Arrowverse Couch Club Season Two, Week 30: Supergirl Mid-Season Premiere


I think the episode title says it all. This week on the Arrowverse Couch Club, we’re celebrating the return of Supergirl to our screens, as the show’s final 13 episodes kick off with Kara’s return to her family, friends and National City. The Girl of Steel is still reeling from her time trapped in the Phantom Zone, but she’s looking to get back to some sense of normalcy while also getting to show her father, Zor-El, what her life is like as both a reporter and a superhero. Elsewhere, Bishop’s return combined with Mick about to give birth to his alien babies made for a truly imperfect mix on Legends of Tomorrow, while the Justice Society got a potential new ally in their upcoming fight against the Shade on Stargirl.

Legends of Tomorrow – “Silence of the Sonograms”

  • Though we obviously know he can’t be trusted, do you think Ava still had a point in referring to Bishop as family?

Stargirl – “Summer School: Chapter Three”

  • Would you have liked to see Mike have more time with Thunderbolt, or does one episode seem like enough?

Supergirl – “Welcome Back, Kara!”

  • Now that Kara is finally reacting to a traumatic event by looking to fully address it and heal in a healthy way, how are you hoping to see her continue dealing with her trauma?
  • Was this one episode on earth enough Zor-El for you, or would it have been better to see him stick around a bit longer?
Which episode was your favorite?
  • Legends of Tomorrow – “Silence of the Sonograms”
  • Stargirl – “Summer School: Chapter Three”
  • Supergirl – “Welcome Back, Kara!”

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Like she said, it’s incredibly twisted, but there’s still some truth to it. Though we know that she knows the Legends are her family, especially Sara, it’s still gonna hit differently when you’re dealing w/ biological family. As a clone, Ava knows that she doesn’t have anyone truly like that, and so she’s left w/ the closest thing she can have to a blood family member in Bishop. I feel like this is the 1st time we’re really dealing w/ Ava’s family issues since season 3, and because it’s been quite a while since then, I had figured she had managed to put all of that behind her and embrace her life w/ Sara and the team. But this is a good indicator of how old wounds can resurface and make us realize that they were never actually fully healed. Perhaps it’s going to take this mission of confronting Bishop and fully taking him down once and for all to allow Ava to completely heal from this part of her previous trauma. Between Bishop’s return and all the wedding planning, this really is just an imperfect storm of emotions and confusion for Ava, but when she gets through it all, she’s gonna be stronger than ever and even more excited to start this next chapter of her life w/ Sara

While I’m definitely surprised to see that this happened so quickly, I think it’ll ultimately work in the grand scheme of the season. Having Jakeem take over as Thunderbolt’s “master” is the comic-accurate approach, so I’m excited to finally start getting to know him after only getting a few name-drops before this. But more than that, I think it’s gonna play a significant role in Mike’s arc this season. Like Thunderbolt said, he was already feeling alone before this, and now that feeling will probably be even stronger now that he screwed up like he did and couldn’t even hold onto this force that could’ve been his ticked into the JSA for very long at all. Of course his family is now more aware of this, but it’s also to see him once again getting lost in the cracks w/ them now knowing that both Shade and Eclipso are out there and need to be stopped. That’ll likely make for a perfect situation for Cindy to swoop in and fully take advantage of his loneliness and recruit him for the ISA. Of course Mike won’t just be immediately swayed toward the villains, but he could still be just unsure of himself enough to make the difference as far as Cindy’s concerned

First off, it’s just such a relief to see the show taking this direction w/ Kara’s character. There have been far too many instances where she’s gone through something traumatic only to just be sad for a bit before seemingly brushing it off and moving on. Especially last season w/ having to watch her world die a 2nd time and everything she went through w/ Lena, it just feels like she hasn’t been allowed the time to heal from all of that, and it’s important to see that even the strongest heroes aren’t always OK and need to focus on their mental health

So assuming that Kara will continue taking steps to address her trauma, I’d absolutely love to see her start doing therapy w/ Kelly. While it’s great that she still has her friends and family by her side, it’d still be even better to talk all this through w/ a trained professional. But since she’d really need to talk about all that she’s been through as both Supergirl and Kara, especially in the Phantom Zone, she’d need a therapist who knows her secret identity. Despite patient confidentiality, I still doubt she’d feel comfortable telling someone she doesn’t know right off the bat that she’s Supergirl, especially since I’m sure she still wants to keep that circle as small as possible. But now that Kelly knows, it makes her uniquely qualified to handle this particular issue. I know the 2 of them are gonna be teaming up in the next episode, but they’ve still barely spent any time together one-on-one, and Kara definitely needs to get to better know her future sister-in-law (I’m assuming). Having them do therapy together, even if the remaining episodes are only able to dedicate a limited amount of screentime to it, would still be a pretty effective way to both allow Kara to properly heal from her trauma and forge a bond between her and Kelly

Considering that we only have 12 episodes left in the series, I really don’t mind Zor-El only sticking around National City for just 1 episode. The focus should really be kept on the Super Friends, dedicating as much screentime as possible to giving them some meaningful character development to close out their arcs and continuing to develop these new, unique dynamics between some of them. It’s nice that Kara got to spend time w/ her father in a context outside of the suffering of the Phantom Zone, but I feel like if he stuck around, he’d be more of a distraction from the character work that needs to be done. The 1 thing I do dislike about his exit is that we almost certainly won’t get to see his reunion w/ Alura on Argo. Seeing them be reunited after so many years apart, especially if Kara was also there to witness it, would be 1 hell of an emotional scene. I doubt they were able to get Erica Durance to return for multiple episodes under the current circumstances, but maybe we can see both of them return for the finale to help the Super Friends w/ whatever huge battle’s in store

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For Mike I think one episode was perfect. Normally shows like this drag it out, but Stargirl has a fast pace and gets it done in one episode.


Yes and no. Ava needs a family but she has one, the Legends. Bishop is just taking advantage of her at this point. While Bishop ‘created’ her, ‘father’ is more than just creation. Family isn’t just blood. It’s life.

Sorry, I have issues with some ‘blood family’ storylines when the ‘found family’ is obviously a lot better for someone.

But I am happy that Ava was able to talk about what she was feeling and open up more to Sarah.

And John. I really thought he was gonna die. I hate that I saw that John won’t be back next season and Matt will be playing a new character. That’s all I could think about. But I wonder what Bishop has in store for him. It can’t be good.

This one hurt me a bit. His face when the pen disappeared. Ouch. He was so happy when he was able to help the JSA. I really hope they let him stay on and help. Or that Jakeem tells him about the pen.

Also, Mike mirrors Pat so much. He’s the forgotten sidekick. The fact that Pat doesn’t see that hurts me. He basically said the same thing to Mike that Wildcat said to him 11 years ago.

Also, a theory (or two). Dr. Midnite is alive and trapped in Shade’s shadows. Shade is actually trying to stop Eclipso from doing whatever Eclipso does. (I haven’t read these comics but I know enough to know it is bad) I know they want us to look at Shade sympathetically and I’m not all the way there yet, but I do think he is trying to help Blue Valley in his own way.

Hopefully, for more than one episode? TV/movies has a terrible track record of recognizing trauma then they have a realization and the trauma is gone and never mentioned again.(Looking at you Iron Man 3)

I just hope to have good talks and continued support from everyone.

I have never been so skeptical about someone trying to clean the oceans. Half the episode I was convinced he was actually Nyxly.

But again, trauma, a nice talk about it, and now it’ll never be mentioned again. But I don’t know if I can count that because we might not see him again… anyway…

On that note: Argo City lives! I was worried after it was never mentioned in S+L.

I’m nervous and excited for whatever Nia is gonna do to have a talk with her mother. But I am happy to have this addressed. And is Lena gone? Hopefully for only an episode or two? That scene was weird but I know it was for the impact for Nia.

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100% agree, but it’s still interesting to see how blood family can factor into the mix when someone like Ava has already had a found family for years. It certainly doesn’t invalidate how important the Legends are to her, but it’s still an interesting wrinkle to consider in her story

We already know they’re friends, so I’m sure he will, whether immediately or after a little while. Mike could possibly feel more useful in giving Jakeem pointers about Thunderbolt, but that’d only last for a bit

This is a really good parallel, though I feel like if Pat was confronted w/ it, he’d probably justify his position by saying he was still an adult as Stripesy, whereas Mike’s still a kid. But of course the current JSA is already made up of kids, so that argument wouldn’t really get him too far

I’m seeing the theories about Chuck being alive start to take hold more, and I’d be all for that, mainly because Beth would be over the moon about getting to actually meet him. And considering Shade has been redeemed in the comics before, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see him follow a similar arc here

Well S&L just could barely be bothered to mention anything in the wider Arrowverse in general, but we already got confirmation that Argo is still around in Earth-Prime’s universe at the very end of Crisis

Presumably and hopefully. It’s bad enough to have any episodes w/out my favorite character on the show in this final stretch, so hopefully it’s not more than 1 episode. They could really make up for that by having a Lena-centric episode where we see her visiting her home (presumably Ireland), but I’m not holding my breath on that

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I do not agree with her point that he is family. He is not related by blood, but rather he created her, as well as all of the other Ava clones. They do not share DNA. In this way, he is more in line with a deity or god than a family member. Considering that he had planned to keep Sara away from Ava Prime to help take over worlds, I would not trust him much further and he certainly has yet to earn being part of the Legends family. He is a smooth talker certainly and can seem like he cares, but Ava has been through so much ore and for a longer time with the Legends family that those are who she should consider family.

I think the timing was right. It introduced the Thunderbolt to the series, gave enough backstory to explain what it does, so when it next shows up with Jakeem that they do not have to spend story time on this aspect. Also, it seems like they are building towards Shiv being able to convince him to join her team, and since he keeps getting left out, this works perfectly into that. We got to see him get some revenge on the bullies although I do not know how much that is going to ahem stop them, and he helped the team locate the Shade, but as seen by him going right there to help, he might not have been ready. Of course this was building up since they have been leaving him out.

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Once Bishop runs out of material w/ which to manipulate Ava, he’s unhinged enough where I could see him losing control and resorting to this in some sort of tirade. It’d be the kind of moment that shows a villain’s true colors after spending so much time trying to convince everyone, including themselves, that their actions were for the greater good