Arrowverse Couch Club, Week 6: April 26-28 episodes


This week we drew closer to getting our full slate back, as Batwoman returned from its hiatus alongside new episodes of The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. There were reveals and big developments aplenty this week as we draw closer to the ends of the seasons. With conspiracies, treasure hunts and more conspiracies, there’s plenty to take in and discuss, so be sure to add your thoughts below.

Batwoman – “A Narrow Escape”

  • While there are still questions the overall plan, this episode featured the biggest reveal behind the conspiracy surrounding Lucius Fox’s murder. What was your reaction, and what do you think this means for Hush going forward?
  • Not only did Luke strongly imply that the Joker is dead, but that Batman was the one to kill him. Assuming that Bruce eventually makes an appearance, how do you think this development will impact the way he’s portrayed?

The Flash – “Liberation”

  • In a return appearance, Ramsey Rosso had a chance to escape his A.R.G.U.S. cell, but chose to remain out a desire to play “the long game.” While that likely means we haven’t seen the last of Bloodwork this season, could that also be teasing a season 7 appearance?
  • Showrunner Eric Wallace said in a recent interview that he’ll continue to use villains from current Flash comics into season 7 out of a desire to connect with people who read those comics. Do you think this is a good move, or should the show be moving back toward its older legacies?

Legends of Tomorrow – “The Great British Fake Off”

  • After successfully portraying Cleopatra and controlling the Air Totem, has Zari 2.0 fully proven herself as a Legend?
  • Now that Astra is sort of a Legend, how do you imagine she’ll interact with the rest of the team?

Lastly, what was your favorite episode from this week?

  • Batwoman – “A Narrow Escape”
  • The Flash – “Liberation”
  • Legends of Tomorrow – “The Great British Fake Off”

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I LOVE Batwoman, so it ain’t a suprise.


Well I was certainly way off the mark in thinking that Tyler might’ve been the Crows’ mole. Seeing that Robles was the mole was surprising, but not in a particularly effective way. I didn’t realize that he had actually made a few brief appearances prior to this episode, but his impact was so minimal that it felt like we were being introduced to him this time around. It’s a low-risk move since he didn’t have any sort of character to be invested in beforehand, but that hardly means the entire reveal was bad.

Having Tommy Elliott be the one behind Lucius’ murder was a much more interesting development, and I feel like this is a thread that could play a bigger role in season 2. I’ve always been fascinated by his obsession with/hatred of Bruce, and that’s a dynamic that could not only be developed more next season, but could also be something that transfers over to Kate in Bruce’s absence. My big question now is how Tommy managed to start covering his tracks the way he has when he’s been locked up since early this season. Granted, it’d hardly be the first time a villain has managed to get things done from w/in a facility like Arkham, but I’m also wondering if maybe he’s working w/ someone else. Maybe Safiyah?

For one thing, it certainly seems like Earth-Prime Bruce already has a fair amount in common w/ Earth-99 Bruce (aside from the obvious), as the Arrowverse seems determined to portray Batman in an even darker tone than usual. While I understand that this move was made most likely to give Kate more assurance that she’s not completely compromised after killing Cartwright, I can’t help but wonder if this means a potentially villainous turn for Bruce when he shows up. Specifically, I keep thinking back to how The Flash name-dropped Red Death last season. I know it may be a stretch, but if Bruce returns and manages to acquire speed powers, it could provide an epic opportunity for a crossover between Kate and Barry, two characters who have barely had any interactions so far.

I think we will technically be seeing Ramsey in season 7, but mostly because the 1st episode or 2 will end up being the actual season 6 finale. I wouldn’t put it past the show to have him continue to play a role in the upcoming season, given their history of establishing villains in the prior season, but I still feel like he’d be better served not serving much of a role after Black Hole. He’s been a decent villain and Sendhil Ramamurthy has given a really good performance throughout the season, but I just don’t think he’s made enough of an impact to justify sticking around for longer than a season (though admittedly that may also be fueled by the fact that I just don’t like his name. “Bloodwork” is just too innocuous a word to be the name of a really intimidating, scary villain.)

I would definitely go w/ the latter in this case. While I appreciate the show’s efforts to connect w/ people focused on reading the modern comics, it really feels like they’ve been putting too much focus on that material as opposed to material from the decades that made Flash an icon. Ever since late last season and all the elements they’ve introduced – Godspeed, Bloodwork, Black Hole, Joseph Carver, etc. – they seem to be treating Joshua Williamson’s Flash run as this modern-day masterpiece that will stand the test of time. While I do think Williamson’s a decent writer, I really haven’t been too impressed w/ most of his work on the title, and I certainly don’t think it deserves this much attention, especially this quickly afterwards.

At this rate, season 7 may be about the reckoning of the different forces, and they may even tackle Paradox after that. It just feels way too soon to be adapting so many of these characters/storylines, especially when there are still decades worth of stories that have either never or barely been explored on the show.

If there was any doubt about her ability beforehand, this episode really put that to rest. Constantine’s magical skills were obviously needed to find the ring, but it was Zari’s quick thinking and totem wielding that ultimately proved to be the difference maker, as their skill sets really complemented each other. I just love how this season has been able to effectively re-introduce Zari to the team and develop her skills, but in a way that’s unique to this version and isn’t just trying to re-make her into the exact same character we knew. She’s certainly closer to that now, but her status as an influencer and insecurities tied to that are all still very much a part of who she is. It’s been an unexpected journey, but I think Zari is well on her way to becoming my favorite character of the season.

Well we pretty much know most of them won’t trust her right away, but I’m hoping that this unexpected development will be a key part of Astra’s redemption. Given that she was the one to offer Astra a chance to come back, I could see Ava being the one person who tries to advocate for her, albeit cautiously since she was already betrayed before. And since it looks like Sara’s gonna be w/out her vision temporarily, I could see Ava amusingly trying to hide Astra from her for a while. I’d imagine that Constantine will be conflicted about the move, at least at the start, but given that he’s truly trying to help her, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him come around to Astra being on the team, especially considering the immense threat that Charlie’s sisters pose.

I also just want to commend the show for its portrayal of Astra so far. They’ve managed to take a character who had mostly been used as a plot device and an example to further John’s guilt, and actually flesh her out into a real, interesting person. Not only does this make the season inherently better, but it also adds a lot more weight to John’s failure to save her all those years ago.


I’ll be back this weekend with my thoughts on this week’s episodes (Batwoman was really good with reveals, Legends was awesome as usual, and finally Barry has figured out about Iris!), but here is my weekly Legends summary:

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Batwoman was the strongest episode this week, and it had truly tough competition. Also, how do I join this couch club?


Definitely agree w/ you there. And you can join right here!

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Thanks, joined

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Glad to have you aboard! :smiley:

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Oh, I definitely wasn’t expecting it. Even as they featured Tommy Elliot in Alice and Mouse’s Arkham takeover, I thought he was just going to be used as a plot device. But yeah, this is actually a very interesting development. I doubt they’ll be able to get to it this season, but maybe next season Hush could play a larger role? I’m a fan of the way they portray him so far, and I think he could be a compelling recurring villain, if not a big bad.

I think that the difference between Earth-Prime Bruce and Earth-99 Bruce is ultimately going to be how they chose to deal with it. Earth-99 Bruce keeps on killing and never really gets a hold of himself like comics Bruce feared he would, but maybe Earth-Prime Bruce was so guilty and disgusted with himself, he just left, desperate to not lose control. Because Batman is a very “in control” character, I think it would be fun to see him just grasping at those threads of control. Maybe I’m speaking from my desire to see Kevin Conroy return as Earth-Prime Bruce Wayne (Kate clearly recognized him while on Earth-99, so at the very least he has a Conroy-like appearance on Earth-Prime), but I would like to see Bruce as a recurring guest star in the second season, much like how Supergirl’s second season dealt with Superman. Let him come for a few episodes, but don’t let him outshine our protagonist.

Not exactly related to the question, but that gave me another thought: I would like to see Kate continuing to deal with panic attacks. PTSD and anxiety aren’t just one-off things, and I don’t mean have them be a major plot point every episode, being able to see it again every once in a while would make the panic attacks feel like less of a plot device. Maybe she gets better at dealing with them over time, which could lead to a conversation or two between Kate and what I imagine to be Earth-Prime Bruce Wayne about dealing with their issues.

I hope so. This season, I think, has done pretty well on the villain front. Sendhil Ramamurthy’s performance had me grinning through his entire appearance, and while I don’t want him to be the big bad again, it would be fun to have him pop up every once in a while. Not to the extent Reverse-Flash has been, but yeah, it would be nice to see him again.

Honestly, I’m kind of mixed. From a marketing standpoint, it makes sense: either the show could inspire readers to catch up on the current comics, and focusing on modern villains means they aren’t entirely confused, or reading the current comic run and enjoying it could inspire readers to watch the show, with the similar elements. However, the Flash does still have a rich history that could be exploited. I think a mix of both would be best, however that would work out.

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Regardless of whether or not he becomes a big bad, I’m definitely glad he’ll be playing a bigger role going forward. I’ve been dying to see the fully bandaged Hush in live action, and it looks like there’s a pretty good chance that’ll happen by the end of the next season

That has to be the reason why he left. After (presumably) so many years of fighting the urge to kill the city’s biggest monster, giving into that urge and breaking his biggest rule would have to have driven him away. I know a lot of people are upset about this, but even as a massive Batman fan, I’m OK w/ this development as long as it’s handled in an interesting way. We’ve seen so many versions of Bruce that refuse to kill that I think it’d be compelling to see one who broke that rule and has to find a way to reconcile w/ it and move forward

That could be awesome, and I definitely agree that Kate shouldn’t be overshadowed, but I do wonder how they’d cast him. If this were a movie, I’d say just use CGI to de-age Conroy, but there’s no way in hell the CW would be able to afford to do that convincingly. I’m not sure which actors look enough like Conroy and would be good in the role, assuming they want to keep that connection from Earth-99, but regardless of how they go about it, you figure Prime Bruce has gotta show up sooner or later

These were definitely handled well in the episode, but it would feel like a bit of a waste if it just never showed up again. Seeing her have to deal w/ them every so often would likely be an effective way to continue to humanize her

If Batwoman gets a season 2, I am hoping they mirror Supergirl and give us the CWverse version of Bruce “Batman” Wayne.


It already got renewed for a 2nd season, so that’s certainly a possibility


I was tryin to remember if i had heard the news. It was easier to just express my hope(s). I also would like to see some classic villains.


I cringed so hard when Ice got stabbed in the stomach. But then I laughed when Batwoman got thrown around.


Alice letting herself get stabbed to get that knife was hardcore. You’ve gotta admire the dedication


All DC CW shows were renewed. Legends has been a tough sell, but I’m hoping it at least gets over 100 episodes. Flash was in contract negotiations for seasons 8 & 9 but COVID19 caused those talks to halt.

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It’ll need 18 more episodes to hit that mark after this season ends, and I think it’ll be able to get there, even if it’s not in season 6

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and i am caught up for the week. but i need to digest. and i want to read the thread.


With respect to Batman killing Joker, it partially depends on the how. was it an accident? or premeditated?

Overall, a good episode. I am surprised Eva can still control mirrors and now travel freely between them. they implied the way out was one way. I guess i assumed she wouldn’t have abilities and just be some filthy human. Carver’s “I’m untouchable” makes me think he’s got something more up his sleeve than just an EMP watch.

As to what villains to use, i say mix it up, some from the more current as well as the vintage.

Legends of Tomorrow
Since Mick made it back, i hope we hear about what happens with his surprise appearance at the soccer game. Gary as wizard doesn’t just work, but makes we want him to open a can of proverbial whup-arse.

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Considering the context in which Luke told Kate about it, I figured that the circumstances were similar to how Kate killed Cartwright - not premeditated, but still intentional in a moment of lost control.

She wouldn’t be much of a Mirror Master w/out being able to do that.

Maybe not in a practical sense, but seeing him chant those spells in a much less formal way than Constantine does still make for a good laugh