Arrowverse Couch Club Season Two, Week 39: Legends of Tomorrow’s 100th Episode


It took until the seventh season of time-traveling insanity, but Legends of Tomorrow has finally reached its 100th episode! This week on the Arrowverse Couch Club, we’re celebrating this big milestone, as Legends is now the fourth Arrowverse show to reach the 100-episode mark. And it was certainly quite a memorable affair, as Astra and Spooner had to interrupt their trip toward New York in order to go inside the mind of a broken down human Gideon. It was there that they had to restore her long-term memory and thus got to experience the Legends of years past. Elsewhere, Stargirl saw Courtney attempt to reunite the JSA and gather whatever other help she could for the looming final fight against Eclipso, Supergirl saw Alex looking to plan the perfect way to propose to Kelly while Lex returned as everyone sought out the love totem and Batwoman and her team tracked down the next Batman trophy – a canister of liquid nitrogen that once belonged to Mr. Freeze himself.

Stargirl – “Summer School: Chapter Twelve”

  • After all of Cindy’s talk about embracing darkness and being bad, do you think that’s what it’ll take to defeat Eclipso, or is there still hope for the light?

Supergirl – “I Believe in a Thing Called Love”

  • Do you think Nyxly and Lex make for a good couple, or would you rather just seem them not be forced together like this?

Legends of Tomorrow – “wvrdr_error_100 not found”

  • With human Gideon now fully entrenched as the newest Legend, are you hoping that she’ll stay on the team in this form, or would you rather she went back to her original AI form after this season?
  • Which returning character/actor were you most excited to see back?

Batwoman – “Freeze”

  • Do you think the nanobots in Alice’s body are actually causing these side effects (itching, coughing, feeling them crawl under her skin, etc.) or does it just seem like another instance where it’s all in her head?
What was your favorite episode from this week?
  • Stargirl – “Summer School: Chapter Twelve”
  • Supergirl – “I Believe in a Thing Called Love”
  • Legends of Tomorrow – “wvrdr_error_100 not found”
  • Batwoman – “Freeze”

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Now that we know Courtney is gonna be possessed by Eclipso, I think that cements that however he goes down in the finale, it’ll be done by the JSA embracing the good in them, not the bad. W/ Courtney possessed, the “bad” way to take down Eclipso will obviously be to kill her like Bruce Gordon was killed years ago, but we obviously know the show’s not gonna kill off the lead w/ at least another season coming. I’m sure Cindy will advocate for that approach, but she’s definitely not gonna win out when it comes to doing the dark route. Not that this show isn’t afraid to go pretty dark, but that’s not what the overall tone/message is about. When all is said and done, Stargirl is a show about keeping hope alive and seeing the best in people, and so a finale that (mostly) keeps true to that only makes sense

Of course that still begs the question of how they’ll manage to defeat Eclipso w/out killing him (since I guess that’s completely off the table), Courtney or anyone else. My guess is that they’ll find a way to force him back into the Black Diamond and hide it somewhere even more remote than before, eliminating the threat but still allowing the opportunity for him to return down the line

This has gotta be one of the most baffling decisions that’s ever been made on the show. When it was initially announced, it sounded so ridiculous that I wondered whether it was maybe some sort of troll that would ultimately be kinda misleading, but that sadly doesn’t seem to be the case. I really just don’t understand the logic behind putting these 2 together romantically aside from the fact that they’re both villains, which is hardly a big enough reason to justify the move. We’re seeing them interact for the 1st time since there’s been no buildup, and once we did see them together, it’s not like there was this undeniable chemistry that makes the idea of a romance seem a lot more intriguing. Both Peta Sergeant and Jon Cryer are great actors in their respective roles, but the writing just isn’t there for this relationship

What’s more is that while the show wasn’t trolling us w/ the initial announcement, this whole move does feel like a big troll of those of us who have been wanting Kara and Lena to have a romance for years now. Beyond just being the wrong Luthor sibling to get the girl, Lex specifically said the line “And then I met you,” which Lena also said to Kara during their big confrontation at the Fortress of Solitude last season. So one instance is allowed to be romantic but the other is forced to only be platonic? It just doesn’t make any sense, and what’s even more infuriating is that we’re in the show’s last few episodes, and the writers really feel that this is an important enough development to focus on instead of keeping the attention on the Super Friends were it belongs, especially now. This is the absolute worst time for unnecessary distractions w/ just 4 episodes left in the entire series before this (3 now), and yet that’s exactly what we’re seeing

I was a little worried that the novelty of seeing Amy Pemberton as human Gideon only once in a while would wear off from seeing her on a regular basis, but I think it’s safe to say this episode definitely proved me wrong, and I’d love to see her stay like this permanently for a couple reasons. First off, it’d ultimately feel regressive if after this big move to show that Gideon’s truly learning what it means to be human, they just had her become an AI w/out a body again. This has been a really effective way of showing us that we’ve gotten a ton of development for Gideon over the years w/out even realizing it, and even though we know she’ll still be human for at least the rest of the season, it’d only be fitting to have her in this form for the long run seeing as how there’s still plenty more ways they’ll be able to feature her in human form beyond this season

But beyond the storytelling perspective, I’ve just loved seeing Pemberton getting much more of a chance to shine in these early episodes. Her voice work has always been impeccable, but she’s just given a great performance overall in these last couple episodes. W/ this installment in particular, the way she was able to portray both the despair of Gideon experiencing her most traumatic moments along w/ the pure joy of reliving some of the happiest ones was just an absolute thrill to watch. It’s almost starting to feel like they’ve actually been wasting her full talents all these years, though I’ll admit I’m not sure where she would’ve factored in seeing as how the Waverider has always been packed at any given moment. But better late than never, and now that we’ve seen how fully human Gideon can play out, I just don’t want her to leave

It was so great to see everyone back on the Waverider, but above all else, I think I was most hyped to see the return of Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold. He’s been one of my absolute favorite characters from the Arrowverse, whether it’s as Leonard or Leo Snart, and this was especially satisfying seeing as how we haven’t gotten any new scenes w/ Leonard specifically in over 4 years. But you wouldn’t know that Miller hadn’t played the character for so long since he just stepped right back into the role and didn’t miss a beat. Cold had all the same levels of coolness (pun intended) and sass that he did in his years before. It was so satisfying to see him work off his old Legends teammates again, and it really reignited my desires to see him or an alternate universe version of him rejoin the Arrowverse, either as a Legend or a Flash rogue, though I know Miller is still done w/ playing the character on a regular basis. Even though I was a little upset they didn’t have people like Kendra or Amaya/Charlie back, the (brief) return of 1 of my absolute favorite Legends definitely made up for that in a big way

As much as I want to dismiss this as some sort of insane episode, similar to how she thought she was getting letters from her father in the premiere, it’d feel pretty redundant for the show to go down that route again and stretch it out over multiple episodes, so I’m starting to think this is actually legit. I feel like if it is something that lasts a while, we’ll probably see everyone dismiss her complaints as just her mind playing tricks on her again, and she might even start to believe it, too. But assuming this is all real, it could end up giving Alice a greater sense of autonomy over her body and mind, which is something she hasn’t fully had in years and that the show has been bringing up a few times so far this season. Though the visual of the nanobots crawling under her skin makes me think we might see more creepy and unsettling imagery as this goes on, I think it could ultimately be for the best if it results in Alice regaining these functions that she so desperately wants. I’m still rooting for her redemption, so long as she also doesn’t lose her edge/wit, and this would be a really big step in that direction


As dark as this season has been, light will conquer all. Courtney and everyone will have to fight hard but they will somehow get a win. I’m not sure what the cost will be, and I’m sure it will be rough, but I think hey will get there.

We haven’t seen Starman since like episode two besides flashback, right? Interesting…

I literally yelled “Yuck” at my TV when Lex said he was in love. I don’t understand this decision at all. It’s terrible. Then they tried to have Lex explain it and it got worse. Lex basically said he saw himself as Asexual and then he ‘met you’. Which is just terrible ‘almost’ representation of Asexuality. (Not that I wanted the sole DC representation of Asexuality to be Lex Luthor, but at this point I’ll take what I can get.)

There is no need for a romantic sub-plot here. There is no need for a time travel romantic sub-plot here. They just needed a way to get Jon Cryer back for the final season and for some reason this is what they decided on? There are a billion other ways to have a Nyxly and Lex team-up. It didn’t have to be romantic. And for some reason it really bothers me.

But I am loving the other romantic sub-plot. Alex pulling the Love Totem out of her pocket was a great moment. But I wish we had more focus on Kelly there too. Kelly tried to propose and Alex stopped her. Then later Alex just proposed. I wanted to know what Kelly had to say.

I hope she stays. But I guess it depends on what happens with the Waverider. She is a great actress and it was fully on display this episode.

All of them? I don’t think there has been a single character on this show that I didn’t like. It would have been fun for some of the villains to come back too, but I understand them not wanting to crowd the episode.

But seeing Rip was great and Professor Stein too. Jax!! Man, I really missed Jax. I liked the totally not Rory sleeping on the floor. And how much Sara has changed since season 1. She has grown a ton.

Something is happening but I don’t know if it is the nanobots. We already had one fake-out this season with the postcards so I don’t know if this is fake or a mis-direct. But I think she is sincere in that she thinks something is happening. And her mind has just taken the idea of nanobots and run with it.

But I don’t trust Marquis. At least in terms of working with Wayne Enterprise. If Ryan wants to talk with him and get to know him, that’s one thing. But Marquis is just gonna burn Wayne down from the inside if they let him in. Just my guess.

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I think they will still have to battle the darkness with the light. Keep in mind that all Cindy really knows is darkness. Her father experimented on her, she accidentally killed her mom, she was raised around the villains of the ISA. She had moments of light when she had befriended Courtney in season 1, but then she felt she betrayed her, so all she sees is hurt and pain. Whereas Courtney has tried to be the bright spot in the show. Sure, her JSA has had dark spots like Rick’s temper and almost killing his uncle, and Yolanda killing Brainwave and the guilt associated with it. However I believe there is innate goodness in them, as Yolanda does not trust Cindy and wants to protect her friends, while Rick befriended the monster who killed his parents. How cute was it when Solomon threw apples into his jail cell?
They have toyed with darkness but I am hoping they can defeat Eclipso the right way. I am worried because I do not know exactly what Pat did to get Rick’s uncle to drop the charges, but it seemed not good. I just hope they do not have to go that far to defeat Eclipso, especially if he possesses Courtney.
I did enjoy this next to last episode of the season being bringing the band back together in time for the final battle in the finale. It felt organic and not rushed which it could have been with everything going on.

I am hoping she stays on the team in this form. The actress is incredible, and it would be good to have another OG on the team in the flesh. This episode showed how much growth she has made even as a computer, and I want to see this Pinnochia become a real girl. I like the innocence of her as well, in trying to experience life for the first time, such as wanting pie to eat. If she still has her extensive knowledge but continues to show her humanity, this would be great.
I would also like to point out that they brought back “evil not so evil” Gideon. Maybe the writers were playing the long game because it was just this past season where Gideon sometimes sound like a creepy serial killer. Maybe it was this virus infecting her. Maybe Bishop did something to her and this was why she was acting weird like losing her humanity. Only time will tell. Also keep in mind that blue Gideon, the one dedicated to maintaining the timeline, is the one we saw first on the Flash in his secret room in Star Labs. hmmm…
I was sooo excited to see Wentworth Miller return as Captain Cold. He fell right back into character, letting loose with his sarcastic puns, such as “poached eggs” and “I am a thief”. His quick to temper and Big Bird insults were sorely missed. I felt bad there was not as much interaction with Mick, which I felt was a disservice having a stand-in for Dominic. I mean both times we see him in a “new/old” scene, one he was passed out face away from camera, other time flying through air after being hit, but once again face away from camera. I’m not sure what happened behind the scenes, but felt he should have been in this episode.

I do think there is something more going on with Mary to cause the increase in insanity, but I do not think it is is the nanobots, as it seems she was seeing stuff before. Could it be a parting gift from Safiyah as revenge for what she had done to her? They had plants that could heal, why not any that could cause increasing insanity? I will admit though that the visual of the bugs on her skin made my skin crawl.
I did enjoy the change on the Nora Fries storyline. Having her age after being freed from the cryochamber was a twist but it made sense. Having her basically talking with her sister about wanting to die now, versus being kept alive forever was very philosophical for this show. I also enjoyed the dig at the fact that although Mr Freeze had multiple doctorates, he insisted on being called Mr not Dr, unlike the Marvelous competition where you can’t throw a stone without hitting a doctor.
And hey Poison Ivy maybe next episode after seeing the vines kidnap Mary?

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Can’t remember exactly what episode had him in that diner trying to find Pat, but yeah, it’s been a while. But we know he’ll be a regular next season, so I imagine the big cliffhanger of this season will be something like Sylvester showing up at their front door and finally seeing Pat again

I think I could actually get behind that if they went all the way w/ it, but we’re still stuck w/ Tremor being the only DC character who’s 100% ace, so yeah, there’s still a long way to go in that specific department

“Hey, I also wanna destroy Supergirl and have a bunch of weapons/other resources that’d help your magic. Wanna team up?”

There. It’s that simple. I knew Lex would be returning at the end of the season (as much as I didn’t want him to, though I still love Jon Cryer), but I figured it’d be under more straightforward circumstances

Same here, but hopefully she’ll have a chance to actually say them at their wedding in the finale :heart:

I doubt it would’ve worked in terms of viewing through Gideon’s memories, but it would’ve been so great to see nice Vandal Savage from hell return to be buddies w/ Ray again

Along w/ not wanting to get on Jada’s bad side, hopefully Ryan can also consider the possibility that Jada specifically sent Marquis and that he’d still be working for her

Worst case scenario is that Pat would’ve tortured Matt in his crippled state, which is definitely messed up, but it’s not like that approach could possibly work on Eclipso, who’s just a tad more powerful

True, she’d technically be the most OG Legend on the team! It’d be funny to have Sara realize that and start to get a little jealous :laughing:

I was thinking about that, but I don’t actually think the 2 are connected. It seems like the idea is that Gideon was splintered when Rip gave her that new directive, and this dark Gideon was laying dormant for years and finally gained power when Gideon crashed over the pie decision. I don’t really think that has any connection to Gideon having a couple random instances of being delighted over death like she was early last season. This evil Gideon didn’t show any sign of reveling in that sort of stuff, so I just don’t see a specific connection there

I had assumed the Bishop scenes were dedicated to showing how this dark Gideon came to be, but the fact that that ended on a cliffhanger makes me think we’re not actually done w/ this just yet. Bishop now has a reset Gideon clone and is dead set on getting revenge on the Legends. Is it possible that this all leads to the creation of another Waverider that ultimately destroys the main one? Could Bishop really be the big bad 2 seasons in a row? I feel like that could be too repetitive, but the possibility does seem to exist

Seriously. Makes you wanna check your skin to make sure nothing’s crawling around under there. It’s certainly an appropriately creepy visual to have right before Halloween :halloween_batman:

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I’m leaning more towards the fact that Bishop is responsible for the other Waverider blowing them up in the season finale/premiere but I’d think it would be fun for the odd comments from Gideon to be tied to the evil Gideon starting to assert herself. Losing humanity might lead to these comments and it was kinda weird to throw it into the script. I know they throw everything at the wall to see what sticks but I still like my theory and would like for it to be tied back in someway

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Yeah, and I was talking about DC TV anyway. Which I guess I never said, so my bad.

Yeah, that’s all they had to do. We all know it is the last season. We dknt need big reasons to have characters come back.

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