killing, but that seems like long time. I like the theory that someone put forth that they may be introducing the Batman Who Laughs, in that he killed Joker and got infected himself which is why he has been away for a while. Time will tell.


I love the fact that they’re revisiting villains on the show like Bloodwork and not killing off every bad guy. Shows continuity and keeps him in the background as a boogeyman. I think it was a little deux a machine to have his blood be the key to opening Eva’s portal to our world. I do like the idea that he did not want to escape as he had bigger plans. I am wondering what those are and if they can build a Rogues group again for the Flash instead of just one villian at a time.
I have an affinity for the classic characters and am not as familiar with the new ones. I do think they have visited a lot of the classic ones in the past, but with Captain Cold dead, Heat Wave on Legends (and killing it!), and various others out there, maybe it is time for new ones to come in. Plus with my lack of knowledge of the new ones, maybe I will be more surprised and not know what is coming next. What they did with Cicada was interesting to me even if I didn’t know the backstory.
I must say though that I loved the battle with mirrors of the Flash against Iris, as that was very well done and I had not seen before. Death by a million cuts.
Also, I like the fact that Barry figures out Iris is not Iris, but everyone thinks he is crazy. Everyone but Cecile and it turns out he is right. After all the crazy things on the show why would they think this wouldn’t be true? The swap of the device to show who was mirror person was ingenious.

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I really had to give it to Tala Ashe who plays Zari! Not only was she able to pull off Zari 1.0 in the previous episode, but she has given depth to the Zari 2.0 and I actually felt sorry for her. She is hiding a lot of pain just for a public image and is not as self absorbed as I thought. THe acting she did as Cleopatra as well was amazing. She used her skills to help John. I think she deserves to be a Legend, and I like the character growth they have done almost in opposite direction from Zari 1.0 who went from tragedy to being happy with friends and family.
I don’t completely trust Astra so she should fit right in. None of the Legends are perfect, well except for Ray may I wish him well, so it will be interesting to interact. Maybe her and John can make up and move on from the pain she had caused and the pain he caused her. It is interesting that the Fates still spun her story and entwined everyone in their scheme like they can control our lives without the loom.

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At least in that case, Matches was an established character/alias from the comics, so it was definitely cool to see him on screen even if he hadn’t been established by that point

A series of flashback scenes would probably be a great way to show what actually happened. The more they keep building this up, the more likely it’ll be that they’ll have to throw Bruce into the mix at some point, and there are definitely ways to Include him w/out having him take over similar to how Superman has appeared on Supergirl

I can’t say I can see that happening at this point, but it’s not like I wouldn’t want them to try. I think the lack of a true Rogues group will forever be the biggest missed opportunity on this show. Just think how amazing it would be to see Snart (or an evil doppleganger) bring together Heat Wave, Golden Glider, Weather Wizard, Trickster, Mirror Master (either one), Top, Pied Piper and Boomerang (though that’s Arrow’s fault) to be the big bads for an entire season. There’s an insane amount of potential there, and I’ll always be baffled why we never got the Rogues outside of a few episodes

Basically Barry at the start of the episode:

John is probably assuming that bringing Astra’s mom back will be the only way to make things right between them again, though that may just be because it’d still be easier for him than actually talking to her. Seeing as how that path is less avoidable now, it could make for more interesting drama in bringing them back together


I’m more surprised the Wayne building, (that looks like it should be condemned from the outside) had basically no damage on the inside. I have been loving the actor that plays Tommy Elliot because his performance is appropriately over the top and it’s just so fun to watch. So…I kind of want him to be taken down but I also want him to stay around.

I think it will have a great impact. The bats whole thing is no killing. Now I’m trying to picture would will play him. Maybe a slightly less insane form of the e99 batman was saw in Crisis? I was honestly shocked when they revealed what they did. Not because of what’s implied, but that we get another joker reference. I never expected that.

It was a nice surprise to see Bloodwork back. He’s been a good villain, and I am definitely interested into what this “long game” is. Does he think someone else is going to release him? I guess technically he could wait forever, right?
The show runner saying he’s going to stay current, really limits the story telling capabilities. He could write whatever he wants in many decades of history but now he is limited to a couple of years? Supergirl tried that this season with Leviathan. I’m not saying it’s a horrible idea, just not the best.

I have come to the conclusion that all Zari’s are great. I still want old Zari back, but Zari 2.0 should stay too. As long as the actress stays playing the character I’m fine with how the story goes.
I think Astra will continue to antagonize John Constantine, which is always fun. “Who the hell is Vandal Savage?” :joy::joy::joy: I’m not sure how she will treat the rest of the crew. She agreed to go with them, so it can’t be all bad? I actually thought she was “stuck” in hell until they got her mother back. But obviously I was wrong there.

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Forgot he existed until I read this.

I said the same! Maybe we’re on to something.

I like all of this. Yes to all of this.

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Me too. Almost like an (insane) comic relief to Alice and Mouse’s hijinks.

I never really thought about Bruce 99 looking like Prime Bruce. Since we’ve seen many doppelgängers who are completely different people. It’s fun to think about.

She really doesn’t like being put in cages.

Yes! I thought so too. Why didn’t Eva and iris both go through the mirror? Was this explained and I just forgot?

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Gotta love how Lucius planned for something like that. If not for Luke locking down the building, who knows if it’d even still be standing.

Definitely agree here. A big part of the appeal w/ adapting a character like Barry is that you’re able to take older material that might not fully resonate w/ a modern audience on its own, but you can take the parts of those stories that most people can still appreciate and rework them into something that honors the source material while updating it for your audience. There’s certainly been plenty of examples of this on the show already, but w/ a character who’s been around as long as Barry, there’s almost always going to be more to pull from when you look over the decades of his existence

Considering we’ve seen people on this show come back after being banished to Hell, that element does seem to be consistent. It does raise another question, however: If John (and others) can travel to Hell and back, why didn’t he attempt to go there and save Astra well before all of this? Maybe he did and I’m just not remembering or they didn’t say, but it does seem like a pretty big oversight to have this ability and not utilize it more

Iris definitely would’ve tried to go through if she wasn’t tied up. By the time she got free, Eva was already gone, along w/ the link to the real world

See exactly! Ava and Mick seemed worried that if they weren’t touching Gary (when time ran out) that they would be stuck in hell. But since Astra came with them, why didn’t this happen before? I’m probably just thinking way to into it, haha. Anyways, that must be where I got this idea that she was stuck there. I guess I assumed in my thinking that since Astra lives in hell, she couldn’t leave until the loom and johns deal with her was complete. And since the legends don’t “live” there they come and go as they please. Also, maybe because Astra is technically not “dead” she can come back to Earth without being an Encore? I’m just assuming here also.

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This is pure speculation, but what if John has been physically unable to get Astra back from Hell since he was the one who lost her in the first place? Like maybe that’s some sort of divine condition set on banishments or something. Idk, I’m just shooting in the dark here, but hopefully that’ll be addressed at some point this season, maybe even tonight

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Thanks for the reminder that it’s Tuesday! :joy::joy::woman_facepalming:t4:

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