Arrowverse Couch Club, Week 1: Feb. 23-March 2 episodes (Supergirl’s 100th episode)


Welcome to the first official meeting of the Arrowverse Couch Club! Since most of the shows were off this past week, we’ll be focusing mostly on last week’s episodes along with Monday’s newest Black Lightning. I’ve included some discussion questions for each episode, so feel free to answer those and/or shout out some of your other thoughts about the newest developments.

Batwoman – “Drink Me”
• Now that Sophie has given in to her true feelings for Batwoman, how should Kate move forward? Should she tell Sophie her secret or would it be best to continue keeping her in the dark? Is there a chance that Sophie already knows that Kate is Batwoman?

Supergirl – “It’s a Super Life” (100th episode)
• Of the several alternate timelines that Mxy showed Kara, which did you enjoy the most? Were there any other timelines that you think could have been explored?
• What did you think of Kara’s actions at the end of the episode? Did she make the right call by moving past her guilt and putting the ball in Lena’s court, or did she push things too far with her “just like I would any other villain” line?

Black Lightning – “The Book of War” (Chapters 1 & 2)
• Though he’s only had three episodes so far, Gravedigger has already become established as the new big bad for the last few episodes. Was this too sudden a shift in villains, or has the writing and Wayne Brady’s performance done enough to justify such a takeover? How does the twist that Gravedigger is Jeff’s great uncle change things?
• Between Tobias, Odell and now Gravedigger, it seems that Jennifer always has someone that she feels needs to die, and she’s been perhaps a bit too willing to do it herself. Do you think that she will ultimately give in to this untapped rage and become a killer, or will she be able to continue restraining herself and not go down that road?

The Flash – “Grodd Friended Me”
• This episode seemed to confirm that Eva McCulloch has a more sinister agenda and is on her way to becoming the second Mirror Master. Are you excited at the prospect of Eva taking on a more villainous role, or do you think she’s worked better as a potential ally? And perhaps the million-dollar question – why is Eva still wearing heels after 6 years in a mirror world with nobody else around?

Legends of Tomorrow – “Mortal Khanbat”
• Though Astra still seems set on hurting Constantine, we saw hints that she might be willing to reconsider her vendetta against him if he can bring back her mother. Now that Charlie’s sisters – the other 2 Fates – are coming, the Legends will need all the help they can get. With all of this in mind, do you think there’s any chance for redemption for Astra, or is she too far gone in her hatred?

Lastly, what was your favorite episode from this slate?

  • Batwoman - “Drink Me”
  • Supergirl - “It’s a Super Life”
  • Black Lightning - “The Book of War: Chapter One”
  • The Flash - “Grodd Friended Me”
  • Legends of Tomorrow - “Mortal Khanbat”
  • Black Lightning - “The Book of War: Chapter Two”

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While I don’t expect it to happen, I think the best thing for Kate immediately after that kiss is for her to tell Sophie her identity so as not to lead her on. If she really still loves and respects Sophie, she won’t keep her in the dark longer than she’s already been. That said, I expect that this won’t happen for at least a little while longer, as Kate will probably justify not telling her with the usual “I’m trying to protect you” logic, though she also might just selfishly want to keep this going for as long as she can, seeing as how Sophie’s going to be furious when she finds out.

I do think there is a chance Sophie might already know, seeing as how she previously pieced it together and that she heard that “I’ll keep my distance” line from both Kate and Batwoman relatively recently.

I absolutely loved the timeline where Kara told Lena shortly after they met. It really goes to show that when they’re working together and firing on all cylinders, there’s almost nothing they can’t accomplish, just maybe not under those exact circumstances considering how it ended.

I am a little surprised they didn’t explore what would’ve happened had Lena turned around on the airplane at the end of season 4. That was easily the closest Kara came to revealing her identity before the actual reveal, so it would’ve been interesting to see how a pretty small change could’ve had major ramifications.

OK, I’m gonna go off on a rant here, so just bear with me.

While I do support the idea of Kara taking this next step and trying to get Lena to accept some responsibility for her actions, I absolutely think she took things too far with that final line.

Lena is easily my favorite character on the show, so I’m always gonna be looking at things from her perspective. Even after the reveal, she’s been kept in the dark about some key details regarding Kara’s actions – she still thinks Kara only made contact with her in the mid-season finale to plant that trojan and she isn’t aware that Kara just spent a night examining alternate timelines based on the changing timing of her confession. Lena is ultimately still convinced that Kara just thought of her as a potential villain and only became her friend to keep an eye on her. While Kara and the audience knows that’s not true, Lena simply hasn’t seen enough to doubt it, though she also hadn’t gotten any concrete proof of this as well. That last scene, however, could very well be enough to shatter any potential hope Lena might have that this woman she loved so much (and really still loves, if we’re being honest) ever had so much as a real friendship with her.

I also know that Kara didn’t directly call Lena a villain, but the implication is still there and was actually said out loud, which is enough to really cast a shadow over so many of her actions this season. She’s been completely adamant about how she won’t treat Lena like a villain and even wanted to reassure Lena that she’s a hero while watching one of the timelines. It just seemed so mind-bogglingly out of character for Kara that I have to wonder if it was a bluff. Even in the final timeline where Lena didn’t know Kara and was about to kill her, Kara still couldn’t bring herself to even begin fighting Lena. I find it incredibly hard to believe that she’d actually be able to do so in a timeline where they were friends for years.

Regardless of her intentions, Lena was already a ways away from forgiving Kara and coming back to the light, and I just really worry that this whole “villain” line may be enough to push her over the edge – sort of like a self-fulfilling prophecy. It doesn’t seem like Lena would ever realistically be willing to forgive Kara after that line, but then again, these shows are hardly known for being too realistic, so I’m hoping that element works to their advantage here. Maybe it’ll be actually be shocking enough to start bringing Lena back to her senses – that’s seems to be all I can hope for at this point.

Brady’s certainly brought plenty of charm and menace to the role and I really liked the backstory that retconned him as history’s first metahuman. That said, I feel like Gravedigger’s impact is really going to depend on how his story ends this season. If he dies or is otherwise written off to never be seen again, then I feel like it’ll end up being kind of a waste to put this much attention on him for nothing more than a few episodes. If he’s being set up to play a larger role past this season, however, then I think I’ll be a lot more supportive of this change. Gravedigger being a symbol of the threat of Markovia has worked well so far, but he’ll need to be developed more in season 4 and beyond to make his introduction feel like it didn’t just upend everything here. I especially feel this way after the reveal that he’s part of the Pierce family. It just seems like it’d be too much to dump on this late in the season if he’s not going to make it past the finale.

At this rate, I do feel like it’s inevitable that Jennifer will end up taking a life, but I also don’t think that has to mean she’ll be corrupted like her Earth-2 counterpart. She’s clearly got a certain kind of rage in her that her family has barely been able to hold back and will likely only be able to keep doing so for so long, given that she has the most raw power of all of them. Eventually, I feel like she’ll be in a position to take out her target w/out her family there to hold her back or take her down, and she’ll finally give in.

The only way I’d be OK w/ that happening, though, is if it triggers a personal journey of self-realization for her. She could get what she’s wanted for a while, but it could take finally getting that for her to truly realize how big of a mistake it is. It could present a really interesting arc for Jennifer where she has to go through this to realize why that’s a line they never cross – it hasn’t been enough for her to simply hear that from her dad, so maybe experiencing it will finally convince her. It could also present an interesting cliffhanger for the season finale if she’s able to deliver the killing blow against Gravedigger or tracks down and kills Odell before he can escape in the aftermath of the fight. That could then be the focus of her journey in season 4 – did killing one of her targets bring her the satisfaction she wanted, and how does she move forward from such an act?

While I did expect Eva to ultimately go the Mirror Master route, I was hoping that it’d be a situation where she’d be corrupted after the fact instead of turning out to be always evil. That would’ve been different enough from the show’s version of the first Mirror Master, Sam Scudder, and thus would’ve stood out more. Between this and the Sue Dearbon twist, the show is definitely getting back to that “don’t trust anyone” atmosphere it’s had in previous seasons, which I think at least a little worn out by now (I feel like we can’t even trust Chester). There’s still a lot we don’t know, however, such as what her plan is and whether she was actually trapped there or in that world by choice.

Maybe she had just worn them for so long that she didn’t really notice them? I know it’s an incredibly minor detail, but it’s just been bothering me ever since I noticed it. I’m also not gonna pretend to know very much about heels since I’m a guy and have never actually worn them.

On the one hand, Astra’s soul has clearly been corrupted by her 5 years in Hell (Oliver?), and we know that anytime John tries to help someone, it usually ends badly. On the other hand, Astra’s spent all that time in Hell w/out seeing John, so she’s really just had her hatred of him lingering instead of being able to interact w/ the man himself. We’ve seen him start to break down Astra’s walls just a bit, and he may very well be able to give her just enough hope to convince her to fight against the Fates.

That said, going back to the negatives, I also feel like if that were to come to pass, the bad ending for John could very well be losing Astra’s soul forever in the final fight. Even if he does manage to bring Natalie back, I just can’t see this whole situation having a truly happy ending. The Fates will certainly lose, but the cost will likely be high.


I posted mine but it doesn’t seem to be showing here, anyways Idk where is the right place, so I’m reposting here.

Hello! I’m pretty excited about having more people to talk to about my favorite shows. (Except Black Lightning. Have only seen season 1)

Batwoman- I’m surprised they had Mary figure it out already. I could of definitely taken another season of laughing at her clueless expense. How does Sophie not know…she has to know now, right?

Supergirl- this episode was a lot of fun. Different mxy was so hilarious. Him holding on to Karas arm watching the tv had me dying. We see where Kara is coming from now (from an audience perspective) so I definitely understand why she said what she said, but at the end she almost reinforces Lenas insecurity about turning bad like the rest of her family. Idk if I’m in the minority here but I definitely loved Lena being Metallo…that was a twist I didn’t see coming. I also wish we could of seen a future timeline instead of just different timelines. Maybe that’s too flash adjacent?

Flash- first question why did Barry make that earpiece and have Gideon help him realize all the changes? Isn’t that what Cisco left to do?? Eva being evil was kind of obvious so now I wonder was she locked in that mirror on purpose? It’s also an Iris story I’m actually interested in so yay! for that.

Legends- I feel like this season started off real slow but now is picking up. We are getting somewhere with Constantine and I think Astra has been in Hell so long now she just wants more and more power. I honestly feel like that part of the story is lacking…except Nora/Marie that is so funny and very legends. Zari 2.0 I love but remember Nate already!


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They had already played the whole discovery of her secret identity before and then convinced her otherwise. She is a smart woman and I don’t see why she doesn’t figure it out again. They kissed and isn’t it a comic movie trope that this is the way to know who the person was? I just feel that Sophie would feel really betrayed that she was tricked once before and was right but led to think she was wrong. It could turn into a 90s teen romcom where she hates her but then realizes she loves her.
As for Mary finding out good for her. She was basically part of team Batwoman and always around so why not in inner circle? I enjoy her character and she kinda has a secret identity as well. She is a public social maven but in private she runs her clinic to help people. With all the interaction with Kate it feels natural that she would figure it out


I have been impressed with Wayne Brady as Gravedigger. He is strong yes but also calculating and smart. He studied his foes and knew what he was going up against. I am hoping he goes beyond this season as well. My hope is that we move beyond the Markovia angle as I am getting tired of this war between Freeland and them. I liked it when it was more grounded and street level but now you have a war in our country. I have said it elsewhere that although there is a foreign nation invading US soil and one of the most powerful metas not a single super friend is referenced or helps. It’s like they are in a bubble. Yet Jeff references the others and the multiverse every episode.
I will repeat my quote here…”Jeff, I am your great uncle.”
I do think Jennifer has a lot of rage but she has been showing more control and maturity over the episodes. She even was keeping Brandon back from Jace. I think she will move beyond this and hopefully her father will trust her more. I think she was worried over her family in going after Gravedigger. I hope I’m not wrong as I have seen too many shows where they deal with killing someone changes them to the point it becomes cliche to say.
One additional question is I hope Lynn works with others on earth prime with the meta issue as there are a lot of scientific minds that could help she doesn’t need to go alone.

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My thoughts on Flash and Legends tomorrow as it is bedtime…zzzzzzzxz

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Batwoman: I am more interested in how Sophie explains whatever video footage we have yet to see to the commander. I am liking Mary more and more every episode she is in. I forgot she has figured it out; I look forward to watching that play out.

Supergirl: The final timeline where Mxy lost his powers was probably my favorite. I also like the idea of small moments making the bigger changes., I was hoping Lena found out Kara was Supergirl via security footage after whatever crisis had them trapped blahblahblah…

Black Lightning: I liked that they are upping the ante with Gravedigger as big bad as well as a Pierce ancestor. Jennifer is less likely to kill and go off on her own if Jeff and Anissa were less protective. she is a big gun, but can still double down on the no killing rhetoric.

Flash: Eva could be one of those “i’m on my own side” characters and will “help” if there is something in it for them. I am suspecting something sinister given the interaction with the false-Iris.

Legends: The best outcome is Astra and her mom reunited and not in hell. The loom can rewrite the fate of either or both, but since it’s destroyed and the other two fates are clearly bad news… well, let’s just say half the fun is watching it play out…

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I agree that they should have waited to make Eva uh evil. The time spent in that dimension would certainly be enough to drive someone crazy. My question is was the burning of her arms when she reached out real and she can’t really escape or is it a ruse and she could escape anytime. She is just biding her time while Bad Iris collects what she needs in the real world. This way she does not raise suspicions since she is supposedly dead.
Let’s get back to the Iris double, why does Barry not realize something is up? Iris could tell immediately when Barry was possessed by Russo but Barry seems to not know. I know he has no reason to not think it’s his wife since she didn’t tell him she was going to see Eva but still. Kinda makes the Flash appear dumb when he doesn’t recognize his lightning rod has changed.
I did like seeing a good Grodd for a change. He showed Barry how it felt when he was caged. I like that we start with Thawne in the guise of Wells and end with Thawne in the guise of Wells in these episodes. They missed out on having him in Crisis as he had alluded to last time they saw him.


I think that reveal made sense, considering that Mary’s certainly smart enough to figure out Kate’s secret on her own. She’s been a real standout early on in the show for me, and seeing her put the pieces together like that only cemented it more. I’m really curious now as to whether she’s going to immediately confront Kate about it or wait and try to process it a little more

Couldn’t agree w/ you more there. The last thing I wanna see is Lena going full villain, but I do worry that Kara’s words won’t have the impact she was hoping for

I imagine Barry was getting impatient and probably just wanted a quicker solution. One of the downsides of being the fastest man alive - most everyone else just seems too slow

I can absolutely see them having Sophie go through even more of a roller coaster of emotions when it comes to Kate. Going back and forth between love and hate would likely be an effective way to prolong this romance between them regardless of how it ends, though I would also hope that if they’re gonna go that route, the show would also be able to mix things up at least a little so that it doesn’t end up being too cliche

I love the reference, but it does beg a bigger question: Does Gravedigger even know he’s related to Jefferson? We know he lost contact w/ his family after he left for the war and it’s certainly possible that he hasn’t kept tabs on them since, but as calculating and methodical as we’ve seen him be, it seems more likely to me that he knows who his family members are. I could see him making a casual reveal that he knows Jeff is his great nephew, but also that he doesn’t care all that much and is far more focused on his mission

That’s a good argument for why she wouldn’t go down the path of taking a life. I do agree that she’s certainly grown a lot from when we first saw her, but I’m just confused as to why they’d keep teasing her becoming a murderer in the midst of that growth if they’re not gonna follow through on it. If the writers really don’t want to have Jennifer make that decision, then they should really stop teasing it, as it’s just gonna become worn out

I’m still anticipating something going wrong (because it’s the Legends and Constantine we’re talking about here), but I do also hope that the Loom doesn’t end up being a useless MacGuffin that doesn’t end up actually doing anything. Granted, Legends has been good about building up powerful items like this and actually putting them to use (Spear of Destiny, the six totems, etc.), so I’m not particularly worried that the Loom won’t be used in some capacity. It’s just that it’s such an overused trope in so many other shows and movies that I’ll always have at least an outside fear of that sort of thing crossing over

The difference there is that while Barry very clearly looked a lot different while he was possessed by Bloodwork, the differences between real Iris and mirror Iris are a lot more subtle and could be explained to someone unaware as just being in different moods. Hell, for a little while, I thought that mirror Iris even thought that she was actually Iris, given how similarly they act and how convincing her speech about how she’s changed in the midst of Crisis was. I think Barry not knowing is more of a testament to how good the clone is as opposed to him being oblivious, though he’s definitely gonna be questioning himself a lot once he realizes just how long he mistook mirror Iris for real Iris

With the loom of fate I really don’t have any idea where it’s going to go but it is Legends so probably some really outlandish idea that just about works will do it. I’d love to see beebo in hell. Like a slight reference, like something like when Gary wore the beebo socks.

I thought the same exact thing. I was thinking, How could she get some many details correct so fast. But clearly that isn’t the case. After she yelled at Joe at his office, I thought he would at least say something to Barry, that was pretty out of character for her.

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Yay! I’m not the only one haha!

I could live with this. It would be like now Kate is the clueless one and that would be fun. Mary is the standout of the show for sure. She’s been my favorite since the beginning. I thought when they started with “she’s the clueless stepsister” we would be getting someone ditzy but I’m very happy that’s not the case.

Agreed. From when she beat Lillian at her own game and called the police on her in season 2 to when she mounted an attack with the weapon in the heel of her shoe on the plane. I would say the one time I wasn’t looking from her perspective is when she used Kryptonite on Kara at the fortress. That was rough. Yea she knew Kara wouldn’t die but she’s explained how kryptonite feels.

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Dammit, now I wanna see that too. I’m sure Constantine will be going back there again soon, so they could just work in one quick scene

It was definitely crossing a line, though I wouldn’t say it’s one she can’t come back from. It’s very clear that all of Lena’s anger this season is coming from a place of terrible hurt, and Katie McGrath’s even talked about how she’s been playing Lena from that perspective, so her actions at least become a little more understandable when you think about it like that. In her mind, I’m sure she knew that kryptonite would be the only surefire way to stall Kara just long enough for her to escape, though she also clearly used a minimal amount considering that Kara was able to recover immediately after Alex and Brainy freed her. Still, it is something that Lena will need to address, just not something I’d classify as unforgivable


I feel that they are working towards redemption with Astra. John seemed to touch her with their connection to her mother. If they are introducing the Fates, this may be too many big bads for one season, even for the Legends. She still has control over his “fate” (HA) which could lead John to make sure he keeps his promises to bring her mother back. She still is releasing bad guys from Hell so she is not completely turned from evil, but maybe enough to not purposely hurt John.
If you are a Legends fan, be sure to catch my weekly summary of each episode, usually posted the Thursday after the episode airs: Legends of Tomorrow: Mortal Khanbat

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The combination of two powerful threats coming in along w/ enough time dedicated toward a slow turn back to the light could very well be enough to signal some kind of redemption for Astra. At this point, I can’t really see Astra going through w/ killing Constantine, as she won’t want to sabotage the chance to see her mother again and he seems especially dedicated toward making it happen. Maybe bringing Natalie back can be the ultimate purpose that the Loom serves this season

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now that it’s a new week of shows, I am already chomping at the bit to discuss what i’ve watched thus far, but i know i have to wait for the official meeting to open.


Kate should be careful reveling her ID as Batwoman to anyone she loves, could put them in danger. Sophie already knowns at least suspect heavily.

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