Arrowverse Couch Club Season Two, Week 31: Aug. 29-31 Episodes


After plenty of recent finales and premieres, this was a relatively quieter week for the Arrowverse, though also a calm before the storm in anticipation of the Legends of Tomorrow finale next week. They kicked this off again this week as Constantine and Bishop, in search of the Fountain of Imperium again, traveled to 1925 Texas where they were followed by Astra and Spooner, the latter of whom had a surprise family encounter. Over on Earth-2, the Whitmore-Dugan household were reluctant guests to a couple of recently escaped enemies – Sportsmaster and Tigress – while the JSA sought to learn as much as they could about Eclipso. And in National City, Kara and Kelly teamed up to investigate a foster home and prison work program, with both covering up sinister agendas.

Legends of Tomorrow – “There Will Be Brood”

  • Spooner is now the latest Legend who has now met a parent in the past, and she’s hardly the first one to try to save her family despite the repercussions it would have on the timeline. Did this trope still feel worth using again for Spooner, or does it feel tired after the show’s done it with a bunch of characters across several seasons?

Stargirl – “Summer School: Chapter Four”

  • Between staying true to their promise to Pat and revealing their criminal behavior to Artemis, do you think it’s possible that Sportsmaster and Tigress could be on their way to becoming some sort of twisted anti-heroes?
  • What do you make of Shade saying that he intends to destroy Eclipso when he finds it? Does it seem like he’s telling the truth or not? Could he end up teaming up with the JSA to stop Eclipso or will he still be a villain to them?

Supergirl – “Dream Weaver”

  • Given that Kelly managed to make a big difference again this week through her intuition and empathy alone, does it still feel right for her to want to take up the Guardian mantle or would it make more sense for her to stay in her current capacity?
What was your favorite episode from this week?
  • Legends of Tomorrow – “There Will Be Brood”
  • Stargirl – “Summer School: Chapter Four”
  • Supergirl – “Dream Weaver”

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I’ll admit I was definitely weary when I saw there was gonna be another episode where the new Legend is reunited w/ a parent, but between the twist regarding Spooner’s origin, the emotional performances and just the fact that I’ve come to love her character, I was totally fine w/ them going down this road again. At 1st, I was definitely overthinking about how Spooner could possibly exist in 1925 (or possibly soon after), but the reveal that this is actually when she’s from and that her alien encounter sent her forward through time made much more sense. She technically became a time traveler when she was just a child, so it seems like she was practically destined to become a Legend

But even beyond the writing, I just loved seeing Lisseth Chavez and Alexandra Castillo (Gloria) work off each other. Their acting here left me on the verge of tears, and Gloria accepting that she would have to be w/out her daughter so that Spooner could go on to become this hero was just heartbreaking. Even though they managed to save her life, I have to wonder whether she’ll think life is still worth living w/out her daughter, but hopefully Spooner can check in sometime later to make sure her mom’s doing alright. And beyond the purposefully sad scenes, Spooner’s short but badass monologue when she disposed of the oil men felt like a perfect climax for her arc this season. In utilizing the Fountain’s powers, she really seems to have accepted all the good that’s come out of her suffering, truly embracing her strength and knowing that she’ll continue to use her abilities to help others was just such a powerful moment

I have to say that they both surprised me this week, though perhaps maybe I shouldn’t have been. Despite all they did for the ISA, this episode really reminded me that these two are still more dedicated to their family than they are to any sort of supervillainy, something that was certainly present last season but that I just had to be reminded about. It’s really interesting to think that prison might’ve actually helped further reinforce that idea for them as well. Given their skills, I feel like it would’ve actually been relatively easy for them to stay hidden after they broke out, but instead they just turn themselves in right after, knowing that facing the consequences means their sentences will certainly be extended. But if they broke out once before, it stands to reason they could do it again even assuming there’ll be added security to their cells. After all, if they were willing to escape just to see Artemis get looked at by 1 college scout, imagine how they’d react on her 1st game as a starting college quarterback. There’s no way in hell they’d miss something so historic

We also know that they’re both gonna be regulars for season 3, so whether they break out for good or are somehow released, we know we’ll be seeing a lot more of them next year. Now they could of course still be villains, perhaps even the main ones of that season, but I also wouldn’t be too surprised to see them operating separately of both the JSA and whoever the villain(s) end(s) up being and doing more of their own thing

Shade’s definitely gotta still be holding out on some key details, but I actually find myself thinking that he’s sincere, at least just in terms of his basic goal. He doesn’t seem like the power-hungry type, especially since he’s already got a ton of it, and it’d be another parallel w/ the ISA in terms of villains who are actually trying to do something good. But I’m also not completely sold on him based on how shady (pun intended) he’s still being. My main question now is if he really only intends to destroy Eclipso, why didn’t he just say that when the JSA confronted him in the previous episode? Perhaps he, like Pat, thinks that the fewer people who even know of Eclipso’s existence, the better

And while I certainly don’t see him making a full heel turn to the side of good, I think there’s a very real chance that he’ll end up reluctantly and temporarily teaming up w/ the JSA toward the end of the season. Of the villains presented this season, Eclipso is by far the biggest threat so it only stands to reason that that’ll be the final fight. If Shade is sincere in his desire to stop Eclipso, he’ll have to admit that, like w/ the ISA years earlier, his interests will align w/ the JSA’s, and he seems like the type who’s willing to make compromises like that in order to achieve what he wants

While there’s no doubt that Kelly would continue to affect positive change without suiting up, I not only like the fact that the show is continuing to move her character forward in meaningful ways, but also that her reasoning for wanting to become Guardian isn’t because she feels that she needs to be a costumed hero to be useful. This is her really embracing her role as a protector, like she said, which is certainly fitting given the shield she’ll be utilizing. She knows that she’s still able to help out in a lot of ways as just Kelly, but becoming Guardian will still allow her to help the Super Friends even more, and doing the most she can to help as many people as possible is exactly what she and the rest of the team are all about. And it’s not like she’ll now only resort to problem-solving by way of fighting. Of course she’ll be training in order to fully get ready for battle, but her incredible methods of reaching people and being perhaps the most understanding and caring person on the team will remain her biggest strength

Plus on a purely aesthetic level, it’s gonna be so awesome to see Guardian and Sentinel fighting together as girlfriends, similar to Thunder and Wylde from Black Lightning. I really wish we could have more time to see Kelly in action and how it further affects her character, but whether we’d only have a few episodes to see it or a few dozen, it still feels like the right move for her from both a story and character perspective


I am surprised Legends is faring so well in the poll. I thought it was a disappointing episode and really did not like the end, but I also hate the direction they are going with that spoiler. None of the episodes were at their best this week, but for me, Legends was the bottom of the bunch.

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As sad as the ending was, the focus on Spooner and Astra really sold me this week. They both had great performances, especially Spooner, and I just love seeing them team up. They’re a perfect duo in my book


I was talking about the other demise, the Spooner story was really good, ruined by the other though…

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Constantine? Well we knew he wasn’t gonna be back after this season, so him being killed off was unfortunately a real possibility. Although he’s found plenty of ways to evade death before, so maybe there’s still something more in store for this. The finale photos did show that he’ll make 1 last appearance to Zari at least, so we’re not quite done w/ him yet


I actually loved this being used in this episode. To be honest, I did not remember the previous times because they seem to write these into the show so organically that I do not feel it is overused. It was heartbreaking how Spooner still had to ensure her younger self separated from her mom, in order to ensure the older Spooner came to be. I also enjoyed the scenes where she felt she let her mom down but her mom felt this was who she should be. This episode really fleshed out a character in one episode, more character development than I see in many other shows. I also liked how Spooner took the route where she did not kill the bad guys to stay true to her mother. This show has always played a little loose and fast with the impacts from time travel, but now her mother lives longer than 1925, so this makes you wonder what changes will come about. She could help heal an important figure in that time period or something else. Only time (pun intended) will tell. I will say the scenes with her and her mother were so emotional and I got teary eyed.

I could potentially see this, though the temptation to use their skills towards crimes could be too tempting. They are very competitive and committing crimes where they do not get caught may be be the ultimate challenge. Family always comes first and I enjoyed that their motivation was to see her try out. This meant so much to her when she needed it, but Artemis is now on path towards villainy herself because she has been told she cannot further her athletic career at colleges because of her temper. It is interesting to see a couple together who support their kid while being sorta villains, which is a contrast to Cindy’s family experience. Of course if Cindy wants Artemis included she better watch out because there may be a power struggle.

I do believe he is sincere, as he does seem upset over the death of a child due to Eclipso. He seems to align himself with whichever team will help his goals the most, so he will team up with the JSA as long as it suits his purposes. I still would not trust him to watch my back, as he will be focused on his goals. I think there will be moments where they will trust him and this may be even more likely when Dr MidNite returns from his dark dimension now that we know he seems to be alive. I could see Dr MidNite angry at him, unless Shade was trying to protect him for some reason, since he did seem upset over MidNite’s daughter’s death.


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We know Spooner’s arc won’t change since her mother would’ve still been dead by the time she landed at whatever point she did decades in the future, but this is a good point about Gloria. Maybe she just went on to live a quiet, peaceful life of little consequence, or maybe saving her life will have a big impact on history. Maybe we could get some sort of cliffhanger scene about that in the finale, but if it does have an impact, I figure we wouldn’t really dive into that until next season

Maybe Pat could still manipulate this competitiveness of theirs toward doing good. Like they can compete against the JSA or just each other to see who can save the most people. They might still think crime is more fun, but it’d be worth a shot

To be fair, it was just that 1 scout who told her it wouldn’t work, but that may not be the case for other schools. Though it’s also possible that word could spread to other college programs about her vicious temper, but there could still be a chance that Artemis will be able to prove herself to other scouts. But if this was also her #1 choice, that’d still be pretty demoralizing. It still feels like there’s a few different ways her arc could play out here

It’d be pretty amusing to see Chuck finally be freed from the darkness, and the very 1st thing he does is punch Shade in the face :laughing:


Honestly, I expect these encounters on any time traveling show. I’m not tired of it though. Each time has been done differently and been what the character in question has needed in that moment. The mystery with the date and Spooner’s abduction as a child made this even more interesting.

As for the rest of the episode… I mean I knew John was going to go but dang. Bishop is too smart for that John, you really thought just stealing the potion would work? And Rory? I totally forgot he wasn’t coming back next season until it was too late… :frowning: I have no idea about Spooner but I really hope they save her.

I think this is a Legends record though, right? 3 main characters in about ten seconds? Ouch.

I really doubt it. Especially with Artemis all but confirmed joining the ISA this season. If anything, they will be their own style villains without the ISA or any form of team. It’ll all boil down to what happens to Artemis, honestly. I can seem them burning the World down if she gets hurt or dies.

It seems very obvious right now that this is the way The Shade is going. Which is what I suspected last week but it still makes me nervous. His line “There is a difference between bad and Evil.” really sat with me though. I think he is telling the truth. As for teaming up with the JSA? I don’t see him as a team player but anything is possible. He definitely won’t stay around and be friendly after helping them out.

Actually, I’m calling it now. Final battle will be JSA and ISA with The Shade vs a Cindy powered by Eclipso. It seems semi-obvious to me now which makes me think it won’t happen, but I think this is what this season is leading towards.

I think that Kelly and Cecile need to meet. They’d be the ultimate pair. I like the idea of Kelly taking up the Guardian mantle but not as a fighter. Using it to do stuff like she did in this episode to help Joey and those kids.

For a show that does a lot of Social Justice talking, they have a lot of fighters and not enough talkers. I want Kelly to take that spot. Especially with the parallel to Supergirl in that everyone listens when she talks. I think Kelly could be at that level, without having to throw any punches.

Taking up the Guardian mantle, to me, negates her character arc. She is good at helping people she just does it differently from everyone else.

So, that little girl Esme? I assume she’ll be back or she is important, right?

And, dang it, Nia. Don’t listen to the 5th dimension Imps.


Oh 100%. No matter how many bad things they do, you certainly can’t say they’re uncaring parents

Are you thinking the living members of the OG ISA or the new recruits? Possibly both?

That’d be a great team-up! Their focus on strong empathy would be a really good starting point for a potential bond

She’s definitely gonna throw a few punches as Guardian, but it would be interesting to see a costumed hero who still focuses less on the physical fighting. The outfit and shield will certainly help her be a more recognizable symbol and probably make it easier for people to be inspired by her, but it’d also fit her character to be someone who only fights as a true last resort


I was thinking the current versions of the JSA and ISA. Court and Co and Cindy’s recruits. But possibly both is an option too.

Yeah, that is true. I guess I’m just tired of the ‘nice, non-powered friend feels powerless so they take up a hero mantle’ trope. Once or twice is good, but at some point these cities need less masks and more kind faces helping out.

But I think Kelly will be a great help either or both ways. I’m looking forward to her next character arc.