Arrow Season 7 Discussion

With Arrow season 7 just wrapping up what were your thoughts? What did you like or dislike?

I disliked all the sociopolitical nonsense. Particularly the episode that turned into birds of prey where Oliver showed up for about 2 minutes at the beginning and it was all the women afterwards.

DC/WB has this tendency to give up quality in their TV shows which is why I stopped watching half of them.

And now for my honest opinion, someone will delete my comment.


They can be very political at times but the overall story always ends up being great IMO. However I can totally see where you are coming from. Supergirl for instance is becoming overly political to the point that that is pretty much all it’s about.



Arrow is like… Idk. I feel if arrow was converted into just a novel and became a series… It would be the best thing given the liberties you can take in a bokk format. It wouldn’t be as watered down and held back. It wouldnt be “CW’fied”…


The season finale felt blah… Emikos death was such a waste. How do you get stuck with a knife to your stomach and fight a hallway of grown men in masks but when you get kicked through a wall… You die? And then she apologizes and UGHHH… Everything is so predictable. It drives me crazy. I KNEW the Monitor was gonna pop up… I saw it coming :rofl:. I literally guessed it moments before he popped up…

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@GAHarris5 I agree about supergirl. I just love arrow and will do my best to keep watching it mainly because of the nostalgia I get thinking about the first 3 seasons. It used to be great and hopefully they can make the last season as good as the first few.

I must say that I like the fact that they brought back Laurel though.

I didn’t care for the flash forwards. It felt unnecessary and disconnected from the main story. Hopefully next season flash backs and forwards are finished.

Also, what was up with switching Connor Hawke from John Diggle Jr. to Bronze Tiger’s son? It didn’t make any sense to change that detail.


I think Arrow sort of ran out of story around season 5. However, when a show is getting eyeballs and selling commercials it’ll get milked for as long as they can. That said…

The season was about what I’be grown to expect from Arrow over the last couple of years. They might have been better served with the flashbacks being in bigger chunks in fewer episodes. They certainly didn’t always match up well to the modern day plot, so they often felt disjointed. I didn’t mind the whole “Canaries” episode. Made me wonder if they are considering a Canary/BoP spin-off next year. Perhaps the split season format where Black Lighting run half (12 episodes) and a Canaries (12 episodes)

I think the politicalization bent of CW is a good call. Go after a target audience, if it’ll bring in more eyeballs and $$$ even if it makes some comics fan not to happy.

I’m glad to see them using a Supergirl as a platform to display race-relations as a central theme. It may leave a “sour-taste” in the mouths of some, but at least they haven’t shied away from a polarizing topic and if it draws more, if different eyeballs, more power to them.

Exploit the market and make $$$. Including an openly trans heroine with Dreamer is a device to garner more eyeballs and we’ll see if it works. CW shouldn’t be concerned with offending and\or losing some viewers as long as it grows more viewers than it loses. About time they used a House of El character to provide social commentary, rather than always baking in “apple pie” into a “Super”. If they can show a larger, if more “narrow band”, viewership, they can charge more for commercials. It’s all about making money & what’s more quintessentially “American” than that.

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Ouch “exploit the market and make $$$”…painfully honest remark you made there.

It’s just unfortunate :(. I’m really tired of Supergirl lol but I keep watching cuz I love Melissa Benoist. Her costume has not changed at all. I wish they would honor the skirt Supergirl costume :thinking::heart_eyes: but w/e :). She’s just gorgeous.

But the show as a whole is not as effective. The focus on polarizing issues definitely becomes redundant and it detaches from the comic book story arc potential. Flash does a good job with comic book lore (in it’s own way), it just has a lot of poor character development and story telling. Even though the concept for the story is THERE, it’s just poorly executed. Ya know? Lol

Somehow this has turned into a conversation about everything but Arrow season 7.

That’s how disappointing the finale was…

The finale was definitely shot so they could just include Oliver in Crisis if they needed to. I’m sure they did a re-edit of a few of the last finale bits, once they had gotten sign off and actors secured on for the half season, next year. The last 10-15 minutes had a slightly different edit feel.

As for SG, I think Johnny’s arc has been pretty solid. Im betting this season was critical though. The numbers were on a steady decline last season 7.5-6.5 and the numbers have been on a steady increase back up this year. 6.5 to 7.5. I’m interested in seeing the season finale to see how much of “a bow” they were prepared to put on this season, cuz if the numbers had dropped, I wonder if it would have gotten renewed.