Arrow Season 7

Who else saw that new trailer for Arrow season 7? I thought it was pretty cool, intense, and filled with a lot of little bits that will invoke my curiosity. Overall, I’d say Arrow has definitely been on an upward climb since season 5 to get back to the way it was in terms of quality during seasons 1 and 2. They’ve made some mistakes here and there like with the bulk of seasons 3 and 4 but it’s all good.

What did you guys think of the trailer and are you ready for season 7?

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I’m only watching this season because Roy is back

It looks Awesome

What makes a good series/show=the story,writing,knowing your source material and staying within that framework. It also involves the characters growing and being challenged on a weekly basis. IT IS NOT EASY!! But here is a show that has proven that it can be done…

Arrow-A must see series.- A firecracker of a season…this is the show that started it all and has been a thrill to see the series mature and that goes along with the story lines and the cast & crew… it was a brave and bold adventure and to have greenlighted this a risk…there had not been a successful adaptation of a comic book on Television in a very long time. But it all geled and it grabbed the audience immediately…

Looking good. The only thing I truly hate in the show is Felecity and Ollie being more like Bruce Wayne/Batman than his comic self