Arrow season 7 watch party 8 est on the cw

I’m planning on watching live anyone else want to join me


Not expecting a lot of people but I’ll be watching and I always have my phone or tablet with me. So yeah I’ll be here


Unfortunately I will be working, but I will have it on DVR! I’ll comment afterwards.

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I guess I will comment from here about arrow I’m excited

Wish I could join, but I’m on the west coast, so it airs 3 hours later over here. I’ll comment afterwards.

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I understand feel free to comment after

Ah I forgot about timezones. The watch along for Titans was a set time and not based on a broadcast airing

Yes it was

20 mins until arrow

10 mins away from arrow season 7

Arrow starts now

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Awsome start to arrow love that Cody Rhodes and Vinny Jones are in this episode

Im trying to stream it on the cw app amd I cant :’(


It’s like team arrow retired

Hope everyone gives arrow another chance who stopped watching really good start

The action in this episode is unreal

I knew it

I tried keeping it spoiler free but feel free to comment thoughts on the episode

I made it right on time!