Arrowverse Couch Club, Week 11: Legends of Tomorrow season finale


Goodbye for now, old friend. This week we bid farewell to the Arrowverse in 2020, but at least we got to go into the extended hiatus on a high note, as the Legends were able to see us off with their usual craziness one more time this year. The Fates’ new world may have been a bland and boring one, but leave it to our favorite band of misfits to inject plenty of color and excitement while trying to set things right.

While this will be the last weekly meeting for the Arrowverse Couch Club in 2020, we certainly won’t be going off the air entirely. Our meetings will be shifting to a monthly format where we’ll discuss Arrowverse-related comics on DCU and any big news developments pertaining to the shows. Additionally, the club will also be hosting events like watchalongs and trivia games every month in between meetings. There’s still plenty of fun to be had over the course of this hiatus, so be sure to stick around!

Legends of Tomorrow – "Swan Thong"

  • Instead of taking her sister down, Charlie showed Lachesis kindness and ultimately let her go free, albeit it as a mortal. Did you think this was the right move, or should the Legends have captured her after everything she did?
  • Now that Constantine has finally reclaimed his soul, how do you think this could change his character going forward?
  • In a surprise development, this turned out to be the last episode for Maisie Richardson-Sellers as a regular, as Charlie opted to stay in London to be with her newly resurrected bandmates. Between her roles as Charlie and Vixen, what was your favorite moment featuring her two characters?
  • As there’s currently no specific indication of whether or not Astra will be back for season 6, would you prefer her storyline to wrap up here or continue on?

And now for the last Legendary Island of Misfits list for 2020, here’s @ImpulseMaxMercury!

“Swan Thong”

Welcome back my Legendary Island of Misfits! We have come to the end of another season of our favorite dysfunctional family and had to say goodbye to some, but it was still a fun ride. Let’s go!

  1. Blue mush does not suck. It’s the cream of the crop when it comes to mush!
  2. Charlie: “Running a TV empire – it’s not as easy as snipping threads, sister.” Commentary on how we keep the Arrowverse moving?
  3. “Any luck finding the Loom?” “Yeah, I think we found it, alright.” Loom Temple of Fates? Couldn’t be more obvious if there were bright neon signs saying, “Here it is!”
  4. Are there subliminal messages on the posters? I feel the need to watch more television.
  5. Fan wants an autograph and actually trades his clothes for one. I guess it makes sense when the Legends are the only entertainment. Are there no other shows on the air?
  6. Gary wants to know if he was a lovable rogue or a pixie dream boy. Nope, he was a time dweeb!
  7. Of course the Legends would have to dig through a Forbidden Dump. I love that Nate takes the fuzzy dice when they are back on the ship. Can you see them hanging somewhere in the Waverider?
  8. Mick has to start clicking the fob to find the ship like a car! I like that they doubt him and ask if the batteries aren’t dead before it responds.
  9. Behrad:” I hope they had benefits…I hope I have benefits!”
  10. “Are they tired from the crossover? What is a crossover?” That’s what you get when you skip a year of crossovers, you’re not ready.
  11. “Time and again they have down chaos into this world.” “Sometimes they screw up for the better.” Really need this on a team T-shirt or at least some posters as it sums up Legends perfectly.
  12. Mick: “I helped you find the ship. Now I’m gonna find my kid.” Good dad! Helps the team and then wants to find his kid.
  13. Astra: “I played hooky at Hogwarts.”
  14. Awful convenient that they need a large pool of magic, Natalie was a conduit for magic, so naturally her daughter would be too as long as she could focus on her mom.
  15. New show for Astra, Natalie and Lachesis: My Two Moms
  16. I had almost forgotten they had both Zaris so that one would know how to fix the ship.
  17. Love the confidence level that using Nate in his Steel form would work and not kill him: 60/40.
  18. This is the tale of the three little Fates and the big bad Legends: Charlie Fate, Hippie Mom Fate and Psycho Fate
  19. Sara: “My scars only make me stronger.” Yeah!!
  20. “Your power comes from me.” Sara again: “My power comes from my team!” Double yeah!!
  21. Astra’s memory of her mom has the beautiful Simon and Garfunkel song, “Scarborough Fair.” Love the use of music.
  22. When I saw Z and B hold hands and hit Psycho Fate with wind, all I thought was “Wonder Twin powers, activate!”
  23. I think I could have screamed more realistically when the ship “dropped,” but that’s what makes this show.
  24. Technology telling us what to do…and this is different from our reality, how?
  25. My new catchphrase, thanks to John: “I’d say one in a monkeys @$$.”
  26. “Don’t let choices get in the way of your destiny.” Anyone else felt it was like a commercial for an expensive watch with a weird Calvin Klein sensibility?
  27. History museum: where you learn the truth about free will and the atrocities it has brought upon humankind.
  28. They went from trashing history to weaponizing it.
  29. “Grey has that suit.” I miss you Stein.
  30. As a father, I will agree that glitter is a bad idea.
  31. I like that Nate considers Thong Song a spring break classic.
  32. I swear when he said later Sisqó, I looked around for Vibe
  33. Behrad has flashbacks to his death in the other timeline.
  34. Hall of Villains: I love that the Legends seem disappointed to not be number 1.
  35. Of course Lachesis would see the Loom breaker, creator of chaos, as public enemy number one.
  36. The Legends went dumpster diving to try to convince Charlie to help.
  37. Just think of how we all came together. Nate’s crazy conspiracy theory. She’s a clone. Mick’s turn as a futuristic bounty hunter. Zari and Behrad’s dystopian future. They really have come a long way and overcome a lot.
  38. Behrad is self-medicating due to Loom anxiety.
  39. Phones and drugs have same addiction properties. Siblings alike.
  40. I like when Zari thinks it’s weird to hear the other Zari making out with John.
  41. Then when Zari complains that “I’m the worst” by interrupting.
  42. How could she use Gideon/Gidget in that way? That is so wrong.
  43. “Shoot first and play doctor later.” Yup. Legends.
  44. Astra proves to be part of team by pretending to be Charlie.
  45. The watches prompting boos reminds me of studio audiences where they would tell you when to applaud.
  46. If you love someone, set them free.
  47. “Oh, take forever.” Reminds me of the end of TV shows when the characters would freeze, maybe like the Police Squad episodes that would make fun of it.
  48. “If you listen to her, your stories are over.”
  49. “If it’s chaos that you want, chaos you shall have.” Mick: “That’s more like it.”
  50. “That’s our move. They stole our move!”
  51. “Got any ideas, cap?” “Just a lot of bad ones.” Typical Legends plan!
  52. Flowbee? Check. Shake weights? Check. Pogo stick? Check. Legends ready to save the world? Hell yeah!
  53. What better song to save the world by than the Thong Song? Nate has some killer dance moves.
  54. “I liked you better when you were a coin!”
  55. “Ah, not again.” It was a great surprise to see Courtney Ford again and with the bad French accent. Miss her and Brandon!
  56. Cool trick with John swinging around through the floor. Reminds me of another master of the magical arts…what do you mean I can’t mention Doctor Str-
  57. “So 49 percent of life is crappy. Fine. 51 percent isn’t … I am that 2 percent. I’m the product of complete and utter chaos. My dad time-traveled to his high school reunion and then slept with his ex in a broom closet … But out of all of that insanity, I got a dad. And I love him.” With her words of wisdom, Lita is the only one to convince Charlie to help.
  58. “Life is messy, but that’s what makes it beautiful.” Seem to remember a certain captain using similar words just last week, hmmm…
  59. Charlie: “You want to go make a real mess?” There is the Charlie I have been waiting for, not mopey and scared Charlie.
  60. Charlie, you’re wild and unpredictable, just the way we like you.
  61. The big bad fight was solved with forgiveness, not fighting.
  62. Charlie: “You’re not nothing – you’re a human. And that means that you only have one life to live. Don’t go wasting that trying to keep everything under your control.”
  63. “Can I text you in the totem?” “No, there’s no technology allowed. Not even like a pager.”
  64. “I lost everything at Heyworld…and now I get to remember the woman I love forever.” OK, who brought in the onions?
  65. “Wait, there are two of them?”
  66. “I need so many drinks.” Perfect place is club where it all began for Charlie and the Legends.
  67. “Welcome to my Cul-de-sac” sang in punk. This was great! I want to download this song.
  68. Referring to Charlie’s band: “Weren’t they dead?” “I mean, who hasn’t died?” I love that they don’t try to explain how they were killed by a Fate and now are back alive.
  69. I love that Charlie’s band ranks up there with the Runaways in Lita’s eyes!
  70. Lita wants to time travel to see more bands and Mick says, “It’s a school night. How about the weekend?”
  71. Astra will set down roots in a haunted house in the sticks. Looking forward to seeing her more.
  72. “I can taste the moon.” The Legends know how to party!
  73. “Once a Legend, always a Legend.” Sorry to see Maisie leave the show for good (for now), but who else can say they wrapped up not one but two completely different character arcs?
  74. Beam me up, Sara. Time travel, magic and now the only place left is space: the final frontier.

Well it’s been a wild ride this year. We have said goodbye to some team members, but luckily no one had to die. Our Legends stayed true to who they were and brought much-needed laughter in these times. I will miss all my misfits and wish I could use a jump ship to get to midseason 2021 for the sixth season premiere of the little show that could. Until next year, stay Legendary!


Considering how focused that scene was on Charlie and her development, I do think this was the right call, even if there was considerable risk behind it. Lachesis still poses a threat outside of her godhood, as she was still able to essentially re-enslave humanity w/out any powers, which reinforces her skills as a master manipulator. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Legends were still trying to keep an eye on her, but perhaps they figure that even in the worst case scenario, taking her down again wouldn’t be as difficult w/ her being powerless and them anticipating it.

But there is still some potential for good here. While I know their paths haven’t been the same, if Charlie could embrace her newfound mortality over the course of 2 seasons, perhaps there’s hope that Lachesis could do the same. I’m not necessarily anticipating that she’ll make a big return at any point, but it could still be worth at least a quick follow-up down the road. Legends has killed off/destroyed plenty of villains, so it could be nice to see the trend of villain redemption continue after Astra.

This development should present an interesting shift for him. John’s been operating under the knowledge that his soul is damned for years now, so it’s essentially allowed him to throw caution to the wind in a lot of situations. After all, he’s already condemned to hell for eternity, so what’s the worst that could happen if he screws up on earth? But now that he’s reclaimed possession of his soul, he finally has the chance to ensure a different ending for himself. Granted, I doubt that this’ll just automatically wipe away the mistakes he’s made during his life, so there’s still all of those actions to consider, but he may feel that a chance like this is all he needs. I think there’s some real potential in exploring John having a new, more cautious mindset going forward since he can finally be concerned w/ what might happen when he dies. That said, I also wouldn’t necessarily want such a mindset to last for too long, as Constantine’s at his best when he’s acting recklessly.

There’s certainly a lot to try and remember, but one moment that really sticks out was an episode from her debut season, “Raiders of the Lost Art,” when Amaya is talking to George Lucas. Seeing her be the one to give him the inspiration for the iconic “only hope” line was not only great in its own right, but it was particularly meta since Maisie’s first big screen role was actually a cameo in The Force Awakens! There were obviously a ton of Star Wars references/jokes in the episode, but if you’re gonna have one the Legends give Lucas inspiration for such a memorable quote, it might as well be the only one whose actor has actually been in Star Wars.

I really hope this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Astra. Given that she’ll be moving into Constantine’s mansion, it would seem strange for her to not at least be a recurring character going forward, though I suppose that might also depend on how much time is actually spent on earth next season w/ the aliens and all

But regardless of how many planets the Legends visit in season 6, it would still feel like a waste to ditch her this soon. Aside from the fact that her magic would certainly be useful in their everyday adventures, I’d mainly want to see the continuing relationship between her and Constantine. The finale really brought their story full-circle, which was fantastic to see. Now that they’ve managed to put all this darkness behind them, there’s a ton of potential to see them as full partners/allies. You don’t necessarily have to fully get rid of any possible drama between them, but like Sara and Ava, for example, there’s a lot to be said about seeing a mostly healthy relationship develop onscreen, especially after the two of them were enemies for much of season 5

Besides, this season has already said farewell to 3 Legends in Ray, Nora and now Charlie, so there’s plenty of room on the team for Astra to stay. Sure, they’ll be getting another recruit next season, but that alone certainly shouldn’t exclude Astra from the party

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Thanks @arkhamassassin for letting me be a part of this! It’s been fun and here’s to working together again in the future, you honorary Misfit!


If Charlie had stayed on the show I would have questioned it more. For example, maybe they let her live to come back as a villain later? But since we seem to be done with them, I like what they did. It shows the strength Charlie has after running from her sister for thousands of years. She is staying true to her purpose and even letting Lachesis choose her own fate. (Pun intended)

I honestly hadn’t thought about this. Maybe he’s always been kind of aloof? But, I’m thinking maybe he will be kind of purposeless for a while? Hasn’t everything he has done on the show been to help Astra and get his soul coin back? So since he’s accomplished those things what will he do now? Follow Zari around all day? Lol. I do hope he mostly stays as he is. He’s a fun character.

I kind of felt this was coming to be honest. I was having a conversation (with myself) wondering what they would do with her next. Her vixen story ended, now her Fate story was ending, so what would they do with her next? Legends doesn’t really repeat things, unless it’s Beebo related. (which then I approve) I concluded (with myself, again) that I’d be ok if she left.

My favorite moments with Vixen, while it’s been so long now and I haven’t went back and watched past episodes in a while, I just loved when she would turn into these animals and people would react so weirdly. It made me laugh. And her aversion to all modern things. That was funny too. My favorite moments with Charlie are pretty basic but it was when she would shapeshift into different people to prank the crew. I also LOVED that they chose to repurposed the Cul-de-sac song and turn it punk, or maybe Mr. Parker repurposed it? Since technically Charlie did that in the 70’s? Time travel is weird?

Was she saying at the end there that she was going to live in johns house? Cuz that would be funny. But then I guess she would only be on the show when they needed to use his house? I’m not against her staying but what would she do? We don’t know much about her except she’s good at deceiving? people because of her upbringing.

A couple of notes:

I wish there was a little more Gary this season. When he was Avas right hand he was always around. He was spotlighted in a few episodes but I guess my head canon is he is the dorky best friend, but they treat him more like a nuisance.

Where could Sara possibly be taken? Does this mean we get aliens next season? I feel like whatever I try to guess won’t be outlandish enough for what actually happens

Thanks for reading!

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This was a fun season finale. I was sad to see original Zari and Charlie leave. Zari I kind of figured but when Charlie said she was leaving, it took me by surprise.

I really hope Astra either sticks around or she at least gets to have her own life now that she’s free of Hell.

If this season taught me anything it’s that Gary and Mona work well together and in small doses. Their scenes the past two episodes were fun. They didn’t dominate the episode. Gary has become too much of a walking punchline and I did not like Mona last season. But here, it worked.

I also hope we haven’t seen the last of Heatwave’s daughter. Lita was a welcomed surprise. If she shows up from time to time, cool. If she joins the Legends full time, also cool (though she might have commitments for that third season of Lost in Space). I just hope she doesn’t go the way of Lily Stein where we get this awesome character who I wish we could see more of but doesn’t come back.



I didn’t know that! That’s cool!

Ok, so it is aliens. Am I missing something? Lol

When I was thinking if she would be good to keep around, I went back to the line of Constantine saying she’s a conduit, so she could definitely help with magic. I would enjoy that. Imagine him trying to teach her and they both get aggravated so easily. That would be for some fun scenes.

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That’s where she’s from!! I couldn’t place it. Haha, thanks!


You’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face:


I was like are we commenting on the cw? Lol

Gary. The ultimate fan boy.

I rewound this to watch it again. Too funny. I’m like another comment on the cw? I thought it was more of a bite at the fans, still funny though.

Yea along with micks books and beebo socks. They really sleeping on a cash cow here.

So you can even read Harry Potter in hell? Good to know.

Still done better than supergirl.

I thought they said Ray, haha. That makes more sense.

Is it weird that I was disappointed it wasn’t reverse flash? That whole “hall of villains” I just kept thinking little Nora in the flash museum. :broken_heart:

This was my favorite line. It’s literal and actually works!

Choo-choo! :steam_locomotive:

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Besides the fact having “Thong Song” prevalent in the episode was awesome, kudos to whoever even thought of that particular song. It seemed random, but in the best way possible. Another fine example of how this show has reinvented itself from the early days​:four_leaf_clover:


Now that it appears the next season will be in space, I wonder if we’ll see Green Lantern John Diggle in action and on the team. His military precision would certainly bump up against the Legends’ laid back style. And while I hope they stay away from Lobo (always a temptation but overused), part of me would love to see their take. I’d much rather see something new like Larfleeze or Gnort. (Think of the deep philosophical conversations that Mick and Larfleeze could have about stealing. :slight_smile:) My guess for the next villain is probably someone like Kanjar Ro or Despero rather than say a Sinestro Braniac or Mongul.

Once again, the show demonstrates that it doesn’t have to take itself too seriously to be powerful. From laugh out loud cheer moments (The Hall of ideas battle was inspired) to Lita’s admissions that she loves her dad (Once you realize she is Penny from Lost in Space, you can’t unsee it) to the ultimate sacrifice made by OG Zari to the simple realization that Charlie is the lead singer of Lita’s favorite band, there were lots of powerful moments.

With regard to Charlie, It does seem like her story is over and change is the constant on the show. And the rotating roster is part of the appeal. That being said, I was hoping that we would have gotten a glimpse of Ray And Nora in the finale and wonder what/where they would have been in the post loom and post post loom remade world.

I joined this group late, but look forward to participating More in the future.


I was thinking about the green lanterns too. I’ve been waiting for a Green Lantern forever on the CW, so I hope it happens, but I’m not holding my breath. Omg, Larfleeze and Mick! That would be amazing. And you really can’t unsee Penny from Lost in Space either haha.


ba dum tss

More so this season, but I wouldn’t say that specific goal has defined his overall journey. I think it’s more so that he’s been haunted by this sense of guilt over his original sin and so he’s tried to make up for that, despite the fact that many of his actions have made things worse. But now we’ve got the potential to see what Constantine looks like when he’s able to try and move past his guilt for the 1st time in years

My guess is that cover was probably limited to the 1 night, was never actually recorded and was probably just forgotten by all the crazy and drunk fans there. But now that you mention this, it’d be hilarious if it’s revealed that they accidentally created the song they thought they were just repeating. Time travel is weird, indeed

I do like seeing him around, but I feel like he was utilized pretty effectively this season. I thought he was in season 4 a bit too much, especially toward the end, but I think he’s better off when he’s mostly the bumbling comic relief (which is really saying something considering Legends’ tone)

The season 6 synopsis confirmed that aliens would be the focus, so yes!

Very much agree. It’s interesting that even though the Legends are misfits to the world, they’re basically like the misfits by the Legends’ standards. It should give them extra legendary status

I think as long as Mick stays around she’ll have a place, though that shouldn’t necessarily be the only qualifier. I had actually forgotten about Lily, and while it makes sense that her impact/screentime would be reduced after her father’s death, at least initially, that shouldn’t have been reason enough to completely abandon her. She was shown to be just as brilliant as Martin, and that intelligence could always come in handy in helping the team

Exactly! Just because they’ve buried the hatchet doesn’t mean you can’t still have some clashes between them

No show pokes fun at the Arrowverse quite like Legends


I could’ve sworn Nate said Ray at 1st, but the captions confirmed it was Stein

I doubt the Fates would see him as quite as big an enemy to them as Charlie and the Legends. It would’ve been cool to see like a statue of him and other Legends villains in the background, though

Oh my god, that would be amazing! If he doesn’t play into the GL show on HBO Max, this could be a perfect opportunity to showcase him, even if it’s just in like a cameo. As much as I loved that tease from the Arrow finale, I feel like we also still need to fully see him as a GL

We did at least get Courtney Ford briefly returning to play Marie Antoinette again. I’m sure we’ll see them both return properly at some point before the show ends

This makes me remember of the time Amaya was the Dread Pirate Jiwe and then the label on the bottle of liquor in the Waverider was changed to her face. And now that I remember that scene, that was probably one of my favorite Amaya moments, she looked so badass then.

It really is. He’s like the misfit of the misfits. I also am grateful they kept him around after the destruction of the Time Bureau though, so I’ll take what I can get.

The tea on Supergirl l I felt was appropriate since I LOVE Supergirl and they really let me down with the episodes post-crisis. The finale I enjoyed but it wasn’t enough to redeem itself after multiple episode of bleakness. (And that’s all I’ll say on that :wink:)

I googled it after my first post. I’m excited!! “Space aliens!”

Imagine a Vandal Savage statue and then when he “unfreezes” he’s just like “hey guys!” :joy::joy: OR a Damien Darhk statue labeled “malice”. Too funny. I’ll forgive that for the awesome Sisqó though.

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Add it to the list!

Now that’s a slogan he should wear on a shirt next season

Considering how nice he seemed to become in Hell, I could see that happening

  • Being mortal is painful and also beautiful. I think it was the right move / punishment / rehabilitation.
  • Naaaah, he’ll still be the same ol’ Constantine, but maybe less guilty since Astra is not in hell anymore.
  • I was surprised by this! As Vixen, I liked when she fought and we saw the animal silhouette of her animal of choice. As Charlie, I liked all of her interactions with Mick and the fiery-free spirit she brought to the team. I’m going to miss her.
  • I’d be ok to move on from Astra and start a new storyline with a new character. The writers could be able to create a really good story for her, I guess time will tell.






This was a welcome surprise. I was happy to see her again too and I miss Brandon as well.

It’s soooo Legends to have the final battle choreographed to the Thong song :laughing:

Thank you for the amazing summaries @ImpulseMaxMercury and keeping this fun topic alive! I look forward to next season. Stay Legendary too :blue_heart:


That’s certainly the big hope. Consistent development is always needed to keep a character interesting, but it would suck to see his character completely change

it’s timey wimey!

I wouldn’t mind if Astra’s stroyline wraps up, but it could work if they keep her.

Charlie: am very cool with her and Vixen’s arc(s) to be finally coming to a close. Especially if they are keeping Astra around.

Constantine: He will still be the same rapscallion he always is. Some of his choices going forward might not be as reckless or more thoughtful (for lack of a better term), but being free of Astra guilt should lighten his burden.

Lachesis as mortal can go either way. Once a god, now saddled with mortality, can be considered its own cruelty. She could cause more trouble down the road, but if they are really going into space, it doesn’t seem too likely.

Because Sara getting abducted like that would explain next season’s alien theme, like a lot.


I thought it was quite a different way to end a season in battle against the big bad. I enjoyed Charlie saying what is good about being mortal and that her sister needs to do the best with her life. It showed a lot of character growth and this sister also didn’t seem as much a physical threat at her psycho sister.
I think we got best of both worlds where they worked together to kill the one villain and talk the other one out of her plan. It also allows for her and Charlie to return because maybe they created a vacuum and there always needs to be three fates.

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I really do t think this will change him too much. He has been down so low he does not know how to be truly happy which is how we like him. Also having control over his own life may make him more reckless not less because before he knew endgame was hell for him and despite what he says I don’t think he wanted to go.

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