Arrowverse Couch Club Season Two, Week 33: Sept. 14 Episodes


With the Legends taking a relatively brief hiatus, the next month of the Arrowverse belongs to the Tuesday night lineup of female superheroes whose names start with S: Stargirl and Supergirl! Starting on Earth-2, the JSA had to grapple with Cindy Burman’s newly recruited Injustice Society, as she, Artemis and Isaac finally made their moves against the heroes they blamed for the losses of their parents. Back on Earth-Prime, Mr. Mxyzptlk returned to help the Super Friends against a resurgent Nyxly, while Lena searched for answers about her biological mother in the place she was born.

Stargirl – “Summer School: Chapter Six”

  • Despite Courtney’s assessment, does it actually seem like Cindy is dead?
  • How well (or not) do you think Beth’s parents have been handling the situation of their impending divorce and Beth’s concerns about it?

Supergirl – “Mxy in the Middle”

  • Should the Super Friends have used the Phantom Zone projector to try and stop Nyxly sooner?
  • Is giving Lena magical abilities the right decision for her character?
Which Tuesday episode was your favorite?
  • Stargirl – “Summer School: Chapter Six”
  • Supergirl – “Mxy in the Middle”

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I’m sure we won’t see her again for a while, but I don’t think she’s dead. If she was, why wouldn’t Eclipso suck out her soul and disintegrate her like he did w/ Isaac? I feel like he may be saving her for some sort of nefarious purpose down the road and doesn’t actually want her dead…yet. Though we obviously don’t know what exactly that purpose is, given how powerful Cindy is, it makes sense in general that a villain would wanna further utilize that power for their own gain. And while I’m sure she’ll initially be under his control when she does come back, I’d imagine she’ll break free of it somehow and then reluctantly team up w/ the JSA to stop him. Despite how much she hates Courtney and her friends, Cindy will certainly realize that Eclipso is by far the greater threat, and this is the kind of threat that really requires all hands on deck. They can team up w/ a bunch of other heroes and villains, and then go their separate ways, leaving her to still be a returning threat in season 3

I’d say not well at all, to the point where they really come across as pretty cold and uncaring. It makes me wonder how 2 people who are so ridiculously dedicated to their jobs and seemingly little else could’ve raised someone as kind and caring as Beth. I get that their work is important, but it feels more like they’ve been using it as an excuse lately to avoid talking about this. Granted, Beth surprising her dad in the middle of the day is hardly an ideal time/place to discuss it, but it also just shows you how desperate she is to get something, anything out of her parents regarding this. While I don’t see a good ending coming from this, since I really find it hard to believe that her parents will be able to come together at all, let alone enough to reconcile their differences, I can at least hold out hope that Beth will come out of this OK. Her parents getting divorced can also serve to further reinforce the strength of her found family in the JSA, which would be a much-needed boost for her. And if they do end up freeing McNider, he can end up being like a father figure to her as well

I suppose from a practical sense, yes. Despite Kara and the rest of the team’s reservations, it was ultimately something they became willing to use at the end, and if they had done so, Mxy wouldn’t have had to sacrifice himself (though he may obviously still be alive). That said, it’s hard to just completely discount Kara’s trauma surrounding the Phantom Zone and the team’s equal hesitancy given how much they wanna protect her. And even though they were down a couple members, it’s understandable that the team as a whole would still have enough confidence in themselves to be able to find another way to stop Nyxly. Granted, I don’t really wanna think about how it would’ve affected Kara if Mxy hadn’t sacrificed himself and they did end up sending her back to the PZ. You know there would’ve been a lot of moping and self-blaming for sending her back when Kara knows how awful it is, and that sort of stuff rarely helps. While it’s sad to think that Mxy may be dead, this happening during the last season isn’t as big a loss since we wouldn’t have had much time left w/ him anyway

I think if they do something similar to how Legends gave Sara powers for a little while in season 5, this could turn out to be really interesting. I’m really just glad that Lena was finally able to find out all these details about her mother after being in the dark for so long, as it’s ultimately strengthening her own self-confidence in the long run. And while she certainly never needed powers to be a badass or a member of the team, there’s still something so awesome on a visual level, if nothing else, about seeing someone get powers and use them for the 1st time

That said, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t also somewhat weary of this. The last thing I’d wanna see is for these magical abilities to suddenly be some sort of validation for Lena, as she’s never needed any of the typical superhero elements to help people. Like w/ Sara, my hope is that she won’t keep these powers past the finale. They can be a really cool development for her character, but losing them would also further confirm that she’s still a hero just by being “normal.” Granted, the fact that the show’s ending anyway means that even if she does keep the magic, it’s not like we’d get to see how her character moves on from that point. Still, she’s by far my favorite character on the show and setting up a proper ending for her (and the rest of the Super Friends) is an important aspect of these final episodes. If she ends the show w/ still having magic, I feel like that’ll undo so much of her journey of doing everything she can to be hero w/ no powers, hand-to-hand combat skills (like not on Alex’s level), costumes, etc.


Even without this being a comic book world where no one really remains dead, I would say no, Cindy is not dead. Isaac was a little more definitive as we saw his body disintegrate into dust after having his soul sucked into Eclipso, but Cindy seemed to just be dragged down into a dark portal. For the amount of times Cindy used Eclipso as he bided his time to escape and for how she treated him more like she was his master, I am sure he would not want to cause her death to be so quick. He would want her to suffer first, and he may still have use for her in the future as she showed resourcefulness in leading to his escape. It would be interesting if this dimension is also the one where the original Dr Midnite is trapped. Remember Shade said that he was not dead, and Beth heard him in another dimension. If Shade draws his power from Eclipso, it is possible the source is where Cindy was sent to. I did like the fact that for all that she has done to Courtney, she still reaches out to her for help. It would be too easy for her to refuse help from this hero, but you could tell she was scared and it does make you wonder how much influence the black diamond had over her (not that she is a very nice person but still).

I do not think Beth’s parents have been handling the divorce at all well. They seemed to have barely any time for each other or for Beth before and they seem to be avoiding everything all together. It seems Beth became who she was because someone needed to be the caring one in the family, the glue that tries to hold it all together. At the start, she did not have too many friends at school, so her family was where she could have her life. Before the divorce revelation, I always wondered why they treated her so. She seemed to make their lunches, and try to talk to them, but they always seemed in a rush to get somewhere. I never really got a sense of who her parents were as people, unlike a lot of the other character development on the show, so I only came to care about Beth.

Why do the comic book stories always go after the older mentor first when there is a young team around? The fight with Pat and members of the ISA was hard to watch, and I know it is meant to make the JSA a little shaken up before their own battle, but still. It reminded me of the comic Impulse I believe issue 10 (one of my favorites) after Max Mercury, Bart’s mentor and father figure, was gravely injured. It really caused Bart to slow down and you could feel how emotionally this beat him. The scenes with Pat in the hospital made me feel the same way.

SO, we finally see that Cindy was not looking to recruit Mike but rather use him as bait for the rest of the team. This seems to make sense, but I like how they have been building it up as he is feeling left out, and his picture was in with the recruits. But this makes sense, as no matter how hurt he was at being left out, I do not believe he would align with the bad guys.

Finally, can I say how COOOL the fight between the ISA and JSA was. I loved the editing such that each character ended up starting in the pose as the previous character did, so it seemed seamless but still switched between each pair up. I had to watch it a few times but it was really edited and choreographed well to allow us to see everyone’s individual fights and feel together. Also, when Stargirl rode her staff around and we got that perspective was awesome.

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Ooo, that’s a really good point. Assuming that’s the case, I figure they probably won’t meet up right away since that seems to be a pretty vast shadowy wasteland, but it’d still have to happen at some point if they’re in the same general space

It really says a lot about her character that she still wanted to help Cindy after everything. She has plenty of good reason to hate her, and maybe she still does, but she won’t let that corrupt her spirit

I can’t blame them for getting divorced in general since they’re clearly more married to their jobs than each other. But when you have a kid, especially one who loves you as much as Beth, you just have to do better, and that doesn’t even mean not getting divorced but at least taking the time to really talk w/ her and help her understand. There’s no excuse for this

The back half of this episode w/ that fight and Eclipso’s arrival really made this easily the best episode of the season and probably 1 of the best of the show overall :stargirl:

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I love Supergirl, but Stargirl is just amazing…

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Ok, I’m two weeks behind but I just caught up on Stargirl and I’ll catch up on Supergirl tomorrow, maybe.

I hope not. I love that actress. Also, the character is fantastic. I assume she is trapped somewhere. But her terror as she was being pulled under and asking Court to not let go of her was rough.

As a child of divorced parents I can say this confidently, terribly. It should be obvious to them that they are very important to Beth and that their impeding divorce is hitting her hard. They both need to take a day or even an afternoon off of work and talk to her and give her some reasons.

It really does come down to their reasons, but the more screen time to the father instead of the mother makes me think we are supposed to see him in the sympathetic light and not her. (Which is a nice change from how these things are usually portrayed)

With the rest of this episode, seeing The Shade actually scared was amazing. The fight scene was amazing. It is interesting to see this early, makes me a little scared for what Eclipso has in store. But this was a great episode overall.

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Okay, I’m almost caught up now.

Probably, but considering how scared Kara is of it, I understand why it was a last ditch effort. Kara understands how terrible the Phantom Zone is and doesn’t want to make anyone experience that, and that shows so much of her own character.

I’m a sucker for the “I don’t believe in Magic. Science is the only way” people suddenly finding out magic is real and that they have magic. But I am nervous. I said this about Kelly before. But these shows don’t do a great job of showing that you can do good without a cape and mask. I hope we don’t go all super hero with Lena. But I do hope she gets to play with Magic.

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