Anyone else think it’s weird that in the show arrow season 8 oliver gets powers? It makes me think “oh this Is basically batman but he can fly and he is a god” bruh

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It might be if he had them the entire season, but it was only at the very end for the last fight of his life. I thought it was a great touch to make him the Spectre so that he could fight the Anti-Monitor directly. Really ended his journey on an incredible note


You raise an interesting question, but I feel like it isn’t fair to say that he had godlike powers for a whole season when the reality is that he was the Spectre for maybe three episodes, and that’s only if we’re counting the crossover episodes where he appears.

Personally, having Oliver become the Spectre is not something that I would have wanted to see as the end of his story, but ultimately I understand why they did it. Not only are they kinda making a nod to the comics, where Green Lantern Hal Jordan becomes the Spectre for a brief amount of time, but they are also giving themselves the opportunity for Oliver to use his newfound abilities to bring back most of the people he lost, which ties back to a conversation Ollie has with Barry in a previous crossover.

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