Arrowverse Couch Club Season Two, Week 19: Black Lightning Series Finale


It’s all come down to this, and only we’ll ever know if it was worth it. After four seasons, we’re saying goodbye to Black Lightning this week at the Arrowverse Couch Club. Though the journey of Jefferson and the rest of the Pierce family may have come to an end sooner than we would’ve hope, the show left behind a unique legacy worth celebrating all capped off by this final chapter. But before leaving our screens, Black Lightning still had some unfinished business as he looked to rise one last time and finally take down his greatest enemy once and for all. And outside of Freeland, Mick took point in leading the Legends to find the next alien in the middle of the Cuban Missile Crisis, Flash’s battle with Nora and the rest of the Forces reached its climax and Superman & Lois finally revealed the truth behind the mysterious “Stranger” who’s been hunting Clark all season.

Legends of Tomorrow – “Bay of Squids”

  • Since Kayla isn’t actually the big bad of the season (that’s apparently Bishop a.k.a. Man Bun from the end of the previous episode), can she actually be trusted or will she just use this opportunity to fulfill her initial agenda of taking Sara back?

Black Lightning – “The Book of Resurrection: Chapter Two”

  • Were you a fan of the twist that “JJ” was a completely different entity only posing as Jen the whole time, or did it perhaps feel like too much in an already busy finale?
  • Do you think Tobias’ death was a fitting way to end his character’s journey, or would it have been better to see him be brought to justice?
  • What has been your favorite/most impactful moment from these last four season?

The Flash – “Family Matters, Part 2”

  • With the Forces now having been fully redeemed and set to start their own separate mission, it looks like this will be another season with a different big bad in the second half. Would you have preferred to see the Forces be the main threat for the entire season, or are you more interested in seeing a new villain take over in 7B?

Superman & Lois – “Man of Steel”

  • While we obviously still have a lot of details left to uncover, what are your first impressions of “Captain Luthor” actually being John Henry Irons a.k.a. Steel?
What was your favorite episode from this week?
  • Legends of Tomorrow – “Bay of Squids”
  • Black Lightning – “The Book of Resurrection: Chapter Two”
  • The Flash – “Family Matters, Part 2”
  • Superman & Lois – “Man of Steel”

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I’m sure Kayla’s intentions here are more selfish than she’s letting on, but I get the feeling that this journey w/ Mick is ultimately gonna steer her at least a little bit toward the Legends’ side. Having to travel across the galaxy in search of Sara, which will likely take quite a while, is the perfect setup for her to develop an unexpected bond w/ Mick (unexpected for them, at least). I saw a reviewer point out that Kayla already seems like Garima (the female warrior from one of Mick’s books who was temporarily brought to life) but real. It seems like a pretty accurate comparison, which makes me think they’ll get actually end up getting along pretty well…maybe a little too well, but we’ll cross that bridge if we get there. Ultimately, if Kayla comes to legitimately care about Mick in any capacity, then she may also come to care for his friends, including Sara, and thus be less inclined to abduct her again

While I definitely think the episode (and the season) could’ve very much benefitted from more time overall to let everything fully breathe, I still absolutely loved this twist! Don’t get me wrong, I had no problem accepting this explanation for why Jen looked different so as to explain China Anne McClain’s absence, but seeing her return for the finale was such an unexpected thrill. Her comments earlier in the year about wanting to step back from acting overall even before it was announced that the show was ending made me think there was no chance she’d return, but I was very much happy to be proven wrong. At the end of the day, it just proved that while Laura Kariuki did a great job stepping into the role, there’s really only one Lightning, and it was amazing seeing Jen master her powers more than she ever has before

Though China’s return does also have me questioning the potential future of Jen’s character. While we now know that Painkiller won’t be getting picked up by the CW, China would’ve returned to film her scenes in the finale before news of that broke, and as far as we know, there were still general plans in place for Jen (and Anissa) to show up on Painkiller as it went on. Does this mean that China would’ve come back to appear on that show as well? If so, does that mean she’s already returned to acting, or would she just stick to smaller appearances going forward? I imagine Painkiller would’ve still fit into the latter, and it could still on the off chance that it gets picked up elsewhere. And there’s also the potential for her and other BL characters to return in 1 of the opening episodes of Flash’s next season since those will feature heroes from other Arrowverse shows. Whatever ends up happening, I just know I want to see more of these characters, Jen included, and so I’ll keep holding out w/ whatever scraps of hope we still have left

Ideally it’d be better for him to spend the rest of his life in prison, but I just don’t think that would’ve been a viable option. Even w/ Looker’s testimony likely being strong enough to actually put him away, his newfound connections w/ that shadowy criminal board he took over likely would’ve provided him the means to avoid jail, assuming his usual connections/resources didn’t do the trick. I just feels like he dug himself in so deep that he was practically above the law, so I’m not sure that it would’ve fit w/ the show’s more grounded tone to expect that he’d stay imprisoned. He really elevated himself to the status of “too dangerous to be kept alive” considering not even the ASA was able to hold him permanently, so I feel like this was really the only way for it to end. And I’m also glad that Jeff was able to end things in a way that didn’t involve actual murder (I’m assuming that Jeff knew about the balcony outside Tobias’ window since he flew in that way, and also that he was only trying to throw Tobias a few feet onto surface just a few feet below, not onto the spike). For all his talk in previous seasons about how murder would corrupt the rest of his family, it wouldn’t have felt right to see Jeff go down that road himself, but he can still rest easier knowing that Tobias will never be able to hurt his family or his city again

There’s obviously a lot of great ones to pick from, but I think the scene that left the biggest impact on me was Bill Henderson’s death from the season 3 finale. There aren’t a ton of moments that can make me burst out into tears, but that was absolutely one of them. I had loved seeing Bill and Jeff’s dynamic over the years, being at odds several times but still always able to come together and work with each other for the greater good of protecting Freeland. As painful as it was to watch, I was also able to still take comfort in knowing that Bill got to go out as a hero, sacrificing his life to save Jeff. It was a beautifully heartbreaking moment, and I’m glad that Jeff was able to honor his best friend and save Freeland from its greatest threat before he hung up the metaphorical cape for good

In terms of happier moments, seeing Jeff finally cross over into the main Arrowverse in Crisis was such a huge thrill. Even though we obviously knew about it beforehand, it’s something I had been wanting to happen for quite a while, and so actually getting to see it play out in screen was just amazing

Though I certainly didn’t hate the Forces, I was starting to get a little tired of how often each of them kept flipping sides from seemingly good to seemingly bad, or vice versa. The show seems to love that betrayal twist too much, and I’m just really hoping that the next big bad, whether it’s Godspeed or someone else, is a little more straightforward in that regard. Even though I didn’t think this half of the season was able to capitalize on the momentum from the 1st few episodes, there’s still plenty I’m still looking forward to seeing. Cisco’s departure in the next episode, as sad as it’s gonna be, should still provide some genuinely emotional moments in a mostly good way. There’s the looming 150th episode that’ll not only see the return of several speedsters, but also have Impulse’s debut, which I’m still pretty excited about. There’s the prospect of Godspeed finally getting a decent amount of screentime and getting some actual character development, which has plenty of promise. And even if 7B ends up being a dud, I’ll still be excited for season 8 and the mini crossovers that’ll be happening in each of the 1st 5 episodes. Regardless of my frustrations w/ the show, they just keep finding ways to continue reeling me in

This actually makes a lot of sense looking back on his scenes, and I really love how they were able to pull off a legitimate surprise like this. Of course it only took 1 mention of “Captain Luthor” for everyone to assume this was some other version of Lex or a member of the Luthor family from another world, but John Henry never actually referred to himself as a Luthor. And while someone w/ the brilliant mind of a Luthor would certainly be capable of building weapons like he’s had this season, it actually fits in better w/ John Henry’s usual persona, especially the silver suit. We just didn’t think of Steel since it was lacking the usual features like a face, the S logo and a red cape, but it very much fits. Hell, even the episode title was a giveaway that I’m sure most of us brushed off since it’s been used to describe Clark a lot more than it has for John Henry. Plus, it also maintains the Arrowverse’s established rules that doppelgängers who leaked onto Earth-Prime after Crisis can’t survive alongside their counterpart for too long, as his doppelgänger ultimately died 6 years ago

After all this, what we’re left w/ is a new and fascinating version of Steel who’s likely going to be at a crossroads soon. Sure, he’s still very much anti-Supes right now, but there’s always the potential for that to change. We’ll have to see just how similar this Superman is to the Superman on his world was before he went all Injustice, as it could end up being that the two Clarks are actually very similar as heroes, thus giving more credibility to John Henry’s fear. Of course that Superman also didn’t have Lois in his life, so she could really end up being the key difference in keeping him on the side of good (also similar to Injustice!). As the fight to stop Morgan Edge goes on, John Henry could remain a villain to Superman, or perhaps his mind will be changed and we could ultimately be watching the heroic origin story of Steel in the Arrowverse…


Blind post, mostly to avoid spoilage. Last week worked out well, so I am looking forward to doing the same for this week. Plus there is the late night watch, so with a litte forethought, I can have quite the marathon.


I’m torn on this one. But I love how the two of them took the whole Waverider instead of the small jet (Whose name totally escapes me) and just left the team stranded in Cuba in 1962. I think she and Mick will work well together and maybe a reunion with Sara and Gary would be funny.

I love the idea of the forces. But it was time for them to go. It was getting too complicated and I’m still confused. If Nora thought the three were creating the storm and the three thought Nora was doing it… who was actually doing it? How can Nora be the Speed Force avatar if Barry is there? Why don’t the other three have users separate from their avatars? They could have done so much with the Forces but it just got so complicated that it felt like they did nothing with them.

But I’m excited to see the rest of the season. And happy to get away (hopefully) from the cheesy Family one-liners. I nearly cried at the Impulse mention… That was terrible…

I had this slightly spoiled for me before I watched it. I saw that it was revealed that he was someone else but I didn’t see who. Then at the first mention of ‘Nat-bug’ I put it all together.

I think he will be a great ally for the Super Team. Once he realizes that Clark isn’t going to kill him. But now, he should know that Clark = Kal-El, right? His whole family showed up. So, that should help him realize that Clark isn’t the threat he was on his planet.

I’m just happy for Steel to be here and hopefully Nat too. Maybe this will also make Earth Prime realize that the multiverse still exists?

Also, I am loving Jon and Jordan together. They are perfect. I am, slightly, sad to basically see confirmation that Jon has no powers. Maybe they will show up later? :crossed_fingers:

And to jump back to last week’s theory. Jordan used his powers at home while Jon wasn’t there. :woman_shrugging:

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They just called it the jump ship, though it hasn’t actually been used since season 4, so maybe it has an actual name post-Crisis or just doesn’t exist anymore? (it definitely still exists) I’m just guessing that since this isn’t gonna be the type of short trip the jump ship is usually good for, they wouldn’t have wanted to be stuck and cramped in there for a while before finding Sara. Plus the Waverider is a lot better prepped to fight back against any alien threats they might (probably will) run into

I assumed it was all of them unintentionally causing it just by existing and being in complete conflict w/ each other. Though I’m not really clear if them coming together calmed down the storm enough to where Barry was able to stop it, or if they came together too late but Barry was still able to stop it at full force. I guess it doesn’t really matter either way

I hadn’t actually considered this discrepancy between the other 3 Forces taking the lives of existing people vs. the Speed Force taking the life of a dead woman. I guess since the Speed Force had appeared as Nora several times before, it was just the form it was used to, whereas the other Forces had never taken a human appearance before since they had never existed before that night. Like it was a regular birth for the 3 Forces but a rebirth for the Speed Force. I guess I’ll just work w/ that assumption since I can’t imagine the show clearing it up any further

Now when Bart tells Barry and Iris his superhero name, they’re just gonna think of the night of his conception :grimacing:

I did find it amusing that he’s yet another victim of falling for the glasses disguise, but I’m not sure this will be a given. At best, he would’ve gotten only a slight glimpse at who was behind the wheel of the truck that hit him, but I doubt he got any sort of full look at Jonathan and Jordan. Plus Clark finished knocking him unconscious and probably blocked his view of the boys, so I imagine he just woke up in a military cell. And even if he did fully get to see the boys, it doesn’t necessarily prove that Supes is Clark. For all he knows, they could just be a couple random kids who happened to be around and wanted to help Superman. I guess it could make him suspicious, but either way, I still don’t think he actually saw them

Maybe, but maybe not. We really don’t know the story of Superman on John Henry’s earth before he went all murderous dictator. That Superman could’ve still been Clark Kent beforehand, but it’s possible John Henry doesn’t even know who that Supes’ true identity was at all. If he did, wouldn’t he have targeted Clark or whoever that Supes’ alter ego was from the start?

Even though Earth-Prime John Henry is dead, there’s always a possibility that Earth-Prime Nat is still around… :eyes:

Not if it follows the same path Supergirl and Batwoman did w/ Winn, Brainy and Alice/Beth’s dopplegangers. They’d probably just realize that this is another case of a multiversal remnant leaking out post-Crisis like those others but that the multiverse is still gone (to them)

Forgot about this while I was watching, but yeah, this did get disproved. Jordan was able to use his super-hearing at home while Jonathan at school, nowhere in the vicinity. Ah well, it was fun to speculate on that while it lasted

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I had actually assumed it was just using the form of Nora because that is what Barry is used to. I didn’t think they had reanimated Nora as the Speed Force… But still doesn’t really explain the other three. Maybe that will be cleared up eventually.

I loved how he was just like ‘Oh, that’s her dumb husband, don’t mind him’ to the AI. Brilliant. Either way, I hope Steel comes around. He would be a good addition in the fight against Edge.

Also, does the girl (whose name I just forgot) with the powers, know who Clark is? She seems to be very good a listening around town. And Lois has called him Superman out of costume a couple time… That would be an interesting revelation.

Thank you. I knew it had a small name. Couldn’t remember it. But this also leaves Kayla and Mick with possible malfunctioning Gideon… So that could be fun.
The team crashing Constantine’s house will be fun too. I’m sure Astra will be thrilled.

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That’s Leslie Larr, and I don’t think it’s been confirmed if she knows so I guess we can just assume she doesn’t for now, but it’s certainly a good observation. Since Lois and Clark know that Leslie has Kryptonian powers, they really should be more weary about that kind of thing considering there’s someone evil w/ super-hearing lurking around Smallville

Very much so. I’ve been missing her since the premiere, so I’m glad the next episode is gonna bring more attention back to her!

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Thank you. I’m not able to remember anything right now. It seems. :laughing:

And ditto for Astra! I thought she was going to be a regular this season, not recurring. So I’m excited to see her again.


Olivia Swann was announced to be a regular last year, but even series regulars hardly ever appear in every single episode. Hell, even Sara was absent this time around, so you never really know who’s gonna show up in a given episode…unless they appear in the episode teaser or photos beforehand, that is

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I do not think Kayla can be fully trusted, but if anyone can pull out the good in her, it’s Mick! I’m sorry, I am a little biased here, as he is my favorite from the show and I have been enjoying the increased usage of his character these past few weeks. He’s a father now, he has a “family” with the Legends, and he cares for other people. Still rough around the edges, but I think that will fit in well with Kayla. I think he mission to capture Sara was in service to Bishop. It seems like she was more the mercenary to bring the most superior creatures to Bishop, if I were to guess. They did talk of her being one of the worst gangsters across the galaxy and feared among so many, but could it be they were referring to a different gangster, maybe one with a man bun? It seems Kayla may be more of the kind you hire to get something done than the mastermind behind it. I still think she is not to be trusted, but she most likely will not be taking Sara back especially if she has already been delivered to who she was supposed to be.

I loved the twist that JJ was not the original Jen! It was such a surprise to see the original Jen come back for the finale. This show has always been about family, so it was good to see them all reunited. I was OK until this episode with JJ being Jen because it seemed to fit and I did not know the actress was coming back. It also gave her someone to fight besides just the chief of police, although I wonder as she ran into JJ and she just disappeared. Makes me wonder if JJ is still a part of her as it did not appear she was destroyed. We just assumed she was. I guess we will never know.

As for Tobias, I do find it a fitting end. We have seen season after season where he has escaped justice. Even with Looker willing to talk, I am sure he would have another plan in place to keep himself out of prison. He was a slippery one, and it frustrated me this season to see everything he needed to do was done and he kept taking apart the Pierces. There was really only one way for him to get what he deserves and also to wrap up the fact that he knows Jeff’s secret identity. PLus, can we talk about the return of Lala? It was good to see him come back and he awakes to find Tobias’ place and looks ready to take over (but then again we will never know).
Hmm, most impactful moment? I think back to when the pastor led the peaceful protest in the streets against the 100, along with Khalil, and the pastor got shot, while Khalil was paralyzed. This led him to the path to becoming Painkiller. It was also still kept the show grounded in reality with protests against violence in cities and it showed how characters that were in several episodes were still not safe. The pastor went on to rally people after the shooting as well.
I also remember the scene where Tobias ripped out the spine he gave to Khalil and left him for dead. This really showed his brutality and it was terrifying. The following episodes where they try to save his life and it looks like he died were so real and emotional and kept the show still grounded as they started to branch out with spine implants letting him walk again.

I will admit the forces did not do it for me as bad guys. The forces other than Nora seemed to be just like any other Meta, and did not seem that different or necessarily godlike. Also, the heel turn for Nora also has been done before where someone they trust and know becomes evil. How many times has the Flash done this already? Once again we resolve with words. I am more excited to see the second half of the season with true villains and not intangible concepts like forces. Also, we get to see their daughter again and…finally meet Impulse!!! I have seen the pictures of the suit and it is spot on for the character (I should know…) This season has been off to a slow start because they had to first resolve the Eva storyline from last season, then show what happenned to Ralph since the actor was fired, then say goodbye to Wells, get back the speed force so Barry stops whining about losing his powers, then the forces (yawn)…I am looking for one focused story for the second half with one bad guy so we can get back to excitement again. Just my opinion.

This was awesome!!! It now makes sense as you look over previous episodes. Yes Lex is a genius, but he was never really mechanical and this character has been working on a lot of equipment. They threw us off with the AI calling him Luthor, so we never questioned it. When I watched this episode, I had the feeling about the reveal from early on when they introduced his daughter Nat. ONce I heard that I knew. Seeing him use the hammer and have it actually be able to take on Superman was very cool! Clark had his life saved by his boys using a truck and Jordan learning how to focus his hearing. I am looking forward to how this plays out now that he is in custody.


Hey it’s another L L name for the Superman show! Leslie Larr, Lex Luthor, Lana Lang, Lois Lane


That seems to be the most likely outcome of that. Even if JJ never resurfaces, perhaps by absorbing her, Jen was able to take in all the memories and feelings JJ experiences during her time having a form. It might not be much compared to what she had already lived beforehand, but it could also help her better understand the ionosphere going forward

I had no problem w/ this scene being in the episode in general, but I did find it odd that it was the very last scene of the series. I really felt that it should’ve been the second-to-last, w/ the scene of the family back at Anissa’s place being the final one. That would’ve felt like a much more appropriate ending, but at least we still got it in general. Also, while I certainly don’t hate Lala, I’ve also never been able to get into his character much, so that also contributed to my feelings on it. It doesn’t have anything to do w/ the writing or acting, I just can’t get intimidated by a crime boss who purposefully names himself after a Teletubby

Such a great moment. Not only did it help further establish the show’s impactful tone w/ mirroring real-world events, but Khalil being was incredibly impactful considering it’s what set him on his entire Painkiller journey

When you have to constantly repeat that these figures are like gods instead of just letting such powers play out, it really doesn’t help fully establish such a reputation. Show, don’t tell

One half of your username down, one half to go! I guess the longer the show goes on, the better chance we have of seeing Max Mercury show up


Black LIghtning - I did like the JJ twist. I felt satisfied when it ended, so while a bit busy, a good end to a good show. If there was a renewal, Tobias might have lived to face justice, but I also would have been very happy with a fifth season and a dead Tobias. Truly, a |chef’sKiss.gif| villain.

My favorite episode is probably the pre-crisis one.

Flash - I liked that the forces solution was to unite them into one big happy family. And not dragged out, so I welcome the new big bad.

S&L - I liked this take on Steel - the armor and hammer was not inspired by Superman, but to destroy him. And my initial assumption was wrong: that his Superman lost it because of the death of his Lois Lane.

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Chef's kiss

Oh yeah, that’s another great one. Finally getting to see alternate versions of the characters was awesome, especially the confirmation that the Pierces existed on Earth-1 alongside most of the rest of the Arrowverse

Yeah, it looks like it was due to Edge and the X-Kryptonite based on John Henry’s words. It makes it more understandable why he’s going after Superman here. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that his world’s Superman was a also perfectly good hero before turning evil

I want to know how it played out. John Henry’s Lois Lane’s televisted death showed multiple sets of laser eyes. At first, I wondered if they were those classic androids, but maybe they are X-K powered humans?

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There’s a number of ways it could’ve gone down. I imagine we’ll get the missing pieces of the story, including Steel’s last moments before he came to Earth-Prime, when Clark interrogates him in the next episode

Don’t forget the Sam Lane drama.

While we were led astray with an AI saying Captain Luthor, I wonder how reliable what captured John Henry has to say and to whom.

The current scenarios of Kal-El turning against humanity that I can think of:

  • Justice Lords - which is more taking control by force after executing President Luthor
  • Injustice - the death of Lois Lane, but in the context of the show, JH’s Kal-El loses his beloved and then turns. I will also factor out whether he is manipulated into it or just unable to make it in time to make the save - she dies and then he proverbially loses it.

The newsclip showed a black suit. I also thought I heard Lois say Kryptonians, as in the plural, which is why I am not so keen on X-K powered humans. unless said humans are just as susceptible to the green? Any other scenarios that I am not aware of?

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Considering he still thinks of himself as the hero and now that his full identity has been revealed, I figure he probably feels like he doesn’t have anything further to gain from lying. We should still take what he has to say w/ a grain of salt, but that’s still an improvement from before

I’m pretty sure she did say that, and I assumed it still referred to the people turned w/ X-K just as much as it did Superman. I have to figure that w/ Kryptonian powers, they’re also susceptible to the same weaknesses since that’s usually how it goes. Leslie Larr seems to have all of Superman’s powers, so I’d have to figure that she’d also be weakened by kryptonite even though she wasn’t actually born on Krypton