Arrowverse - Arrow S7, The Flash S5, Legends of Tomorrow S4, Supergirl S4

I’m usually the kind of guy who waits until the seasons are on Netflix, so that’s why I’m asking the question - Are the most recent seasons of “Arrow” and “The Flash” worth watching?

I have already gone through “Legends”, the one show that I constantly love more with each season, didn’t fail to disappoint. I plan on watching season 4 of “Supergirl”. I’m a little cautious, but I have heard interesting things. Plus, the character in general is one of my favorite heroes of all time.

I originally didn’t plan on watching the new seasons of “Arrow” and “The Flash” because I found them to be stuck in the same repetitive rut, the same drama, the same storylines, et cetra. But seeing as how I was already planning on watching the ELSEWORLDS crossover in it’s entirety, I figured I should ask those who have watched seasons 7 and 5 for this shows. Is it worth watching?


I watched Arrow because there are a few characters I liked, and the show had a uniquely designed episode that was quite interesting. This may be a spoiler, but if it weren’t for baby giraffe, Season 5 of Flash would not be as good.
(And the “spoiler” has a double meaning.)

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First half of Arrow s7 is excellent. I would say it’s worth watching. Flash season 5 was my personal favorite this season.

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Arrow has a lot of set-up for the Crisis crossover. I loved the season and thought the complete Arrowverse was great this season.

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Personally I thought the Flash was the best since season 1 (but a very distant second best).

This season of Supergirl was a bit of a mixed bag. It really depends on whether you’re interested in social and political issues. If you are, then you’re going to enjoy the season. If you’re not, then it’s going to be a struggle.

I will say it is worth it to see Jon Cryer’s three episodes as Lex. I was skeptical at first but when you see him and what he’s got planned…oh yea, it’s worth it!

As a conglomeration I though this was probably the best CWverse season set so far.

Arrow is worth a watch, as they are ending the series with a 1/2 series next year, that I’m guessing will be highly linked to some of the Crisis stuff.

Flash got some new breathe into itself with Nora Allen, the dark speed force and the newest Wells character from a different earth was fun. Ad some wit to the plot and comedy.

LoT was awesome!! As per usual.

Supergirl decided to take on some substantive sociopolitical issues, and integrated an element of an elseworld Red Daughter (in homage to the historic Red Son Superman story) Martian Manhunter’s arc was really good. I liked the introduction of Dreamer, it was a choice that could have bit themselves in the foot, but it was handled well.

You certainly don’t NEED to watch Srrow, Flash or Supergirl series for the 3 part crossover. They did a good job at making it a 3 episode series that didn’t depend on continuity from any of the three shows.

IMO all 4 shows this season are binge worthy.

Absolutely, the Arrowverse is such a gift to comic book fans. And I love how each show references each other.


I will say for a majority of the season I did NOT like Nora. I wasn’t a fan of them making the show more about her than Barry. But the episode where we found out her origin completely changed turned me around on the character. By the time we got to the finale and the video message hit, your heart is breaking. I think that is a testament to show.

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CWVERSE is good at that. Look at the “ikea” episode fro LoT. It summed up the Sarah relationship with Ava in a very witty, fun and poignant way.

My opinions on the recent Arrowverse seasons:

Arrow Season 7 was good but not great. There were interesting storylines for Oliver Queen and Team Arrow but it lacked a compelling villain. I think it goes right in the middle in terms of ranking the seasons.

Flash Season 5 had some good character development with Nora and her relationship with Barry and Iris, but the Cicada storyline never clicked.

Supergirl Season 4 was a mixed bag. I thought they had compelling villains in Lex Luthor and Ben Lockwell, but they tried to cram too much into the season and some characters got lost in the shuffle. I think they wasted an opportunity for a more compelling storyline for The Elite in a future season.

LoT Season 4 was good and Constantine was a fun addition. However, I think they got away from the time travel concept more than they should have. Season 5 is supposed to get back to that and I’m glad to hear that. Magic was fun for a while, but it got away from the idea of having fun with the idea of time travel.

I do think there are things about each show’s season that are good, but none are what I would say are seasons to go out of your way to see.

However, the Elseworlds crossover is very much worth watching.

The theme of Flash season 5 is family. Although Cicada didn’t seem to work well as the main season villain, even that storyline manages to tie into the family theme. Good things about this season were the character development and some other things I won’t mention otherwise it would ruin the surprise. If you have the time, I recommend watching this season.

Arrow season 7’s theme was redemption. This season had two main stories, one set in the present and the other in the future. The beginning part of the season at the prison was interesting. The flash forwards were the weakest part of this season. They feel disconnected from the rest of the show, they spoil the mystery of what Arrow characters will survive Crisis, and they introduce a continuity error with Connor Hawke. Unless something major happens with the flash forwards in season 8, for now it seems like you can fast forward through them and skip the Star City 2040 episode without missing much.

You say you plan on watching Supergirl already. At first it seems like there’s a bunch of stories going into different directions, but don’t get discouraged. You will eventually see how everything comes together. The Lex episodes are definitely worth seeing. I was skeptical when Jon Cryer was cast as Lex but his version of the character has become one of my favorites.

This years season has been one of the best especially with Elseworlds and Olivers Sister and Next year for season. 8 which will be Arrows finale season their is reports that noother then Tom welling( Clark kent Smallville Tv Series) will be a special guest. I don’t want to spoil anything for you Personally I watch it on the CW when it airs. The writers behind the shows have really brought their A+ Game In all I think Flash season finale was one of my favorite Arrow his my favorite show and Superhero But Flash really had a suprise and heartbreaking ending . Supergirl bad guy Liberty. Is played by the same guy who played doomsday in Smallville. Flash bad guy cicada his Niece His played by the same actress who plays a Metahuman Who dated and married Clark On Smallville. Legends Had parts that were slow and a little boring I hate to say but it was good at the end. Black Lighting was pretty good aswell. But if you want to know rather to watch this years seasons The anwser is Yes In fact Im planning on buying them You don’t want to miss a thing Olivers and Barrys daughters, Evil siblings ,Ray being cast down to hell. Dragons, so much more. I hope you enjoy.

They are definitely worth watching, especially Arrow and Supergirl because the Monitor shows up in their seasons. Flash is my favorite show and it is really good.

Been looking forward to crisis since the character we knew as h. Middle name might begin with g. Wells checked on that future newspaper about flash and red skies. One of my favorite story arcs so…yay! Roger so was talking through the TV at us in elseworlds, that is gonna be so much fun,!

Am I the only one who noticed the monitor eating popcorn and watching the legends try to work with the magical beings to make that crazy theme park idea happen?

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