Arrowverse Couch Club Season Two, Week 15: April 26-27 Episodes


Though we had a lighter schedule this week with just two new episodes, they were hardly uneventful installments as both Black Lightning and Supergirl had plenty of big moments as they continue their final seasons. In Freeland, Jefferson went on the hunt for Ishmael as Tobias prepared to make his final move against the Pierce family. And jumping back in time from National City back to Midvale, Brainy and Nia sought to get DNA from a younger Kara so that they could track her in the Phantom Zone in the present, but as plenty of time-traveling characters can attest to, things hardly went according to plan…

Black Lightning – “The Book of Ruin: Chapter Four”

  • How do you like Anissa’s new Thunder suit? Does it make sense to give her a new costume this soon before the series finale?
  • Do you think the scene of Lynn being strip-searched was necessary to show just how badly Tobias’ revenge was traumatizing her and her family, or was it just too uncomfortable to have to sit through?

Supergirl – “Prom Night!”

  • What did you think of Eliza Helm’s performance as a younger Cat Grant?
  • Now that Crisis has undone Kenny’s death that we saw in season 3, would you like to see him still be alive in the present?
Which episode was your favorite?
  • Black Lightning – “The Book of Ruin: Chapter Four”
  • Supergirl – “Prom Night!”

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I’d say I still prefer the first costume, but this one still looks pretty cool, and if it gives Anissa more of an excuse to go out as Thunder instead of Blackbird, I’m all for it. That said, I definitely have to question why she’s getting one now when there are just 4 episodes left in the series. If the show had been renewed for a 5th season or at least still had a chance to be, then I doubt I’d question it at all, but given the circumstances, it just seems like an unnecessary change. Sure, there’s the excuse of this new suit having extra abilities to help protect against new threats like the DEGs, but couldn’t those have just been worked into her current suit? And there’s also the fact that this new suit is nanotech that can be put on in an instant like Jeff’s suit, but I still feel that a change like that is better suited to be utilized in the long run instead of just a few episodes at most

My main takeaway from all of this is that this seems to be more evidence that the writers never intended for this to be the last season and were ultimately blindsided by the cancellation announcement. I feel like if they knew this was gonna be it w/ enough time to prepare, we either would’ve gotten this new suit at the start of the season or just not at all. Perhaps the writers anticipated that Anissa would get to use this suit for at least a full season, but by the time they found out the show was ending, it was too late to change the script. I know I’m overthinking all of this, but there just continue to be signs like this piling up that indicate there was a lot more going on behind the scenes regarding the show’s ending than has been put out there so far. It makes me worried that the show’s just gonna end w/ a handful of unresolved threads and/or a big cliffhanger, and even if Painkiller does end up getting picked up, a spinoff will really only be able to do so much w/ picking up the pieces of its parent show

Though I’d certainly understand both sides of the argument here, I still feel like this scene was just unnecessarily cruel and traumatic to watch all the way through. My main objection comes down to the fact that Lynn has already been traumatized too much on this show over the last few years, and so I really feel like this didn’t need to add onto it. It felt less like a move to keep building her character and more born out of a desire just to see her suffer. Having to spend time in jail for a crime she didn’t commit is already horrible enough for her, and so this just felt like she was being kicked while she was down. Even if they were insistent on it happening, it could’ve at least been done off-screen so that we didn’t have to suffer and cringe ourselves. At the end of the day, I just don’t feel that this scene actually improved the episode, and so it could’ve been taken out to allow a little more screentime for someone else, or maybe just something less horrifying for Lynn

But at the same time, I do also recognize the fact that this scene was clearly meant to make us feel uncomfortable, so I can’t argue that it wasn’t successful in that regard, just that I don’t agree w/ the intent. And I do also respect the “show, don’t tell” approach in general, even if I feel like it wasn’t used to its best ability here. There have been plenty of times where these Arrowverse shows only tell when they should be showing (Alex telling Kelly about Kara’s identity off-screen on Supergirl comes to mind as a recent example), and so if nothing else, I can appreciate the writers not wanting to leave things on the table. But at the same time, I just feel like this wasn’t the moment to fully utilize that approach. I really hope this moment ends up being rock bottom for Lynn, because I don’t think I can stand to see her suffering even worse than this. Though I wouldn’t expect a fully happy ending by the series finale, I think we really need at least a somewhat happy one to make up for all this excessive trauma Tobias is causing

I thought she was absolutely fantastic! When a different actor is taking over an established role, the most important thing for them to do is make sure they’ve got the mannerisms down from the person who played the character before. It’s clear that Helm studied Calista Flockhart’s scenes as Cat very closely, because she really managed to get Cat’s trademark confidence and sassiness down. And since this isn’t the exact same Cat we got to know in season 1, as she’s still really looking to make a name for herself, it was great for Helm to have a chance to put her own stamp on the character as well. This Cat definitely has a chip on her soldier in a way that CatCo’s Cat didn’t, and so that tenacity mixed with the familiar qualities made for a version of this character that was plenty familiar but still different enough to feel unique, and Helm was great at portraying all those different aspects, something I fully expect to continue in the next episode

But at the same time, now knowing that this episode only took place a little over a decade in the past, I have to question the logic behind getting another actor to play Cat at all. Now if this was several decades in the past, I’d totally understand, as Calista Flockhart wouldn’t really be able to pull that off w/out the kind of de-aging technology that I’d never trust the CW with. But seeing as how it’s not, I really feel like it wouldn’t take much for her to slide back into the role of Cat only about 6 years before we actually met her (assuming the pilot also takes place in 2015, the same year the show premiered). I know that Calista left as a regular when the show shifted production from LA to Vancouver, as she needed to be near her LA home, but she returned for a few episodes afterward, and it doesn’t seem like it’d be a stretch to get her to return for these 2 episodes. I have to wonder if the producers even tried to reach out and see if she’d be interested in returning as a guest. If they did but there was a scheduling issue or she just really didn’t want to come back, then I’d understand the recast a lot more. Hopefully we find that out at some point, because right now it seems like it was either a creative decision or just one made to save the money of not having to pay a higher-profile actor, the latter of which would be even worse

Though Kenny’s survival does raise some questions about the development of Kara and Alex’s relationship, as his death really brought them closer together, I’d definitely be open to seeing more of him after 2009. Their relationship was very sweet to see, and regardless of whether they continued dating in this new timeline, it’s clear that they both mean a lot to each other. I could see Kenny coming back into Kara’s life to simply be a friend or even to possibly rekindle their romance. Granted, my gut is telling me that he’ll probably end up being killed off in the next episode, as the writers love to see these characters suffer and they may wanna keep things more consistent from pre-Crisis, but while I still have some hope, I’m gonna stick w/ it. As a hardcore Supercorp shipper, he’s obviously not my ideal choice for an endgame romance for Kara, but if he’s still alive in the present, then he’ll certainly jump to the top of the list for male love interests. I can say w/ the utmost confidence that I’d gladly take him over William in a heartbeat. Then again, I’d take pretty much anyone over William in a heartbeat


I think her suit makes sense, as it uses sound waves to boost her powers in much the way that her sister and father’s suits boost their own unique powers. I also liked the fact that it would retain her added strength without the need to take another deep breath. For some reason, it bothered me that she had to take a breathe to access her strength. It seems like some villain would have figured out by now that she takes a deep breath before she takes action. They could simply exploit this weakness by making it hard for her to breathe. I did think it a little out of character how much enjoyment Gambi took in shooting at her to test the suit. I understand he is a genius when it comes to these things and he would be almost certain it would work before allowing her to wear it, but I almost pictured the Joker when he was smiling so much. I agree with Anissa that he should have warned her first. Most times, he seems to be more conservative and wary of taking risks until he knows for certain or near certainty that it is OK. It just seemed to me out of character a little. Now that you mention it, it does seem out of storyline to introduce a new suit to be used in only a handful of episodes. Then again, having the actress who played Jen leave partway through the final season also seems like weird timing, as does the backdoor pilot for Painkiller. I am starting to agree with you that it seems more and more like they did not realize this would be the final season, and they had more plans to proceed. On the other hand, it might just be that since this is the final season that they wanted to get as much new stuff in there as possible as they know they will not get a second chance. I’ve seen other shows who decided to throw everything they could into a final season just because they knew they would not get any more time to. This may be another reason it feels crammed in.

Oh my god, was the scene with Lynn painful to watch. I am sure this was the intent, but I just felt so awful watching it and seeing her just breaking down. She seemed to have gone through a lot during the seasons, finally breaking her drug habit, when Tobias is bringing the world down on top of her. I am assuming that him asking her to help with ALS cure was just a way to gain access and make it look like her research was funded through embezzled funds. I wonder if she had not followed through with him on his offer, if she would be having the issues now. Or would Tobias just have found another way earlier as he would be angry she did not work with him? I was hoping the scene would turn away at some point or not be so long. Showing the anguish on her face made it even worse to watch and the actress deserves an award for this portrayal. I am not quite sure it was necessary, but it really drives home how much Tobias has torn apart their lives. This episode ended with the worse cliffhangers for the Pierce family. Using Lynn’s vials of the meta who can nullify powers to cancel out the powers is even worse for her. Jen falling out of the sky and screaming as she fell was terrifying. Jefferson fighting Ishmael was just going to get worse with no powers. I like that there is a tie to League of Assassins to bring it into the Arrowverse even more. I am just wondering what is going to happen, as this ended on such a down note.

Final comment: anyone else hear the Western music as Khalil entered the bar (or should I say saloon?) to take on bad guys to find out information on the frame job of Jefferson? It seems like a lone gunslinger entering to take care of the varmints within. Having him help support the Pierces after they helped him through so much makes sense and I am glad he is in more than just the backdoor pilot episode.
Oh, and I guess the voice change between characters is still there so they are holding to it. I wish it would gradually go away, but ah well.

I cannot wait for Legends to return!!! I will probably post my weekly summary before we have the watchalong, but I will see if I can make the watchalong as well. It’s tough when I get my tv time after 8 ET usually, but I will see.

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To be fair, China Anne McClain said that she had already decided to leave before the announcement of the show’s ending, so the writers were gonna have to navigate that regardless. But I’m definitely glad you’re starting to see things from a different perspective. Final seasons of shows like this are definitely more likely to try and provide more fanservice, but this doesn’t quite feel like that. If it was the case, we’d be getting more character returns and comic nods, but that just hasn’t been the case

I’m sure Tobias would’ve just found another way to enact his plan. As determined and resourceful as he is, he wouldn’t have let something like a simple rejection stop him

Christine Adams really does deserve so much credit not just here, but for her fantastic portrayal of Lynn overall. She does a fantastic job of showing a brilliant, loving woman who’s just been so broken down by everything that it’s fascinating to watch, though hardly always easy. I also now have to wonder if the show will end w/ Lynn making a drastic decision to leave, a move that I wouldn’t really be able to blame her for. True, it’s Tobias that’s ultimately to blame for all this misery, but her mental health has just suffered so much by being in Freeland and being caught in his crosshairs that she might feel that leaving is the only thing she can do to try and retain her sanity. It’s obviously not something I’d like to see, but at this rate, I think I could still see it happening anyway

Seriously, it’s gonna be quite welcome as they need all the help they can get. Although if he’s in Freeland by the end of the episode, would he also have been affected by the power-stealing device? Or was that specifically tailored to only steal the Pierces’ powers? It ultimately might not matter since we know none of the Pierces are gonna get killed off from a cliffhanger like that, which may mean something goes wrong w/ the device that we just won’t see until the next episode

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Supergirl - There was a mannerism or cadence of speech that was spot on for young CJ.

Brainy’s emotional eating is very trope-y.

I should’ve known there’d be a ‘To Be Continued’; curses. It will be interesting to see how things play out and if there are any new changes that arise from this visit. It would really depend on how it originally played out. Like did this blue guy show up the first time?

Black Lightning - the new suit might have been planned regardless. It does suck that they were blindsided, if that is the case BTS. If Painkiller does get picked up, any of the Black Lightning cast could make an appearance.

Someone must like that modulation on the way Painkiller speaks because it is really unnecessary. I presume part of the underlying theme to the potential show is some of the duality we saw in this episode.

Lynn’s arrest sort of mirror’s Jeff’s from the first season. There is also the next kick while she’s getting up from the last one. The scene worked for me because the show itself has been about the peoiple as much as it is about having super powers.

The nullifying generator worked on all metas. Even TC got nullified. JJ’s instability is going to kick in somehow and turn her into energy to save herself.
it might not fail, but it might also nullify Tobias’ abilities even though he gets his via serum, and it will be shut off.

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Considering the next episode is “Prom Again!” that might as well be Prom Pt. 2. I would’ve been surprised if there wasn’t a “To be continued…” screen at the end

That’s really the only hope we have left for more. I know Anissa and Jen would be set to appear on the show if it gets picked up, and so hopefully that’d leave the door open for the rest of the main BL cast to make occasional appearances

Seriously. It’s safe to say we’ll still have it for at least the duration of Khalil’s appearances for the remainder of this season, but I still think there’s a chance it could go back to normal if PK gets picked up. But the fact that it’s sticking around for at least a little while longer seems to indicate that the odds of that happening are lower now

Thanks for reminding me! I somehow forgot about this, so yeah, it’d stand to reason the nullifier is affecting every meta in Freeland. Unless Tobias knows TC is working w/ the Pierces and specifically tailored the device to nullify his powers as well, though that’s probably not the case

Thunder and/or Lightning would do better appearing alongside Wonder Girl as a Titan or some sort of all girl team.

When it comes to ‘To Be Continued’, it didn’t seem too necessary to follow the scene of Lightning plummeting out of the sky.

Probably does not know.

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