Arrowverse Couch Club Season Two, Week 32: Legends of Tomorrow Season Finale


What do you do when an apocalyptic alien invasion is imminent and you don’t seem to have any way of stopping it? If you’re the Legends, apparently you have a wedding. This week at the Arrowverse Couch Club, we’re saying goodbye to Legends of Tomorrow (only until next month!) as season 6 comes to an end. After losing one of their own last week, the Legends must contend with the final phase of Bishop’s plan to let an invasion of deadly aliens destroy the planet once and for all. But since he has enough of Sara’s DNA to anticipate her responses, the team will have to come up with some truly unconventional solutions, even by their standards. Elsewhere, the JSA started making more progress in tracking down Eclipso on Stargirl, and Supergirl saw Kara looking to fight for affordable housing in National City while Nia made an unfortunate deal to see her mother one more time.

Legends of Tomorrow – “The Fungus Amongus”

  • After being hyped up for a while, did Sara and Ava’s wedding feel like the right way to finish off this season?
  • Now that Mick and Constantine are out as full-time Legends, let’s look back at the wonderful memories they’ve helped create. What have been some of your favorite Arrowverse moments featuring either or both of these two?

Stargirl – “Summer School: Chapter Five”

  • Now that his ice powers are starting to manifest, do you think Cameron is more likely to become a hero or a villain? Which side would you rather see him be on?

Supergirl – “Still I Rise”

  • Given how much she wanted and felt she needed to see her mother again, does that make Nia releasing Nyxly understandable?
Which episode was your favorite?
  • Legends of Tomorrow – “The Fungus Amongus”
  • Stargirl – “Summer School: Chapter Five”
  • Supergirl – “Still I Rise”

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I know I made my argument that the wedding should’ve taken place in the 100th episode, and I do stand by that, but I can’t deny how beautiful the final product still was. Having a wedding right before an apocalypse really did feel perfect for the Legends, and they were still able to do it w/ the family all together, which is absolutely crucial. Hell, in a pretty twisted way, Ava even got to have her wedding w/ her “father” there in the form of younger Bishop. And those vows…absolutely beautiful, especially Sara’s. Not only has Avalance been my favorite Arrowverse couple for a while now, but now they have easily the best Arrowverse wedding to boot. I also appreciated how much it tied into finishing out the main plot. Sure, “true love saves the world” is admittedly cheesy, but this show knows how to take cheesy things and make them legitimately emotional, funny or both. Though this obviously and thankfully isn’t the end of their journey, the wedding is ultimately still the perfect way to cap off their arc of enemies to lovers. I couldn’t be more excited to see what the future (and the past, I suppose) has in store for these new wives

It really does feel like the end of an era. For John, I keep going back to his very 1st appearance in Arrow. Knowing that this character from a different show on a different network was gonna be brought into the universe was just such an exciting concept. Even though I hadn’t read much of Constantine in the comics at that point, I still knew enough to know that Matt Ryan was pitch perfect in the role, and bringing him in to resurrect Sara was just absolutely perfect. I’ll admit I can’t actually remember if I had already watched his show by that point or if this appearance motivated me to check it out, but I do know this kicked off a fascination w/ the character that I’m very grateful for. Plus establishing this unique connection w/ Sara really made his time on Legends even more dynamic, so we just have so much to owe to that episode

As for Mick, I will never forget his time as Rebecca Silver. Aside from the obvious novelty of this big, gruff criminal secretly being a romance novelist, I really appreciate what it did for his character. It really felt like a natural way for him to loosen some of his edges and become more caring aside from just being a part of the Legends family. Every character needs something unique like that, and Mick really found a calling in writing. It was even better to see him ultimately embrace it and be publicly recognized as Rebecca while still keeping his general rough image. Though Dominic Purcell sadly may not agree, I thought it was a great way to show how men can embrace both traditional masculinity and femininity w/out having the toxic traits. Well I guess he was still a thief, so there’s that, but even that still works in keeping him funny. And the way it all coincided w/ him finally becoming a part of his daughter’s life just helped to make him a much more well-rounded person in general while not being completely different from the Mick we had already grown to love

Given Icicle Jr.’s history, it probably stands to reason that he’ll become a villain, maybe even one who feels scorned by Courtney. I do like them together, but I just can’t see it working out w/ how busy she is w/ everything and how much she’s had to ditch him already. So assuming she’s unable to live up to her promise of this being the last time, that’d just be another thing pushing him toward a darker path. Cindy might’ve failed in her 1st attempt to recruit him, but she could definitely use this to really manipulate him against Courtney and the JSA. Which would be a shame since he still comes across as a nice person, if a tad creepy w/ drawing Courtney, though at least she seemed to like it. It’d be nice to see him not fall victim to his dad’s legacy and use his abilities for a good purpose, but the way his arc is going right now, I can’t say I have a ton of faith that’ll be how things turn out for him

Even though we obviously knew this was gonna be a mistake, and she probably did too, I honestly can’t really blame Nia too much for her decision. This isn’t just a case of someone losing her mother before she expected, as Nia really never got a chance to learn from her mom about her dream powers before she died. It was a crucial part of fully understanding her powers, and she had been deprived of that for a couple years now. Pretty much any child is gonna miss their mother, but she had reasons beyond the usual grief to want her mom back. It’s certainly not a good situation, but I’m sure Nia felt that the benefits outweighed the risks here

Plus I figure she also had confidence that she and the rest of the Super Friends would be able to fix whatever damage Nyxly would end up doing. I’m sure an apology will be in store, but they’ve all made mistakes in the name of doing what they thought was right. If it gives Nia a greater sense of closure w/ her mom and allows her to truly grow stronger in her ability to interpret her dreams, then I think this’ll ultimately be worth it in the end


I’ve said it before but I am tired of Arrowverse weddings. However, I loved this one. It felt right. Sara has had a great character arc from being a one off killed when she was introduced on Arrow to now. And Ava introduced as Director of the Time Bureau. This is pretty much my only ship in the Arrowverse. So I’m happy with the very cheesy ending to this season.

I’m not sure I can pick. But I did love Mick’s assassin brainwash phase (even though it was never mentioned again). And any time they couldn’t solve something and Mick just punched/set it on fire and fixed it. It was always a good time.

I’m just happy we just got to wrap up so much from Constantine’s show. It was rough for a bit but I think John grew a bit. I’m curious in what capacity Matt Ryan will return but I am sure it will be fun.

He really seems like a good guy. His Grandmother is terrifying but she also seemed warry of Cindy. So hopefully he gets to join the good guys. But I think he will need grandparent consent on this one.

I loved the horror scene in this episode. The kids were never going to understand Eclipso without having that experience. And that was just a fraction of that power.

Yes? But no. She should have known better. But at the same time that is the issue she has been having with her power. So she literally didn’t know better.

But Nia coming to terms with her sister not accepting her nearly made me cry. I have to imagine that was a hard scene to film.

I literally screamed when Kara called Mxly at the end. Brilliant. I wonder what he will do. If anything. It would be hysterical if he just said, “Oh shoot, Nxyl? Sorry Kara, can’t help with that.” and just leaves."

I’m sure Nia will have a solution.

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I did feel, in its own unique offbeat way, that their wedding was the perfect way to end the season. Not only do we defeat the big bad and tie up the season’s storylines, but we end on a relatively nice note. It did not feel too rushed, and but of course this would be the way to restart the Fountain’s protection. The Legends move to the beat of their own drum, and they always seem to stumble into the right solution even after messing everything else up. The vows between them were perfect and show how the chaos and mess of one complimented the organizational pantsuit of the other. Their “family” was there and they did not have to go with a large ceremony which an event like the 100th episode might have entailed. Plus so many good moments, like Gary being asked to walk Ava down the aisle, Mick walking Sara, Nate officiating on what may be their last day together, and Kayla buying them time to finish the ceremony.

Mick has always been one of my favorites and I will miss him the most. I honestly have been enjoying this season the most because they have been giving him the most screentime and showing what we always knew he was capable of. He is loyal to a fault to his Legends family, and the scenes where he really wanted to find his oldest friend Sara across space and time was heartwarming. I love the scene between him and Sara where he says he has learned how to deal with a bunch of punks (referring to his 49 kids) by watching Sara do it for 6 years.
For Constantine, it is a little trickier for me. I remember him falling in love with a normal human and how it hurt him when Neron had taken him over and John had to send his lover to Hell. I think he also tried to go back in time to try to fix it since he had access to time travel now, but he ended up screwing up the timelines worse and worse. He had to realize he had to let it play out as it was supposed to. This was what Flashpoint was meant to be.

I think with Courtney continuing to ditch him, that this could turn him angrier and more likely to want to do something to prove to her that he is worth her time. This may lead him to make questionable choices. I am not yet convinced that Cindy could turn him to join her team as he does not like her very much, but I could see him on his own as he discovers his powers. Plus his grandparents seem like the kind to encourage his path and I do not think it is a good one. My hope is that he may do some bad things, but then accidentally hurt someone he cares about and realizes he was on the wrong side and ultimately joins the JSA. Of course this is all dependent on not finding out who killed his father which may turn him into wanting revenge.


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He really did make the rest of the team seem like a precise, controlled instrument by comparison :laughing:

If that’s the case, he’ll never join either team. He’d have to join up while keeping it a secret from them, and Cindy definitely knows that much

According to the synopsis for the next episode, Mxy is gonna be explaining Nyxly’s history to the team…in song form :musical_score:

This is why the show won’t really need to bother w/ the possibility of Sara and Ava having kids. Why have actual children when they’re already the parents of a bunch of chaotic time-traveling adults?

True, but w/out that we wouldn’t have gotten Puppets of Tomorrow, Sirens of Space-Time or kitten Zari :cat:

Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that. Between Courtney being likely to unintentionally spurn him again and the possibility of him discovering that Mike killed his dad (do the grandparents know this yet?), there’s even more potential for him to go up against them

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Yet, somehow he always seemed to look like he knew what he was doing. :rofl:

I did appreciate this too. A lot of Cindy this season has just been her getting her way but she looked at the Grandmother and realized she wasn’t going to and she backed off.

Cindy can’t realized she is outmatched by Eclipso but she knows the Grandmother is out of her league…

I am nervous about this. It really depends on how he finds out these pieces of information. Mike has already said it was an accident but who knows if that will be believed. And Courtney is very likely to have to ditch him again. But I really think his storyline will ultimately come down to the grandparents final push. Or he will have an Eclipso vision. Or both. :woman_shrugging:

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I think on some level at least she has to realize that Eclipso’s power is growing even out of her control, but she still needs it to accomplish her goals. I’d imagine she feels that she has to stay wary of it and take further measures to control it, but she’s still gonna realize too late that there was never any controlling Eclipso

And even if he does, it might not matter. Any anger/sadness still lingering from his dad’s death could easily be projected onto Mike. Even though it wasn’t intentional, it’s still technically his fault that Icicle is dead, and that could be enough

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