Arrow series finale *spoilers*

I liked the finale alot. Shame season 8 was so short, understandable but still. I loved arrow. Honestly it was soooooo much better than the precursor show of Smallville that made it 10 seasons … arrow I feel got a bad wrap overall…I’ve seen every episode…most as they came out… seasons 2 and 5 I feel were by far the best. If they hadn’t been limited and told no they could’ve done so many great things. They wanted to bring deathstroke back sooner but weren’t allowed to, batman not allowed to hardly get mentioned…I feel like deathstroke was just so incredible. I love how roy and thea came back and got to genuinely complete their arcs! I loved those two! Glad young William was in it…feel like he needed a line at the actual funeral… the ending was so sweet. Confusing though…my thought is as the spectre he created a special time and place for him and felicity to spend eternity in ?? I knew he’d reappear but seems like he would not leave that place? I love how they carried that "In order to save my city I had to become someone else something else " into a literal change. I want to see the spectre again, think we will? What did you all think? Share your arrow fan related stuff!!FB_IMG_1572448045116


I started watching the show around the premiere of S3. First I fell in love with Oliver Queen and his story, and then I fell in love with Olicity. I know it’s a very hated ship, but in no way did I see it drag down the show like other people did. I think it added depth to Oliver and Felicity as characters overall. I dutifully watched every episode until the mid-season finale of S6. I was truly disappointed in the switch of villains, because I had found Cayden James somewhat compelling as a character. Diaz was just not interesting for me. And I also felt that the show had lost some of it’s soul with the drama between Diggle and Oliver, when the writers had always nailed their relationship before. The storyline of the team turning on him had no appeal to me. I was also not impressed by Diaz after being given Adrian Chase (who there should’ve been some real consequences from, since there were 16 named characters on that island when it blew up). I kept up with the show, telling myself that I would dive back in when the team got back together, but I never did. Then S8 came and I knew 10 episodes of my time was not a high ask, so I came back. I thought S8 was masterfully written and directed. I am eagerly awaiting for the announcement that Green Arrow and the Canaries got picked up because I am genuinely interested in the storyline they have set up. I am sad to say that the series finale fell short for me, but only because I have lost my emotional connection to the show at this point. It was entertaining, but I felt almost nothing seeing a couple I had rooted for for so long meet in the afterlife. I wish the show hadn’t lost me, or maybe that I hadn’t grown out of it. I appreciate it for what it was and I highly regard it for it’s quality. I’m thankful that it spawned some of my favorite shows on TV, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. And I can’t wait to see GATC and everything else Oliver Queen has gifted the Arrowverse.

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I agree with most of what you both said. I was a fan since day one and I actually had wanted Justin Hartley to reprise his role from Smallville. Anyway, I talked about the series at the end of my podcast, and I hope you will listen so we can discuss my take along with your’s. My take is at the end of the show so I didn’t spoil for anyone.