Arrowverse Couch Club Season Two, Week 8: March 8-9 Episodes


Batwoman was off again this week, but there was still plenty of high-stakes drama to go around this week in the Arrowverse! On Black Lightning, the Pierces all gathered together to see if Jen could be saved after exploding in the ionosphere. On The Flash, the newly operational artificial Speed Force gave Barry the power of speed thinking, which proved to be both a blessing and a curse as they worked to free Iris, Kamila and Singh from the Mirrorverse. And on Superman & Lois, Clark had to learn to better balance his sons’ safety with their privacy while Lois got her first taste of working for a small-town newspaper. There were some truly fantastic moments in these episodes, so let’s dive right in!

Black Lightning – “The Book of Ruin: Chapter One”

  • Now that Jeff is finally back as Black Lightning, could this also be the start of his healing process, or will it just lead to even more problems for him?
  • While we knew that China Anne McClain was going to be leaving the show soon, I think it’s safe to say that Jen being recasted was a surprise to most of us. How do you think this move compares to other options for Jen, such as killing her off or having her look the same but still leaving right after being reformed?

The Flash – “The Speed of Thought”

  • Killer Frost as a speedster: Insanely amazing or too full of plot holes to work?
  • Do you think the destruction of the artificial Speed Force means the Wells’ deaths were in vain, or does the potential return of Earth-1 Wells make up for this early reversal?

Superman & Lois – “The Perks of Not Being a Wallflower”

  • Now that Sarah has called it quits with her boyfriend, should she and Jordan start dating soon or should they just stay friends for a while longer?
Lastly, what was your favorite episode this week?
  • Black Lightning – “The Book of Ruin: Chapter One”
  • The Flash – “The Speed of Thought”
  • Superman & Lois – “The Perks of Not Being a Wallflower”

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It’s not gonna be a fast process and he’ll certainly still have issues that’ll continue to linger, but generally speaking, I definitely think this’ll be the start of a genuine healing process for Jeff. While I still question the show’s decision to jump ahead a full year this season, it’s at least good that they’re addressing it more, particularly in how Lynn called out Jeff for not having come close to moving on from Henderson’s death. It’s clear that more than enough time has passed where that process should’ve started already, so this is definitely well overdue. I certainly hope that getting back in the suit and working to end the war between the 100 and the Kobra Cartel will give him a sense of clarity that he hasn’t had for a while, despite his earlier claims to the contrary. While I don’t expect this last season to wrap up every single thread, I’m still confident that it can leave Jeff and his family in a mostly good place, and after seeing all the suffering they’ve gone through, that’s really all you can ask for

Seeing Laura Kariuki take over as Jen after more than 3 seasons w/ China is definitely gonna take plenty of getting used to, but I think this is a pretty clever way to continue Jen’s story while accommodating for China’s exit. We’ve known that Lightning’s powers have been pretty unstable ever since they started manifesting, so the idea that something like this could happen was always a looming risk. I feel like this isn’t something we’ve really seen before, so it definitely stands out, and it can also serve a large purpose for the story and certain characters’ arcs. We now know that Jen won’t ever go back to the ionosphere again since she came about as close as possible to dying, and as some people here suggested last week, it could even serve as a wake-up call to Lynn that could finally snap her out of her addictive cycle for good. Hell, it’s possible that if Jeff didn’t have an objectively necessary reason for putting on the Black Lightning suit again, he might’ve waited even longer before going back out and making a proper return as Freeland’s hero. And it’s great that Jen will still presumably be around for the rest of the season, as I had been preparing for her to be gone when China exited. This may be Kariuki’s 1st TV role, but I’m excited to see how she handles the role throughout the rest of the series

While I definitely understand arguments against why this works, I’m almost willing to throw them all aside and just fully embrace how unbelievably awesome this scene was! My jaw practically hit the floor when I realized what was about to happen, and seeing Frost spark up w/ lightning and use her ice powers in tandem w/ her newfound speed was just 1 of the most purely fun moments this show’s produced in quite a while, maybe even ever, and that’s saying a lot. But while I didn’t think about potential plot holes while I was watching the scene, I did start seeing arguments online for why, by the show’s established rules so far, this shouldn’t work. The main one is that, by all accounts, Velocity X has been shown to be a speed enhancer for existing speedsters, as opposed to Velocity 9, which did have the power to give speed to people w/out it. I can also appreciate the interpretation that since cold and speed’s opposing natures have been highlighted several times on the show, Frost shouldn’t have been able to use the 2 powers simultaneously. That said, I’m so invested in this moment that I’m more than willing to try and come up w/ counterarguments

As far as Velocity X goes, while it was mostly used as a way to boost Barry’s speed, I initially forgot that it was initially created as a way to stop Turtle 2 by speeding her up and thus negating her ability to slow everything down. Turtle 2’s not a speedster but it still had an effect on her, so why not Frost as well? As for the whole cold vs. speed argument, I feel like that would be more valid if Frost had turned into a speedster permanently as opposed to just a few minutes. While the Velocity drugs certainly have some very nasty side effects when they’re used for too long, it doesn’t seem like it permanently affects your powers, body, DNA, etc. I’d agree that a meta probably couldn’t have both cold and speed powers permanently, but since the speed caused by the Velocity is really only surface-level, I feel like that’s enough for the 2 things to coexist for just a bit

Considering that I’ve been wanting to see more of Earth-1 Wells since season 1, I do think this tradeoff is worth the price, even if there’s certainly gonna be plenty twists regarding this return. Even though Barry’s decision to destroy the artificial Speed Force could be seen as throwing the Wells’ sacrifice away, I’m not really sure it would’ve been better to leave it be. In that moment of clarity where his emotions sprung back, he could clearly see the damage it was doing to his mind, and thus to everyone else. Had he left in intact, he likely would’ve done even more damage since his emotionless state would’ve certainly returned quickly and probably permanently. Since I doubt there was a traditional off switch for a device so complex, this seems like it could’ve been the only real move to make. Of course this now leaves him w/ no speed at all and an unconscious team to take on an even further unhinged Eva looking to create more mirror replicas like her, but that just makes the rebound potential even greater. Considering that the team seems to be at its lowest point, you can really see how this would’ve served as the lead-in to the true season 6 finale where we see them just before their greatest triumph. And if the Wells they only thought they knew all those years ago can play a part in their victory, then it’s all the better

Since this is the CW and they love their relationship drama, I’m predicting that it probably won’t be long before Jordan and Sarah get together. But even if that’s the more likely scenario, I still think it’d be better if they just stayed friends. Don’t get me wrong, I really like seeing them together and hope they continue to bond over the course of the season. But despite the fact that we’ve gotten a little more away from this sort of move as TV’s continued to develop and grow, it’s still an incredibly obvious move. Granted, it’d hardly be the worst relationship in the world, but I still worry that such a decision could take away from further meaningful development for both characters if the focus on them becomes their romance. This was a pretty good episode for both Jordan and Sarah, and I just don’t want to see their arcs potentially get derailed because there just has to be a new romance. One of the unique things about this show is that we already have an endgame romance in Clark and Lois, and we’re getting to see them having already been married w/ kids for years, which is rare for the Arrowverse. As far as romance goes, that’s really where the focus should continue to be

It seems strange that dressing up in the superhero costume would seem to even out Jefferson, but it seems to work. It offers him some privacy in being able to do what he needs to do, but maybe because people see him as a hero he has to restrain himself whereas being just a person he is not held to the same ideals.
It may cause some problems down the long run because Tobias can hold his knowledge of his secret identity over his head, whereas if Black Lightning disappeared it may not have held such punch.
EIther way, it was good to see him suit up once again as “I saw a hero who was black. Black Lightning is back!”
The recasting of Jen was a little jarring especially because the voice sounded similar to China’s voice or maybe I wanted it to. I enjoyed how they handled the entire episode where they were each coming to grips that Jen may be lost forever, and how they were going to deal with grief. Even TC was shaken because he felt guilty about not doing more to help. I do enjoy the show building up to this option over several episodes so it seemed natural. They had her visit every episode and started to bring in issues with the visits. Then, had to gather her energy and recombine to build a person so they have an out to have her look different. Sorta like a Doctor Who regeneration. I think it will have worked out the best option as just having her explode and be gone seemed too easy a way out and with most of her family not around when it happened. I also think if they had her come back and then leave later, it also would not feel right. Yes she has issues with her family, but she seems to have gotten to a better place with them and seems less likely to run off as she did earlier in the series.
Hey, I did like the crossover that was not a crossover. They needed a scientific part to build the generator and there happens to be one at Star Labs in Central City. They won’t be able to get it here in time. Oh but I know someone who can get it here in a flash. Nice.

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Killer Frost as speedster was too cool that I forgave all plot holes just to see her race Barry and use her freeze skills as fast as she can. MY issue is that this is the first time she has speed powers, so she seemed to pick them up pretty quickly (ie, no slamming into walls), but maybe Killer Frost gives her confidence to control these powers as well. Just seeing her stand there looking at him as she shoots up with Velocity X was 1) a nice throwback to earlier seasons and 2) just a cool combination of effects. Would she be Cold Lightning? Cold Snap? Blizzard Queen?
As for the destruction of the artificial Speed Force, it was for the better as Barry lost all emotion which is what makes him Barry. His concern for his friends was reduced to statistics and numbers and even Iris saw that he was not who he should be. I did like that Iris’s reaction he had not accounted for, and this it is her, his beacon, that brought him out enough to see what he had done.
Now, when they were describing the artificial speed force, they said they removed the emotional part of it to speed up. Are you telling me, they did not have an off switch to the force that they could flip and then one of the geniuses left could determine how to leave emotion in and still protect against any negative effects? Now that they knew what the issue was? Was it necessary to destroy that which they spent so much time trying to get working?
However, my feeling is that the Wells’ energy left the speed force and searched out the only other Wells in existence. In this case, it had to travel back in time to Earth-1 Wells and reanimate him. We had never really met this Wells so it will be curious as to how the others will react when they meet him (because you know thats going to happen).
Originally, I thought we were going Blackest Night (Green Lantern) crossover stinger since it looked like green energy and it reanimated the dead. THis would tie into the John DIggle crossing over with each show later this season, but since this seemed to be the only show with this scene then alas no. I was hopeful.

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My vote is for them to remain friends longer. If I know my WB/CW teen dramas well, this will be drawn out for a long time with her dating someone new, then Jordan dating someone else, then they each realizing at the wrong time that they should be with the other. Jordan’s Creek?
In all seriousness, I would be for them staying friends a little while longer and then building to the relationship, as they play off each other well right now and sometimes when they get together it ruins the interesting aspect.
Can I say how much this show is becoming one of my favorites? It hits all the nostalgic notes, and the interactions in the Kent family seem fairly realistic for any normal family. They have their issues but they sometimes work them out.
Lois asking to borrow Clark’s truck and he asks her how likely is it to come back in one piece and she says 50/50. She can’t stop looking for the truth and Clark knows he cannot stop her and can only support her. He tells her to make sure her decision is one she does not regret not making later.
We finally see Clark act Clark-like. He has trouble with the cooler and asks for advice from his son if he should act even more stumbing. He just acts so naive and he has the perfect Clark voice.

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That’s an excellent point. Considering how unhinged he’s been for so long, it’s definitely good to introduce (or re-introduce in this case) something that forces him to reel back, even if just a little. The hope would be that after long enough, it’ll go back to feeling more natural instead of something he might feel like he’s being forced back into

I still think it holds the same punch either way. Regardless of whether or not BL was actively operating in Freeland, it’s clear that the people haven’t forgotten about him 1 bit, even if there are plenty of people who resent him for leaving. I imagine the city would have to go years w/out him appearing before people would actually start to forget

The theme hasn’t felt the same all this season, and I’m just really glad it’s back to being more accurate :smiley:

If the show was gonna last for more seasons than this, we could’ve gotten a new Jen each season!

Another fair point, but I think in addition to your own counterargument, there’s also her existing meta abilities that could give her an edge in learning and the fact that she’s spent years watching Barry, Wally, Jesse and more work to the point where learning on her feet would be a lot easier compared to some random, non-meta person getting speed powers

This definitely continues to raise more questions about the post-Crisis changes. W/ Nash having survived Crisis, I figured that the assumption was in this new timeline, Nash was the Wells of Earth-Prime. But this flashback confirms that the man we knew as Earth-1 Wells did in fact exist on Earth-Prime as we knew him in season 1, which also means that Thawne as Wells still happened. So does that mean Nash was only allowed to survive because there wasn’t another Wells left alive on Earth-Prime? And perhaps also because he was the last surviving Wells before the multiverse was wiped out? I don’t expect the situation to be 100% explained in the next episode or even necessarily over the course of this season, but I figure we should at least get some sort of basic explanation soon

Wow, I think that actually sounds worse than them getting together quickly, but I also agree w/ you that that could totally happen anyway. If they have to end up dating, I guess I’d prefer to just get it out of the way as opposed to painfully dragging it along over the course of the season

some initial thoughts:
Clark is a wino. Is Derek Powell a name from the books?

I was not aware of China Ann’s departure, so while it was a sort of a spoil, it is still a good twist.

“May I be candid?”
Tobias: “At your peril.”

A post crisis Earth One Wells should prove interesting. I don’t think the death of Nash and the council were in vain. those particles should still be there, so it’s just a matter of restarting the A.S.F. with a non-negative emotional core or foundation.

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It must be a nightly tradition for him and Lois :wine_glass:

They’re gonna have to get even more creative than before, because I can’t imagine Barry being w/out his speed again too long. We know he’s gotta get it back 1 way or another

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With original Wells on the way, i wonder if we will see more of the original Eobard.

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As much as I’d love to see that, I doubt it’d happen this season w/ Matt Letscher still busy on Narcos: Mexico. Still, he really does need to come back at some point. We haven’t gotten the true Thawne since season 2 of Legends, and I’m desperate to see him back in the role

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ah. to be blissfully unaware of anything BTS…

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