Arrow without Oliver queen

Would you watch ARROW with a female green arrow could the show last without Stephen amell

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I think Stephen is great in the role. Having said that, I would definitely watch an Arrowette or a Speedy or an Emiko.


That’s what I was thinking but who knows

I’m not sure how it would go over with others but I could get behind it

There could be fresh stories with emiko

The way they are popping out spin-offs, they probably won’t make a female lead the main role for Arrow. Instead, Arrow will end with Stephen Amell, and someone like Emiko will be lead in the spin-off.

Man I hope not. Not that I am against them trying to replace him with a new Arrow in theory (think it is doubtful it would work, but it did in the comics for a while so who knows). But if they replaced him with a female Green Arrow I can already see the endless complaints of “DAMN SJWS!!! YOU HATE WHITE ME!” and I see enough of that already.

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“Hate white men” not white me. lol

I haven’t watched Arrow in years at this point (only because there is too much stuff to keep up with these days), but I would at least check out a couple episodes to see how it is. Whether that be Arrow itself or a spin-off.

Personally I’m all for new takes on traditional characters. Like the current Doctor Who, which renewed my interest in that property.

No arrow is already horrible this year with him you make it a female green arrow and it turns into supergirl. The only thing as bad as supergirl is black lightning

I think it could work. After all the show is called Arrow, not the Adventures of Oliver and Company.

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Probably not. I like arrow, but I think that it’s run its course. I kind of want the series to end after this season, but we’ll see what happens, I guess.

It was already picked up for season 8 if u look at ratings it’s the number 2 DC show behind the flash right now it beats legends black lighting supergirl

Arrow should end if Oliver’s story ends. Do not make this into a Connor Hawke show or Emiko Queen show. Just let it end with Oliver. Preferably next season, before it gets too stale.

I don’t know because it’s the number 2 show right now it could keep going

Keep it going

How about a show called “Arrow Beyond” which features Connor Hawke, Mia Smoak, and William Clayton, with Roy Harper and Dinah Drake as mentors. Featuring guest appearances by Nora West-Allen and Terry McGuinness :wink:. The Legends crew could make a guest appearance as well.

BTW, we don’t have to call it Arrow Beyond, that would be a stupid name…but you get the point! :grin::grin::grin:

I mean if you think about it, that will be just another Green Arrow could copy off of Batman. :joy:

Arrow without Stephen Amell could work, Diggle, Wild Dog, and Black Canary welcome Atom and Sara from Legends. They either go to work for Argus or on their own fighting a new big bad cause Richard Dragon has gone about as far as he can go. Just don’t keep treading water like DC has been for more decades than I can count.

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If they use Oliver Queen’s newly discovered sister, who has become the New Green Arrow, seems they are already on the path to potentially drop Amell from the cast.

Since the New Green Arrow is basically a carbon copy of the old Green Arrow, the show would hardly change at all. Rather than improve into a more positive direction, it would just maintain the status quo.

Personally, I would like to see a bigger change than this, for Arrow, the show.


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