Arrow The List

Recently started rewatching Arrow from the beginning and noticed one glaring plot hole I can’t get over. I noticed a specific name on The List. Isabel Rochev. For someone who studied the list, how did Oliver not know her name was on the list when he met her in season 2? Her being a villain shouldn’t have surprised him. Am I the only one that noticed that?

I didn’t pay attention to that, but after Diggle had Oliver go after the card family, The List practically became irrelevant. Also, if you had a list of names and then a year later ran into them, would your mind recall that one individual? He lost Tommy, some of the Glades, his mother’s freedom, his sister’s trust, so why would one random name be important? Good question with The List and Isabel.

I feel like under normal circumstances, he totally should have forgotten. But he did spend five years on an island, and then about a year back in Starling, obsessing over the list. I think it’s still plausible that he forgot, though. A lot did happen to him.

@TornadoSoup yeah I was thinking about the 5-6 years he spent studying it. However you guys are right he did go through a lot

I lowkey wanna rewatch now.

He also learned a lot in those five years (several different marital arts, how to use a bow, how to speak Russian). If he couldn’t remember everything, it’s hard to blame him. I think it could really work either way.

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