Arrowverse Couch Club Season Two, Week 12: April 6 Episodes


We had a lighter schedule this week with just two episodes, but we still had our fill of Tuesday night adventures with new installments of The Flash and Supergirl. In Central City, while looking for ways to better track the new forces of nature, Cisco and Chester found themselves sent back several decades to 1998 and seemingly no way to get back home. In National City, the Super Friends chased their next lead in getting Kara out of the Phantom Zone, Lena looked to take down her brother once and for all and in the Phantom Zone, Kara not only encountered a hell that she was all too familiar with, but also found an unexpected figure from her past trapped alongside her.

The Flash – “The One with the Nineties”

  • Did you appreciate this opportunity for the supporting characters to shine while Barry was recovering, or did this just feel like another example of the title character being sidelined in his own show?
  • Why do you think Barry didn’t seem too thrilled about the Speed Force staying with him and Iris for the foreseeable future?

Supergirl – “A Few Good Women”

  • Kelly is now officially in the know about Kara’s identity as Supergirl, but we didn’t actually get to see the scene of Alex telling her. Do you think that was fine to skip so that the episode could move ahead, or do you think it would’ve been better to show that happen?
  • Do you think it was unfair of Andrea to push Lena toward going on the record about Lex, or did it seem more like a sincere attempt to help take down someone they both know needs to be behind bars?
Which episode was your favorite?
  • The Flash – “The One with the Nineties”
  • Supergirl – “A Few Good Women”

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While I certainly don’t think Barry should be getting forced aside on his own show too often, I also can’t complain too much when we get to focus on a character I already love in Cisco and one who’s continuing to grow on me in Chester. These 2 have a great dynamic together, and as cheesy as they got during this episode, it’s still just a lot of fun to see them get excited about everything and continue to bond. I also figured that this specific time jump would allow for some added character background instead of just giving everyone an excuse to engage in a bunch of ‘90s tropes, and I really thought the attention given to Chester’s past w/ his father was pretty great. Between previously thinking that his dad was always too busy to spend time w/ him and then realizing that he only worked so hard on his inventions for Chester, we got some really important details on his character that served to increase our investment in him going forward. I was definitely skeptical about him being a regular after what seemed like a pretty quick introduction, but I’ve definitely been warming up to him and can now say more confidently that I’m looking forward to seeing how his role on the team continues to progress as the season goes on

For as much as Barry obviously misses his mom, I think it’s a struggle for him seeing the Speed Force w/ his mother’s face for this long. In their previous encounters, they only met for a little bit at a time, but this feels like the longest amount of time the Speed Force has been around, and it’s only going to keep growing. He knows that this obviously isn’t his mother, but perhaps he’s worried about falling into a trap where he, in some twisted way, starts to convince himself that it is her, or certainly come close to something like that. Even after all these years, I think this experience w/ the Speed Force is really gonna bring up some complicated, unresolved grief that Barry still holds toward his mother’s death, and you’d think that wouldn’t still be around after about 20 years, but then you remember that this hasn’t been a straightforward grieving process. True, it was more like that for the 1st 15 years of his life, but between going back to watch his mother die as an adult, losing his dad a year later, saving his mom shortly after to cause Flashpoint and then having to allow Thawne to murder her once again, there’s a lot of messiness surrounding Barry’s experience w/ his mother’s death. But while this all certainly won’t be easy to address, I do still think that Iris will be right about this being a gift for Barry in the end. When this is all said and done, I think Barry will be able to finally move past so many of these complicated, lingering emotions in a healthy way. It’ll be fine for him to still hold onto a piece of his mother, but in a way where he maybe doesn’t have to still feel guilty for not being able to save her on multiple occasions

I’m not gonna lie, I’m really upset and disappointed that we didn’t get that scene. I know it wasn’t technically promised to us, but I don’t see any good reason why we couldn’t have gotten it. The fact that they glanced over it tells me that Kelly didn’t already secretly know, and so even if her reaction wouldn’t have been that strong, it still would’ve elicited some strong emotions regardless. The fact is that Kelly finding out about Kara’s identity after all this time is an incredibly important part of her development and strengthening of her relationship w/ the Super Friends. Not actually seeing that moment play out even when we know it happened off screen means that we’re less able to connect w/ what Kelly and Alex were going through at that point, and so it really reduces both of their developments. It’s just disheartening to see Kelly getting sidelined once again, and I’m gonna be very curious to see if that scene was shot but then deleted, written but never shot or never even written at all

I feel like it was a little of both, as this could’ve easily been a case of Andrea seeing a path to helping them both out. In her eyes, Lena would get the satisfaction of making her brother’s conviction more likely and Andrea would reap the benefits of the added attention that such a story would provide to CatCo. I can certainly see how she’d view this as a win-win situation for them, and even further as an attempt to continue fixing their friendship, but I also think she really should’ve waited a little longer to bring it up, or at least ease into it more. You’d hope that she would’ve realized that this was a sensitive topic for Lena, and that she probably wouldn’t want to just dive into it so quickly when she really needed the comfort of Andrea’s friendship more. But like Lena admitted later, her reaction to Andrea’s proposal also could’ve been toned down more, so you can really argue that they were both at fault while also both having good points. Lex’s trial might not have turned out the way they wanted, but I am interested to see how they’ll both work to finally take him down, and hopefully for good this time. I still love the way Jon Cryer portrays Lex, but he’s still well overstayed his welcome and really needs to just go

Did anyone else notice the possible Wonder Woman references? Nia used the excuse of giving blood (as Diana did in WWII) and Otis saying “kablooey” was very much like the thug saying “blooey” in the WW episode “Hot Wheels.” Both were really good episodes, but I think Supergirl was a stronger story. The Flash was actually my favorite of the season so far. The Flash also really used the Smallville filming locations though…


I haven’t actually seen either the WW series or Smallville, so I can’t say I noticed any of that, but it’s always nice to hear about possible hidden DC references/Easter eggs. I know Supergirl’s made references to the WW show before, so more of those wouldn’t surprise me this time around

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I appreciate it when they have such a strong stable of characters to support a storyline on their own. Cisco and Chester were so much fun to watch, and they seemed to really be good science geek friends. I do feel though that they have not really developed or shown them becoming such close friends over time that in a way it was offputting to me, but then they were so fun together that I put that aside.
I was starting to wonder if they sideline certain characters due to COVID restrictions and limiting crew on set each time. Just wondering if some real world is being reflected in how they are writing storylines now.
I am not sure, but Barry did not seem thrilled with the idea. I don’t know if it is the residual guilt he felt when he “killed” her during crisis and maybe it is a reminder of how he failed her. Or is he suspicious this is not who it seems to be. Sure, she seems nice and wants to be a part of his life, but why would she be the one attacked of all the forces? She mentioned she felt the rush of love when she came back, but isn’t their speed force ARTIFICIAL? If they are relying on their own made speed force, why would she feel what went into rebuilding it? Just wondering…
OK, another episode in the age of COVID where the bad guy is talked to instead of fought. Don’t get me wrong, Chester did a great job and was able to end the fight without being stuck in the nineties, but I am starting to see a pattern to the bad guy fights so far this season.
Oh, I cried when Chester got his one more day with his dad knowing he was going to die the next day. Seeing that his father cared for him, and even taught him to be resourceful when inventing such as looking in the trash. He knew his son needed a part for this science project so he bought it for him and left it where he would find it. It was very touching and nice for him to spend the last moments with him.
Killer Frost’s look during the time warp, classic! I am glad she decided to stick with it afterwards as the glasses especially make it, dare I say, cool looking.
OK, so the first two forces were produced from their forces, so how did Deon become the Still Force? He was originally a regular person whereas the others did not seem to be. He seemed to be bestowed the power, so this goes with what you were saying about the original storyline, where they were not gods, but people imbued with the powers of each force.
Which gets me to another thing: I know this is based on the comic storyline and all, but Cisco naming them as they appear in the comics seemed a little farfetched. Sage, really? Still? um ok. Me, I would have called it Power, Fear, Time, but I guess I am not as fluent in the language as Cisco. He is good at names for villains but this seemed a little far even for that.
One final thing, the title of the episode: The One with the Nineties. I love that they homage Friends, one of the main sitcoms from the nineties. Each of their episode titles started with “The One…”

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I can’t imagine how a limited crew would affect which characters we see on screen, and I feel like as far as the cast goes, COVID restrictions would really only limit the potential for actors from other shows to appear beyond their own ones. It would seem to tighten their ability to go from show to show and interact w/ different casts/crews, but if someone’s a regular for a specific show, I think it’s still fair game for them to show up as often as they would before. W/ certain characters getting sidelined for a particular episode, I think that still comes down to creative decisions, which is a whole different ballpark

I’ve been so fixated on the fact that the Speed Force is taking on the appearance of Nora that I actually forgot about all of that for a bit. This is a really valid theory that could absolutely be coming back into play soon. Maybe it could also be a case where his guilt regarding the SF and all his trauma surrounding his mother are both coming together in a complicated whirlwind of dark emotions that he’s not quite ready to confront yet. No matter how you look at it, there’s just a lot of baggage for Barry here

True, but perhaps it’s strong enough and close enough in practice to the original SF that there can still be a connection. There are plenty of possible explanations for all of this, but we’re still early enough in the season where I’m patient enough to wait things out for longer and figure out more details as they come

You’re certainly not wrong about that, but I can give them a bit of credit that at least this confrontation ended not in the villain completely standing down, but actually w/ inspiration to (probably) do worse later. Like Chester may have saved the day this time, but his words could ultimately be what propels Deon to become an even bigger threat in the near future

To be fair, it’s entirely possible that both Fuerza and Psych also have human backstories that we just haven’t gotten to yet. But at the same time, it’s not like the Speed Force is inhabiting Nora’s body or giving her powers. Though perhaps that’s what it meant when it said these other forced are “like” her. Maybe it’s in the sense that they’re channelling the direct powers of these forces in ways that make them unbelievably powerful, but they’re not actually the full, living versions of the forces the way the Speed Force is

Well he did name Fuerza after the Spanish word for Strength, and maybe after that he just figured he’d just have them all start w/ S. The alliteration does make them a little easier to remember, and perhaps that’s what Joshua Williamson’s thinking was when he originally named them

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It was nice! But I was definitely watching the episode wondering if Grant had a prior commitment so he couldn’t be there to film. :laughing: I do enjoy seeing the whole cast, especially because it feels like they never have the whole of Team Flash in one place. Someone is always missing. So it was cool to focus on a couple of them and then bring it back to everyone.

I mean she does look like his dead Mom whose like he couldn’t save even with time travel and super speed. So I guess there is some latent guilt going on.
But it does all feel a little too convenient. I think that is why Barry is suspicious. Though, at the same time, it took him a season to realize his wife was a doppelganger so I don’t trust Barry’s intuition too much. :woman_shrugging:

It’s good that she knows. I kinda wanted to see it. But at the same time we have seen so many superhero reveal scenes that I didn’t really need another.

There was obviously some ulterior motive going on. But in the end she just wanted to be a good friend. Hopefully she continues to try and help, considering Lena might be facing charges.

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Maybe because of that, he doesn’t even trust his own intuition. I can’t say I’d particularly blame him for being suspicious considering he thought the Speed Force was supposed to be dead, and yet here it is alive and well, if not nearly as powerful as before

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I loved Smallville but missed the locations on Flash. What locations were used and where?


@Row.Harper good point, I thought of COVID restrictions but your point does make sense. It reminded me of when they turned Buffy into a rat because SMG had SNL rehearsals that week.
I do enjoy with larger casts when they find reasons to focus on smaller groups to get the most characterization. Like my favorite, Legends of Tomorrow. As long as they give each equal time, on the other show sometimes they would leave Mick out


@Row.Harper yes but maybe his radar is more up because of how he’s been but in past. Between Wells and then Iris maybe he wants to be make sure this is not another case that’s gonna come back and hurt him


Flash - I like Chester and Cisco when they geek out. Did I hear “Chesco” right? Giving them some development makes for a better team.

Barry’s hesitancy could be from his own experience: he has to be vigilant in the event Speed Force Nora is not who she claims to be.

the naming of the forces had it’s usual Cisco flair. ‘Sage force’ seemed like they were reaching. I can let it go.

Supergirl - It would have been nice to see Kelly’s response to the news, but it’s more effective when there is a bigger reaction. to use an example from another universe, like when someone discovers the Tardis is bigger on the inside.

Andrea might have had both her own interests as well as her friendship in mind. we still need to keep an eye on Andrea because she used the shadow powers to sneak around to save Catco. Another “Lex-pos-e”, William!

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And thus, a new ship was born

I kinda doubt they’d go down the whole “person who’s close to us is revealed to be someone else” road again, but given how many times Barry’s experienced it, I couldn’t really fault him if that’s why he’s hesitant

You’re certainly not wrong, but I also think part of the problem of not showing it definitively is that it once again left us guessing as to whether or not she knew. Granted, Alex talking w/ her at the end about Kara being lost was enough context to indicate that Kelly had been told, but after a full season of never knowing for sure if Kelly knew Kara’s secret, it just sucked that that similar sense of vagueness still persisted, especially after the premiere seemed to promise that things would be more clear going forward

chalk it up to lazy writing? or given the storm of covid and that it’s the last season kind of lazy writing?

Barry is probably more hesitant because it looks a lot like his dead mother and not so much a concern that she will not be who she claims to be.

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That’s basically been the only reasoning I can think of for most of SG’s shortfalls since last season, which just continue to grow

But because this is the last season, that should provide the writers to try their absolute hardest to give us the best season possible. But you don’t have to look hard online to see that a ton of people were upset w/ this move. We’re obviously still pretty early into the season, but it’s still discouraging to see nonetheless

The way you describe it makes me think they are thinking more about their next job vs the current one. I can let a lot slide for some reason.

If that’s the case, that would make it even worse imo. Regardless of any future commitments/prospects, the SG writers still have a commitment to this show, and just trying to push it out the door and move onto the next thing would show a lot of disrespect to a series that’s meant so much to a lot of people over these last few years

sorry to fan those flames. hopefully, it will play out well. I do like Jon Cryer’s Luthor, so more of that is fine by me.

What do you think of what Kara found in the Phantom Zone?

The high school was the same and the Blockbuster exterior was the same as the coffee shop on Smallville…


Cool now I’ll have to look again