Arrowverse Couch Club Season Two, Week 17: Supergirl Mid-Season Finale


After being stranded in the Phantom Zone without her powers, Kara is finally ready to come home. This week at the Arrowverse Couch Club, we’re saying goodbye to Supergirl for a while, as the final season mid-season finale sees the Super Friends finally ready to bring their fearless leader back to National City, but not before having to confront their greatest fears. Also this week on the CW, the Legends of Tomorrow tracked their first historical alien in the hopes of getting a lead on Sara’s location, both Cluemaster and Stephanie Brown made their Arrowverse debuts on Batwoman, Black Lightning finally saw the Pierces gain some much-needed ground in their fight against Tobias and The Flash recruited the “Timeless” Harrison Wells once again, this time to fight the very source of Barry’s powers.

Legends of Tomorrow – “Meat: The Legends”

  • Was it the right move to give Zari and Behrad each their own wind totem, or would you rather have seen them navigate having to share the one?

Batwoman – “I’ll Give You a Clue”

  • With another Batfamily member making their debut in Stephanie Brown, are you hoping to see more of Morgan Kohan as the (potential) future Robin, Batgirl and/or Spoiler?

Black Lightning – “The Book of Reunification: Chapter Two”

  • Amidst all the regular craziness in Freeland this week, Jeff brought up an interesting point that though he and Lynn have acted like a married couple for years now, they’ve never officially gotten re-married. Would you prefer to see them get married again by the end of the finale, or is their current status quo a good enough note to leave on?

The Flash – “Timeless”

  • Though it had already been announced before this episode that Carlos Valdes (and Tom Cavanagh) would be leaving the show this season, this episode started to set up Cisco and Kamilla’s exit even earlier than many fans might’ve been anticipating. Though we’ll obviously all be sad to see Cisco leave, does this still feel like the right move given the state of the show or is it totally unnecessary to write out another member of original Team Flash?

Supergirl – “Fear Knot”

  • After directing another episode this week, David Harewood (Martian Manhunter) confirmed on Twitter that he shot a scene for the ending with Kara in a big group hug with the rest of the Super Friends, but it ended up getting cut. Do you feel this should’ve been included, or was the reunion between just Kara and Alex a good enough way to end this half of the season?
What was your favorite episode this week?
  • Legends of Tomorrow – “Meat: The Legends”
  • Batwoman – “I’ll Give You a Clue”
  • Black Lightning – “The Book of Reunification: Chapter Two”
  • The Flash – “Timeless”
  • Supergirl – “Fear Knot”

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From a comedic standpoint, I figure there probably would’ve been more potential out of seeing them bicker over sharing the totem and the mishaps 1 of them gets into when the other is using it. And from a character perspective, it could’ve given them more opportunities to bond as they learned to balance their needs and wants when it comes to the totem. But at the same time, I could also see a status quo like that get old after not too long, and there are still some definite positives to this move as well

For one, I love any excuse to see Zari 1.0 again, and even though she was only back for a few seconds here, it definitely enhanced that moment a lot. On the action side, double the totems means double the heroes, which means we should get even better fight scenes, and that’s always a plus. And the fact that Zari 1.0 was able to split the totem does raise some questions about how they’ll operate going forward. Like what if splitting it actually means that both totems now only have half the power of the original? This would then present an issue to Zari and Behrad on whether to reunite the totems to restore the one’s full strength or learn how to better manage their new totems at a lesser power level. Of course it may very well be that both of these totems just operate at full strength anyway thus causing no problems in that department, but it’s still fun to think about the storytelling possibilities

Absolutely! I had no idea that Stephanie was gonna be making her Arrowverse debut until just a few days before this episode, and that seems to be by design. Because of that, it was a very pleasant surprise to see that not only was she gonna be appearing, but that she’d be doing so alongside her dad, Cluemaster. As much as I don’t want this show to rely too heavily on the Batman legacy, as it should be able to fully carve out a legacy for Batwoman herself, the occasional Batman villain/ally appearing is still pretty exciting and can strike a great balance between trying to rely too heavily on the source material or not enough. And I just really enjoyed her character, as she was able to back up her snarky confidence w/ a brilliant mind. Plus I really enjoyed her chemistry w/ Luke (though I’m also upset that we had another kiss this season that’s still not a lesbian one), and so I have to figure they’ll want to see a lot more of each other (Tim Drake would like to know your location, Luke). Based on the showrunner’s comments, it doesn’t sound like we’ll see Stephanie again this season, but she did say she’s interested in bringing her back for season 3, so that definitely makes me more optimistic. I know some fans were complaining about her red hair when Steph has only ever been blonde in the comics, but maybe this was her way of distancing herself from her dad? Granted, that could’ve easily been brought up in this episode, but if we do end up seeing more of her, I’d also hope that she could have the proper hair, even though it’s not a deal-breaker. And if she does return, maybe Ryan could even end up getting her own Robin? No, I’m just kidding…unless…

If the writers had more time to prep this as the final season, I think there’d be a much better chance that we’d see Jeff and Lynn get married again. But even given the current circumstances, I still think there’s a real chance of it happening, and I think that, along w/ a proper reception for Anissa and Grace, could be a great way to end the show. These two have obviously had a lot of serious problems over the course of the series, and you can definitely see why they got divorced in the 1st place. But no matter how ugly things between them got, they never truly gave up on the family, including each other. The fact that they’re still together after all this is really a strong indicator of just how much they’re meant to be. Given all the darkness and ugliness we’ve seen throughout these 4 seasons, I think it’d be a great move to give us something truly happy for once and have them get re-married. That followed by a celebration of their new marriage along w/ Anissa and Grace would be a perfect reminder of what they keep fighting for – family

Considering that Cisco’s already had a couple of extended trips away from Central City and has been (mostly) w/out his powers for some time now, I feel more prepared than I would’ve initially thought at the idea of him leaving. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely gonna be sad to see someone who’s been around since the pilot leave after so many years, but we’ve still got 4 original characters sticking around as regulars in Barry, Iris, Caitlin and Joe. W/ them still being around to hold down the fort, it makes it easier to accept another OG leaving. And while I wish it could’ve manifested differently, Cisco and Kamilla leaving does ultimately leave more screentime for the remaining characters, which does address my earlier concern about the show getting too crowded when Chester and Allegra became regulars. If the writers don’t try stuffing in too many characters going forward and allow the ones they have to keep developing in meaningful ways like not sending them to jail for life (yes, I’m still mad about that), then this could end up being a surprisingly effective move. Of course we also don’t know if this was purely a creative decision or if it was Carlos’ call to leave, and knowing the circumstances behind that will ultimately have an impact on my feelings about the move. But for now, I’m just gonna focus on remembering all the good that Cisco has brought to the show

It was definitely lacking, and it’s not even the 1st time something like this has happened this season. Between this and not getting to see the scene of Alex telling Kelly that Kara’s Supergirl, I just don’t understand why the producers seem so against actually showing us what we want to see, especially in the final season. While I have no problem w/ Alex being the 1st to see Kara upon her return, everyone else has a close relationship w/ her as well and has been working tirelessly to get back the person they’ve been dearly missing this whole time. Of course Kara and Alex’s relationship is the defining one of the series, but cutting out a scene like the group hug at the end seems to give off the impression that the rest of the characters just don’t really matter. It also just gives off the impression that the writers/producers either don’t know what the fans want, which is crazy considering how vocal this show’s fanbase is online, or are just actively ignoring it, which would be even worse

My fear is that the next episode in August will just gloss over Kara’s reunion w/ everyone else and start off w/ her back on earth, just about ready to get back to her life. But considering that we’ve got more than 3 months until that episode, there’s also plenty of time for initial plans to be changed. Given all the backlash this is getting, the show could easily fix things by having 6x08 open w/ that hug between Kara and Alex, and then going right into the previously cut group hug. I don’t trust them to actually do that, even though it seems like the obvious move at this point, but it’d be an effective and efficient way to appease fans in what should be a season that has at least a decent amount of fanservice

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I love the introduction of Spoiler to this show! I grew up with the Batman comics in the 90’s and I enjoyed the introduction of a heroic offspring of a villain. It was an interesting dynamic to show that people could change and don’t have to follow where their genes or background raised them.
My memory is a little fuzzy from the comics, but I think the version introduced on Batwoman seemed much more intelligent. She seemed to be the perfect foil to Luke and it was cute seeing them interact together. The actress has that familiar look to me as well, and she seems to be an additional asset if they need to bring together the brain trust like on Flash when they have Cisco (sniff, sniff) and Wells (I’ve got something in my eye) and Chester together to work on a problem.
Seeing her father with his long blonde hair and he looked like he stepped out of the comic books. I was a little disappointed that he went through all this trouble with an endgame of murder-suicide. He seemed to be a much smarter character than that. It was almost like he felt he achieved what he wanted to (he didn’t as Sophie was still alive) and wanted to end it like Kraven’s Last Hunt.
The only thing I missed was her taking on the name of Spoiler, but she did spoil her father’s plans. Pointer just did not have the same feel and I feel she will not take it anyways because of her dad.

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To be honest, there still seems like a lot to wrap up in the final two episodes, so I do not really want to see a wedding squeezed in there. They seem to get along OK as a divorced couple, and at this point, I do not see what this would add. Now, if they both make it out of this series alive, we can always imagine they get married down the road as long as they are together. My thoughts though are is it really best for them if they get back together? All season, it has seemed that Lynn has been mad at Jeff for a lot of things, and she was humiliated in jail, plus Jeff also seems to have his own trust issues with her. I am not sure both are at the best place to get remarried yet, as it seems they have a ways to go. It would be like when Clark and Lois were broken up forever in the comics, but to tie into the tv show marrying them, they resolved their issues seemingly in one issue and got back together to get married. That is how I would feel if in the next two episodes this happens.

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First, do we know they are writing him out or is the actor wanting to move on to other things? He has been on for seven seasons, and he may just want to move on. Out of respect to his character, it seems they are giving him a happy ending and not killing him off, so they can leave it open to future appearances like if they need tech support in an episode or something. I do feel the show, no pun intended, is starting to run out of steam and if they have now written out Frost, as well as now Cisco and Wells, maybe it is time for it to end. Having a person they trust turn bad like Nora, again for what feels like the umpteenth time, and having to fight forces that seem more like metas than anything different, just seems tired. Also, it still seems like we have fights between Barry and his team about trust issues and going it alone because he is the only one who can…has he not learned anything from previous seasons where he tried that?
So, as much as I am sad to see Cisco go, and earlier than expected, it is understandable. They reduced his role earlier by having him travel the world after Crisis documenting what changed, then only pulled him in like they pulled in Wells.
And as much as they have tried building up Chester and Allegra, they just don’t seem to have the same chemistry as the original team. The episode in the nineties was a step in the right direction for CHester, but Allegra has not had much beyond advancing the plot or contacting someone to help.
One final note on this episode: They went through all the trouble to save the harness piece, BArry goes back in time, he captures the forces, then decides the team was right and just breaks the device. So, you are telling me that nothing happenned in the episode because they are back at where they started in the beginning and the whole team can say I told you so. Frustrating to me.

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I agree it would get tiresome for them to share the totem. In the heat of battle would one use it then throw it to the other to use? Would they swap between missions? It did not make much sense.
Now, B and Z can be the Wonder Twins! Just with identical powers, but maybe differences in how they choose to use them. Sorry could not resist.
My question is what happens to Zari 1.0 with two totems? Does she reside in only one of them, or both? If she resides in both, do we now have two Zari Original? Is it Zari 1.0 and 1.5? It was never clear to me as I thought she resided in the totem from when they showed the others entering it to speak to her, but is there some other place she resides and can manage it from both places? I am OK with each having their own, even if kinda duplicates powers, but this is the question I had.

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By the way, please be sure to see my in-depth summary for all you Legendary Island of Misfits fans out there:

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Flash - The Paragon of Love is nothing without his beloved. But I liked the overall theme of taking responsibility even if you create gods. the change in line up should be good: for the show as well as the actors leaving. I have been done with Wells for a while, but at least they got inventive. And as a character actor, I would hope he has grown. I would also rather keep Cisco, but that he is leaving with his girl makes for better head canon and/or a shipper’s springboard.

Batwoman - There is a lot going on in this episode: the anticipated Jacob OD, Alice and Kate, Sophie and Ryan. Is Stephanie Brown canonically a ginger?

More later…

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Fingers crossed for Steph joining Team Bat in season 3!

That’s a pretty solid analysis. I don’t doubt that Arthur Brown is highly intelligent, but as we’ve seen w/ so many villains before, his ego and desire for revenge definitely would’ve clouded his judgment and thus give the good guys the chance to take him down. Who knows how long he would’ve kept terrorizing Gotham if Steph hadn’t stepped in 5 years ago to stop him?

She did specifically say “Spoiler alert” and “spoiled” during the episode, and I’m pretty sure the writers would’ve put in more lines like that if they could’ve found ways to work it in. They’re pretty obvious easter eggs, but it’s always nice to see an acknowledgement of her comic history

If they went the route of what Anissa and Grace tried last season and tried to get married before the active threat was eliminated, I’d definitely agree w/ you. I guess what I’m imagining is that after they stop Tobias once and for all and things calm down, then it’ll be better timing to make that happen

This is all true about their dynamic, but them getting officially married wouldn’t really change things from how they are now. They still live in the same house, sleep in the same bed and keep supporting each other despite their arguments. Making the marriage official again and celebrating a little would definitely be earned after stopping Tobias, but I doubt it’d actually change much in the long run. They could certainly decide to fully split up if they decide they can’t truly reconcile their differences, and I would understand that even if it’d also make me pretty sad. But if they decide to stay together, why not just go all the way w/ it?

I can’t really disagree w/ you there. I’m still of the opinion that the show has gradually declined in quality as it’s gone on, and while there are still plenty of good moments, it just doesn’t have nearly the same level of quality that it did in the 1st 2 seasons. Even though we know there’s gonna be an 8th season, it’s always possible that, like Arrow, the 8th season could be the last. The ratings have also been declining pretty steadily, and while I know that’s not the only factor the CW looks at when deciding whether or not to continue shows, it’s gotta at least play a role. But we’re also not even halfway done w/ season 7, so if it were to end next season, that probably wouldn’t be announced for a while, at least until this season ends

The ironic thing is that I’ve liked Chester most when he’s interacting and bonding w/ Cisco, so once he leaves, will Chester still be a solid character? They’re certainly gonna have to try even harder to make that the case soon enough. And I do know we’re getting an Allegra-centric episode later on, so that’ll be a prime opportunity for her to really get some development, if it’s done well, of course

In a sense, yes, but the team does also have a different mindset for how to deal w/ the forces going forward, especially Barry and Iris. They both needed to go out and deal w/ the forces the way they thought was best in order to come back together and realize that they both had some good points and that neither of them was fully right. I do understand the frustration from a plot perspective, but sometimes talking about how to deal w/ the problem just isn’t enough. It’s times like these where plans need to be implemented so that everyone can come back together to learn from what they just did and go from there. I guess you can think of it like them needing to get this out of their systems before they can truly move forward

Damn, I actually wish they were fraternal twins now so that this joke could fully work! But Zari’s still the older sister, so I guess they’re just the Wonder Siblings? That doesn’t have as good a ring to it

That’s a good point that I hadn’t thought of, but I’m not sure anything actually changes w/ her. Even w/ 2 totems, there can still be just 1 place where Zari 1.0 resides and is able to influence the totems like this. But that’s just if the writers take a simplified approach. There are plenty of ways they could use this move to further complicate the totem situation, but we’ll just have to wait and see if anything else happens on that front

For sure, after the way things ended w/ Cynthia, Cisco deserves a happier ending than that, so you really couldn’t have him leave while leaving Kamilla behind or having them go their separate ways

Nope, she’s always been blonde in the comics. It looks like Morgan Kohan is a redhead irl, but the hair color is still a creative decision since she could’ve dyed it or worn a wig. I didn’t see the hair color change get addressed in any interviews or anything, so we’re just left to speculate on that for now

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You brought up a lot of good points too. This is why I like this weekly discussion. We can have different viewpoints, not get upset because we don’t see it the other person’s way, and add to our understanding.
I can see that Lynn and Jeff do love each other and fight like any longtime couple do. I did enjoy early episodes where they all interacted as a family. So a wedding might be nice I just don’t want it to seem like another thing pushed into closing up the series.
Good point with Chester and Cisco. Without him to bounce off of, will we enjoy him as much? Or will he take over Cisco’s role as techy nerd who knows pop culture. I am glad they seem to be writing him out naturally and allow for a cameo in future.
I’ve enjoyed the early years of Flash but some later seasons have been eh. I mean prior to Crisis team Flash moped about his impending death so not much happened. I hold out hope for rest of season with Godspeed and return of future west kids.
Finally I forgot to mention how the team mentioned to Barry exactly my complaint at the start of the season: talking down villains instead of fighting them. This seems to be the strategy they want which is ok as long as there is action too

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That and the celebration wouldn’t have to take up too much time. Maybe just like 10-15 minutes at the very end of the finale or something

100%. Who else could fill that role?

What’s interesting is that neither talking nor fighting seems to be their preferred approach to the forces, at least not directly. They’ve already tried both approaches and have failed, so something different’s gotta be done, though I’m sure there’ll be some fighting if they can manage to train the other forces properly

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Black Lightning - While a big part of season 1 was Jeff working to get back with Lynn, getting (re)married at this point may not be as important as how well the relationship works. Why Is the status of “husband and wife” so important to Jeff? Lynn definitely seems like she wants to be with Jeff, but her thoughts on (re)marriage have yet to come up.

Let me put it this way: If an ex-marine named Jon Stewart is at the (re)wedding in any capacity, then by all means …have at it.

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I mean we already know he exists, so why not just show him for the ultimate cameo?

To finish this week…

Supergirl - I liked the perspective changes to highlight individual experiences. I am not so bummed about not seeing a group hug. I was a little more interested in Kara’s bio-dad being introduced to the Friends. I am going to guess if that chunk of Argo City still exists, Mr. Zor-El will end up there. I also liked Brainy’s admission of being a horrible time traveler.

Legends of Tomorrow - Zari 1.0 is always good to see, but can she really split the totem like that? I thought her spirit just resided there. But to respond to everyone’s speculations: even though there are two (2), it is one (1) pocket dimension, therefore she resides in both. Splitting them might either lessen individual power (so that full power is both at the same time) or cannot be used at the same time (for lack of a better reason, there is only one (1) Zari 1.0). I think I would have preferred they try to navigate sharing. It would have also been good if Behrad admitted to taking it; that he chose the totem, not the other way around.

Gary and Sara is to Sheldon and Penny has its …nuances. :sunglasses: :rofl:

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That’d certainly make the most sense. I know from the next episode preview that he wants to stick around for at least a little while and see how Kara lives on earth, but it’d only make sense that he’d eventually go to Argo to be back w/ Alura. My main fear w/ that is that the show will completely forget about Argo and just have Zor-El stay on earth indefinitely because they don’t know what else to do w/ him

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That would not be the worst thing. Clark would gain an uncle. I am hoping the series finale just leaves a good taste in my mouth. And by that, I mean like the last bite of dessert and sip of coffee and you feel done. you feel full but not overly so. Comfy but not sleepy. I will trust you are catching my feel(s)…

I don’t remember if they mentioned Argo’s post crisis status.

Another random speculation: Supergirl and Superman and Lois are essentially the same universe, but to maximize the number of shows about heroes, there can only be one (1) show that features a member of the House of El.

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It’d be great for Clark to meet another member of his Kryptonian family, but w/ Alura and Argo waiting out there, it just wouldn’t make much sense at all for Zor-El to not go back there eventually. After thinking that his wife and home world had been destroyed for decades, anyone in his situation would be insane to not go back for at least a little while

In the last episode of Crisis, it was confirmed that it returned

I hate how right you are about this. It’s so frustrating that Supergirl and Superman & Lois weren’t even allowed to have new episodes airing at the same time. One just had to go on hiatus as the other returned. It really just fuels the theory that the CW is putting most of its attention on S&L while neglecting SG. S&L is literally a spinoff of SG, and yet S&L has yet to even acknowledge Kara’s existence. Both shows deserve to be given proper attention instead of 1 being shoved aside in favor of another

I honestly thought this was funny. Any excuse to see Zari 1.0 is good for me. I assume that Behrad still has the original and Zari 1.0, and Zari 2.0 has a smaller/weaker version of the totem?

This was great! I love the small Spoiler references and the purple outfit she had. But wow that storyline got dark fast… I didn’t think he would try to kill the two of them… dang. I hope she comes back. She would be a welcome addition to Team Bat. Same with Crowphie, I’m happy that is all out in the open now.

I don’t mind a goodbye arc for Cisco, I’m just curious about the reasons he is leaving. There have been so many rumors about how the CW us treating their actors lately, that I hope this was Carlos’ decision. I also kinda forget that Cisco leaving means Kamilla leaving too. And while she hasn’t been a major player lately, that is still a blow to Team Flash and Team Citizen.

It all felt so rushed. Like they had a minute limit or something and they just cut the last 5 seconds of the episode. I would have liked a bit more a reunion and maybe an intro for Zor-El.

Side note: Her Dad’s name is Zor-El, right? And her name is Kara Zor-El? How… how does that work? Clark’s name isn’t Kal Jor-El, right? Does this question make sense?

Overall, I liked everything this week and I’m excited for Superman and Lois to return.

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Either Iris is gonna have to start hiring again or she and Allegra will just have to start working overtime

Seriously! It would’ve only taken a few extra seconds to show such a meaningful moment at the end. Even if they open the mid-season premiere w/ that, it’s still more than 3 months we have to wait, and that’s the best-case scenario

It does and there’s definitely some inconsistencies w/ that. The fact that Lara is typically only known by that name signified that in Kryptonian culture, women just went by their 1st name when they married. But Alura here is known as Alura Zor-El, so clearly that part of Kryptonian family structure has changed over the years. I guess in the Arrowverse, both pre- and post-Crisis, wives take their husband’s full names as their last names, and they’ve kept the tradition of sons taking the family name as their last name and daughters taking after their mothers and having their last name be their fathers’. I guess Kryptonian society isn’t quite as progressive as we thought, but it does further drive home the parallels between their world and ours

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Ah, ok. My Super knowledge is terrible and I wasn’t sure if this was something from the comics or if it was Arrowverse. Because it just doesn’t make sense to me.

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