Arrowverse Couch Club Season Two, Week 34: Kelly Olsen Becomes Guardian


National City has a new Guardian, and her name is Kelly Olsen. Welcome back to the Arrowverse Couch Club, where we’re celebrating the debut of a new hero in what was a banner week for actor Azie Tesfai. Not only did she suit up as Guardian for the first time on Supergirl, but she also became the first Arrowverse actor to write an episode, as she co-wrote this 12th installment of the show’s final season. Add another guest appearance from John Diggle himself and some powerful themes of racial discrimination, and this was quite the memorable installment in the show’s history. Not to be completely outdone, Stargirl was also firing on all cylinders this week, as Yolanda’s trauma over killing Brainwave took a terrifying hold over her in the wake of Eclipso’s escape.

Stargirl – “Summer School: Chapter Seven”

  • Did Yolanda make the right call in stepping down from being Wildcat? And how likely is it that she’ll be back in the suit by the end of the season?
  • Do you think Rick and Beth’s reactions to finding out that Yolanda killed Brainwave made sense for their respective characters?

Supergirl – “Blind Spots”

  • How do you think Kelly fared in her debut as Guardian?
  • Did this episode convince you that more Arrowverse actors should be involved in the writing process, or does this feel more like a one-off situation where writing should still be left to the writers?
  • Based on some of his lines in this episode, does it seem like Diggle ultimately rejected becoming a Green Lantern or is he finally on his way to becoming one?
What was your favorite episode this week?
  • Stargirl – “Summer School: Chapter Seven”
  • Supergirl – “Blind Spots”

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While it’s obviously a blow to the JSA to lose Wildcat, for Yolanda’s sake, it does seem like the right move to take a break from all of this and focus on getting better. This collapse has been a long time coming, and it just doesn’t seem like there’s any way for her to balance school, work, JSA stuff and whatever free time she has afterwards in the midst of dealing w/ this trauma. Whether it really is Brainwave having left a psychic implant in her mind, Eclipso’s manipulations, her PTSD or some combination of those, it’s clear that she needs a lot of time to heal. My hope w/ the way she goes about it is just that she doesn’t stop talking to the team. I’d hate to think that she’d only have her excessively judgmental family to lean on at this point, but Courtney, Rick, Beth, Pat, etc. will all still be there for her in a much healthier way

That said, I still fully expect her to be in the final fight against Eclipso in the finale. He’s too big a threat to not have all hands on deck, and it’d just feel wrong to not have her in the fold. Though I don’t agree w/ her that she needs to be the 1 to kill Eclipso. True, she may be the only killer in the JSA, but Eclipso’s also not human, so really anyone can kill him and still say they’re not really a murderer. One other thing I’m hoping for w/ Yolanda in the near future is that we’ll actually get to see her healing process. It’d suck to have that all happen off-screen where the next time we see her is the big fight. It already sucks that that seems to be what they’re doing w/ Jade, but it’d be even worse to sideline 1 of the main characters for a while in terms of screentime

At first I was upset that Beth didn’t follow Rick in being fully supportive of her teammate, but the more I think about it, Beth’s hesitancy actually does seem to fit her character pretty well. She’s easily the most innocent and good-natured member of the JSA, and so of course she’d be conflicted about something as dark as killing someone else. It’s not that she has no experience w/ murders, but I imagine she’s had a more black-and-white view of their situation where the killers are automatically the bad guys. Of course she wants to support her friend and teammate, but this seems to really challenge her more straightforward views on morality. On the other hand, Rick knows what it’s like to want to kill someone after his murderous rage toward Grundy last season, so it also makes sense that he’d be much more understanding. While I think this makes it less likely that Yolanda will seek out support from Beth specifically while she hangs up the Wildcat mantle, I also feel like Beth will ultimately come around, realizing that Yolanda did what she had to in that moment

It’s frustrating because we’ll only get 8 more episodes of her as a costumed hero, but considering the circumstances, she was absolutely amazing! I really feel like this did a lot more to justify her decision to take up the mantle beyond just the Arrowverse’s desire to make superheroes out of as many characters as possible. Seeing her struggles with desperately trying to get help for the people in the Heights who were hurting but making very little progress was certainly painful, but still done in an effective way. It was really convincing in being the final push Kelly needed to be this new kind of hero more focused on standing up for the people instead of always trying to stop the big, world-ending threats. And while we’ve obviously known what her costume was gonna look like for a while now, I still liked seeing her be the one to decide on the visibility aspects of it. I figured that was why the costume showed some of her face and hair, but it’s nice to get the confirmation that Kelly made the specific decision to make sure everyone knows that the new Guardian is a Black woman. And it’s just nice to have a gold Guardian costume, as it’s closer to the blue and gold color scheme usually seen in the comics

While I doubt it’d work out well to have someone as both a main actor on a show and a regular writer in these kinds of shows, I absolutely support more actors taking a turn like this to help write even just 1 episode. Similar to how a handful of actors have also taken to directing an episode or 2 of their shows, it makes sense that these talented people would wanna expand their reach and get into the writing side of things, whether they have prior experience or it’s really their 1st time. And while I know the actors are obviously hired for a specific talent, I think it also makes sense to invite them into the writers’ room, at least occasionally. After they’ve gotten to play their character for multiple seasons, they’re really gonna have a good handle on what makes them tick and what would be good ways to develop them further. So having them involved in the writing process and getting their unique input makes a lot of sense, especially when you have an episode like this focusing on a side character. Azie Tesfai did an absolutely amazing job on both fronts this week, and it gives me hope that this won’t be the last time we see actors branching out in this kind of way on other shows

It was definitely confusing to hear him tell Kelly about how becoming this “special kind of hero” would’ve taken him away from his family but then he dropped the “worlds await” line in his last scene. The former would suggest that he turned down the job, but the latter seems to suggest that he accepted. I guess it’s not fully decided yet, but I kinda feel like this is ultimately an indication that he did in fact accept the “job.” Now that doesn’t make his reluctance to leave his family any less real, as it absolutely would’ve been his main point of contention in deciding whether or not to accept the ring. It’s something he would’ve grappled w/ for a while, which is completely understandable. Not only does he have 2 small kids to look after, but he can remember a timeline where 1 of them didn’t exist, and so that’d give him even more reason to spend as much time w/ little Sara as possible, along w/ JJ. But I’m sure he’d also recognize just how huge this responsibility would be and just how many lives he could save on a scale he never dreamed was possible. Choosing to be a Lantern wouldn’t invalidate the logic of his line to Kelly about her being a different kind of hero, as that line of thinking was still something that’s been weighing on him for a while now and made for good advice in her situation. Plus it’s not like dropping the whole GL thing on someone he just met would make much sense, especially since I’m sure even Dig doesn’t fully understand it himself at this point

But ultimately, my main argument for him becoming a Lantern is that it just makes no sense to me that they’d introduce this mysterious green box as a giant cliffhanger in the Arrow finale only to do practically nothing w/ it. It’d be 1 thing if Arrow ended prematurely, but they went into season 8 knowing it’d be the last one, so that was a fully premeditated move. We don’t necessarily have to see much of him in action as a GL, especially since I’d be weary of how well the CW would be able to pull off a bunch of scenes like that on their budget, but it’d also be pretty anti-climactic to build this huge thing up and then just kill it. Now that we know this wasn’t Dig’s last Arrowverse appearance, I’m still holding out hope that we can finally fulfill this promise later on. I just really want the 1st explicit mention of “Green Lantern” in the Arrowverse to John reciting the oath :00_lc_green_lantern:

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I still haven’t watched Supergirl yet but here’s my thoughts on Stargirl.

Yes, she did. These shows never really focus on PTSD for extended periods of time and I hope we see this. I hope we don’t just keep in Court’s POV and ignore Yolanda. But, I do think she will be back in the suit by the end. This is Stargirl’s show with the JSA, they’re gonna need everyone to take down Eclipso.

I actually forgot that they didn’t know until this scene. I thought they were going to tell Rick and Beth that Yolanda was struggling. But their reactions make sense. Rick is the tough guy he is gonna try and look cool and ‘whatever’ about killing someone. Beth is a loyal friend but cares about doing the right thing. Her mind is all over the place with her parents too, so that’s probably why she responded that way.

As for if this is Brainwave or Eclipso? I think it is both. We saw Yolanda interact with Eclipso early in the episode and we know Brainwave is incredibly powerful. So, it isn’t un-plausible for him to have thrown his mind into her sub-conscious as a last resort as he died.

I think Brainwave was trying to break free and Eclipso broke the cage just enough for him. Now, whether or not Brainwave will realize the severity of Eclipso as The Shade did, is a whole different issue. But I think Yolanda is now so isolated, scared and broken that Brainwave won’t have many more problems getting in control.

Edit for clarity: I think Yolanda’s PTSD from all of it is a factor too. But I do believe that Brainwave isn’t a hallucination and is actually inside her head.


And I’m sure Eclipso won’t take advantage of that at all when he targets Beth next…I’m really scared for her

Very true, which makes it all the more important that she keeps in touch w/ the team even as she’s stepping back from everything. If all she has is her mother constantly telling her how much she’s done wrong and never trying to actually help her, the situation’s only gonna get more ugly for Yolanda


Yes, she made the right call. She was feeling too much guilt from becoming a murderer as a young person, plus what seems like Brainwave’s influence over her thoughts becoming too distracting for her to be able to focus, she could also feel like a liability in the field. The piercing headaches and not being sure of she is seeing, plus the fact that Eclipso uses illusions himself to overwhelm his opponents could be dangerous. She needs to be able to help herself and then she should be able to rejoin the team. Which I feel she will, but I am concerned if Brainwave truly transferred himself into her that he could take control and make her turn on her team at the worst moment. Also the flashbacks where she watched him “die” now reminded me of the end of Star Trek 2 with Spock and Bones where he transferred his memories to be reborn again, but we did not see it at the time. So, I do expect her back in the suit, but whether it will be her or Brainwave, I do not know.

I found it interesting in their reactions. Considering Rick was into revenge and wanted to kill Grundy, but then when he had the chance he realized it would be wrong. But he knew what it was like to be in the moment and how revenge for what they have done may cause you to do something you may regret. I think Beth was more in shock than anything. They are all kids still and to have a close friend now be a murderer would be a lot to process right away. You are not sure what to say in that moment, as killing is wrong but it is your friend who is hurting. I think this made sense for Beth.

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Scary as it’d be, there’s still a part of me that actually wants to see Brainwave fighting the JSA in Yolanda’s body. Between her fighting skills and his mind powers, that’d make for a hell of a difficult opponent for even the 3 of them to take down

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I thought it was good. I’ve talked a lot in previous threads about my thoughts about her as Guardian so I won’t repeat her but it was a good debut.

I actually didn’t realize this until right now. I really liked the writing of this episodes and they should be involved if they want to be. Especially for episodes that are central to their characters.

I don’t want actors to take jobs away from writers but for them to have input and the ability to sit and write an episode or two for a series they have been on for seasons is a great thing.

There was one line that made it sound like he rejected it. But his final line seemed like he was going to accept. Plus, Brainy’s smile as he left seemed to indicate that Brainy knew what Dig was referring to. So, I don’t know.

I haven’t kept up on Arrowverse news, but Dig mentioned Metropolis a couple times, is he getting his own show?

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